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Real World: Austin – Week 10

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This week’s episode of the Real World: Austin saw the return of a missing house-mate, and the seven strangers finally doing some kind of work for a change. Finally!

The beginning of the episode focused totally on the task that the seven house-mates had been assigned since moving into the house in Austin. At this time, they are still learning the ropes of how to film for a documentary, and this episode showed them given an assignment of filming themselves and their house-mates around the house, asking them questions in the process to create a portrait. This allows us the opportunity to get to know the cast-mates better. We learn that Nehimiah has yet to sleep in his bed in the house. We learn about Rachel as she tells us about a specific experience she had in the military. Both of these things we hadn’t known before.

Once the assignment is complete, the house-mates then attend a meeting where some of their footage is shown. This then leads them onto the next step of the process which is editing. We learn that their is an editing room set up in the house that no one knew about. They are then assigned to shoot more and learn more about the editing process.

Following this assignment, we are treated to the return of Danny. He had left the house following the death of his mother a couple of episodes back. Danny has definitely had a rough time since moving to Austin to be on the show, and you can see he is a bit sad and not his usual self, which is to be expected.

The guys decide they want a boys night out at the local bar they all attend. A boys night without the girls. The decision is more Wes’. However, Danny goes along with it. This bothers Melinda because after Danny had been gone for so long, she thought he would want to spend more time with her. The girls end up going to the bar, and Danny totally ignores Melinda, being standoffish and cold. Melinda questions him on his behavior, and he says nothing is wrong.

This behavior on Danny’s part upsets Melinda, and she joins in with Johanna on a set of shots. Drinking a bit too much in the process. Once she returns to the house, she passes out. When Danny goes to check on her, she is totally unresponsive, and this concerns Danny. He wakes her up, and takes care of her. Staying with her until the morning. Seeing her in this manner makes Danny reconsider his behavior and makes him realize just how much he does feel about Melinda.

In the final minutes of this week’s episode, we see Danny break down into tears about his mother. He still blames himself for not being there with her when she died. This is a guilt I can definitely identify with having lost my own mother. Melinda tries to help him feel better about the situation, but in all reality, the only thing that can help Danny feel better about this situation is time.

In my opinion, this episode was a bit on the weak side. Not much exciting happened. Yes, the question of whether or not Danny would return to the house was answered, but not much happened on that front. The fact that Danny ignored Melinda was much hyped last week, but the situation didn’t really live up to that hype.

I do think the fact that they showed the house-mates actually working this week was definitely good. Week after week, all we see is them partying it up, and there is definitely more to what they are doing in Austin. However, the preview for next week does show some interesting developments. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next.

What did you think of this week’s episode of the Real World: Austin? Let me know what you think.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Comments may contain speculation and spoilers for future episodes of the Real World: Austin so please be aware of that before reading. Also, please remember these are real people that lived in the house in Austin, and not fictional characters. You are entitled to your opinions and expressing them, but calling people names may not be the best way of expressing those opinions.

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  • me

    does anyone know danny’s email address?

  • harekat

    please more general information

  • Ashley

    hey danny or melida i know that you guys proble never read these thing but you guys at the real world all of you guys are the best you guys mad this years real world the best and i know the jo lives in riverside because of the show but if i could just meet yuo guys that wold be the best or to get yuor guys email thing so that i could write to you guys i see you guy check yuor mail on T.V so i hope you guys get this letter and writeme back

  • ^^ I noticed that on the MTV Video Music Awards. She looked pregnant. If it’s true congrats to Danny and Melinda! They’re so cute together! 😉

  • Jax

    Just felt like posting some interesting info,which is probably old news to most of you but oh well, my friend works with Danny’s cousin and word has it Danny and Melinda are living in Billerica, AND melinda as far as I know is pregnant, now i am not 100% certain, but thats the scoop I have heard from numerous people!! just felt like sharing!

