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Real World: Austin – Week 4

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On this episode of the Real World: Austin, we got to see the cast mates party more. I think this season more than some in recent past focus on the party aspect. Most of the characters are party people. That is obvious to see. They like to go out, like to drink, and from what we can see some do so every night.

This episode surrounded three major focuses. One having to do with the newly formed couple, Danny and Melinda. For now, the two seem to be total opposites. While recovering from eye surgery, Danny is not able to do many things. He can’t go out and party, he can’t have sex, he can’t really work much.

All this leads to problems because Melinda is clearly a party girl, and she doesn’t seem to stop her ways just because her boyfriend is at home waiting for her. She even makes statements such as “I’ll just make out with Rachel.” This does give Danny some pause, and during one of her night’s out, she does end up kissing another man. The lips belonging to their roommate, Wes. She doesn’t end up telling Danny it happened, and he finds from Lacey one night.

Danny does end up confronting her, and it looks like two were just about ready to call an end to their budding relationship. However, Melinda sheds a few tears and all works out for now. It’ll be interesting to see how this relationship continues on.

The other issue that comes to light in this episode is between Rachel and Nehemia. Rachel has recently returned after a year spend in Iraq, where she served as a nurse. This experience has had a severe impact on who she is and her life. She brings it up constantly, and this is an issue for her roommate. He is anti-war, and these feelings causes some problems for the two.

At one point, Rachel and him come to verbal blows, and it is hard to watch. Both are so strong in their beliefs. Each sees their side as the right one. They did come to some type of truce by the end of the episode. Let’s hope it lasts. With recent events, and the war in Iraq, this issue needs to be dealt with carefully by the network in my opinion.

Lastly, we get to see the cast mates begin their job. This week they start learning how to use cameras to document events as they happen, so they can be prepared to do so when it comes to shoot the festival. All the cast mates went to this session. Even Danny with a patch over his eye made it to work.

I think season of Real World really is going to be one of the best so far. The interactions between the cast mates makes the show interesting. This episode was a bit weak, but still enjoyable. I’m wondering what will happen next. Will this little bump in the road mean future problems for Danny and Melinda? What about Nehemia and Rachel? Will more arguments be in there future?

I’m really not all too sure what is to come. I really can’t figure out this cast yet. I think that is what makes me want to continue watching. This cast isn’t as predictable as some have been in recent years. I really have no idea what to expect, and that is the way I like it.

Let me know what you think of this week’s episode of the Real World.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Comments may contain speculation and spoilers for future episodes of the Real World: Austin so please be aware of that before reading. Also, please remember these are real people that lived in the house in Austin, and not fictional characters. You are entitled to your opinions and expressing them, but calling people names may not be the best way of expressing those opinions.

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  • LiamGallagher

    Melinda is a dirty whore with some serious issues.

  • Joe

    It’s interesting to hear that there are conflicts arising in The Real World house over issues such as the war in Iraq now. At least they’re actually getting into tiffs over things that actually matter instead of “omg you didn’t clean the kitchen~*” like previous seasons. Makes it a little easier to watch.

  • Liam, I don’t know if I’d that far. she might have some problems, but don’t we all?

    Joe, I happen to agree. Seeing some more conflicts arise more than the usual you didn’t out the trash is refreshing to see.

  • Joe

    Hopefully they’ll focus their casting efforts in getting more diverse people into the house like Rachel in future seasons as well. The past couple seasons before Austin have been kind of yawn-worthy.

  • I agree. The last few seasons haven’t been as good as some in the past. I’m glad to see so far this season is different. Let’s hope it keeps up this way.

  • Uh…I completely disagree with what’s been said. I think this season is so completely boring and it makes me want to head for the nearest bridge. Last season had much more diverse, interesting, cast members and there was much more going on. I felt like I could relate and I connected with last year’s cast. This year…I just want them all to die a slow and painful death.

  • Zoso

    The problem with the Real World lately is that they draw together a bunch of spoiled, trust-fund brats, whose primary priorities in life are getting drunk, screwing, and buying more clothes at Abercrombie. Danny is a perfect example. You’d think getting almost blinded on a night of drunken bar fighting would provide a wake up call, but his reaction is to whine to his father, mope on the bed, and screw the house whore Melinda. This show’s entertainment value is similar to watching the white trash on Jerry Springer, its funny how watching the white trust-fund brats make idiots of themselves provides the same sense of escapism.

  • Seriously. Even the minorities seem very well-off.

  • Stephanie

    I think this season of the Real World is great. It is my favorite season so far. I think Danny is so cute and so sweet. He reminds me of Ace from the Real World Paris. By the way, MTV is letting people print pictures finally so if you want good real world pictures, go there. There is also an unofficial site for the Real World Austin.

  • Real World Austin is the best Real World yet. Thanks Gina for looking up responding to my other post. Take care. Feel free to visit my new site.

  • I think the notion that these are “trust fund kids” is incorrect for the most part. One of the young ladies was a nurse in Iraq, whereas Danny is clearly a blue collar-middle class kid.

    Danny did not whine to his father. If you had your eye socket crushed on national television, I think you’d do well to have behaved as well as he did. Additionally, he handled Melinda’s drunken hook-up exceptionally well. 95% of young men would have acted hurt (perhaps rightfully so) or lashed out at such an event.

    Overall, I’m digging the hell out of this season.

  • This is for Gina. I hope you don’t mind that I started posting comments on your site. I am a big fan of Real World Austin and QAF. I like your blog and your writings on these shows. I really like your blog. Do you answer comments and stuff like that on your blog? Thanks. Take care.

  • I don’t mind. My blog is open to the public, and anyone can read or comment. As far as answering comments left on my blog, it depends on the comment content.

  • Amy

    Oh my God!anny is so hott and i am trying to find pictures of him! And i think him and mel are cute but shes kinda a slut but hes so hott and no one can say anything bad about him! not to mention names.. but..ZOSO!.. I BET YOUR A LOT UGLIER THAN HIM.. well most people prolly are.

  • Amy

    Danny** oops

  • i think this season is really good compared to last couple… paris to me was really boring .. I think this is the best looking cast in a long time especially danny and melinda.. I hope he comes back

  • chris

    Man if i waz danny i would have been fuckin mel every fuckin day. I would have wrapped those long legs around me and UH! And sucked on those big titties all night! Danny aint no playa hes just a cabron!

  • MAC

    Alright enough about Danny and all the other B.S. What I want to know is who thinks Rachel is a fake. I can’t stand how she has to throw around about how she was in Iraq. I think it is all for attention. Nehemeia was right when he told her to drop the whole Iraq card and he questioned that she was really there. I agree. No one who really went through an experience like that would not throw it around for pitty.

  • aa

    danny is so hott!!!!! wow i think most of the episodes are good when they are focused on those two!