  • devious, danny may be hot, but fuck you b/c mel seems like such a cool person and you are just jealous b/c you are probably a bitch. WAIT I AM SO SORRY I JUST SAID THAT YOU ARE PROBABLY A BITCH, WHAT I MEANT TO SAY IS THAT YOU ARE DEFINATLY 100% A PURE BITCH.

  • devious

    fuck. danny is gorgeuos. and mel’s a hoe. stop hating on her? the bitch is a fuckin hoe, that’s what it is.

  • Thank you holla for the link to Danny’s site. And thanks for saying I am cool. I have a myspace site now too. Feel free to visit it any time.

  • my real name is Stephanie, I put Holla because it is a nickname that my friends gave me at soccer camp. As I said before, I got that information from someone else so do nt ask me to justify it. If you clicked on the thing that said myspace URL you wll go to Danny’s page where you can find pictures of him and Melinda together. I do believe that they are still together and I do not even quite understand that whole thing that you just pointed out. Melinda could have been with other people and stuff (editing done by MTV) but I do not think so either.Maybe my friend got Jo and Wes mixed up with Danny and Mel (she got this information at a bar near Boston, who knows what those drunk people were talking about and who knows what will happen in later episodes). All for now, [edited] and I do not care about what you think.

  • Michelle

    hey “holla”.. (im wondering y u cant put ur real name).. but neways what the hell is this all about?? ..”Apologizing later, Danny cannot bring himself to love her because she has been with others in his absence. They opt to remain friends, and she becomes depressed but finishes the show in grand fashion….watch in Mid October!” .. melinda didnt get with neone while danny was gone? so thats wrong.. and they r fine now that he has come back to the show. they didnt “opt to remain friends” and plus i heard they were still together now after the show.

  • this is danny’s myspace URL, use it wisely. Yea right i know Danny’s e-mail address! you all are so stupid. If you could see me then you would know that i am laughing, at all of you.


  • I know someone that met Johanna at the mall or something like that and she told him that like a bunch of crazy stuff happens to her (jail) and Nehemiah and Wes get in a fight.Danny does come back for Mel he even said so, the previews for next weeks episode are meant to throw you off.

    Becky they do not live by you. And even if they did why are you spending your time talking to us about danny when you could actually be talking to danny?

    and J u are so right! People do need to stop hating on Mel.

    All you girls should get over yourselfs b/c danny is never going to be with you.

    Even if u did get the chance to date him he would dump u b/c u would be acting like a crazy fan around him.


    Danny may be hot, but all people that are put on tv usually are other wise no one would watch.

    You guys better watch out because danny wants to be a lawyer and he could sue your asses for stalking him!

    You guys give all fans of the show a bad name.

    i repeat…


    Thanx for your time.

    I posted that on August 22. I looked it up for all of you guys that think that i am full of shit. I am right, it makes you all feel like an idiot for doubting me, doesn’t it.

  • all right bitches! you want to make fun off me? The thing that i posted that said: inside info from Danny’s hometown, i got from this site from a girl that posted it weeks before the 23rd and i just reposted it on the 28th to prove to ya’ll how stupid you are trying to predict what is going to happen in future episodes when the correct information is right here on this web site! Oh yeah and if you bithes knew anything and had read stuff that i wrote in week 2 i think it is you would know that i know someone that met johanna and she told her that Wes and Nehemiah get into a fight (and what’s going to happen on next weeks episode?) that’s right fuckers they get into a fight! And how many weeks early did i post that information/ I’ll let you guys do the math even though you are probably too stupid to figure it out. i do not know danny’s personal e-mial address, like the one that his friends and family probably use. But I talk to him and e-mail him on myspace like any smart person would be able to figure out. i’m not going to post his e-mail address, all of you shit heads can do your own work and go to myspace.com, set up a little account that is totally free and then search for his name “Danny Jamieson”, he is the only Danny Jamieson so he should not be hard for anyone to find, but then again i am talking to yoy bitches. That website is where he checks all of his fan mail and that sort of thing.

    Michelle and Chelsea, you both are such idiots. You thought you could make me look like a fool? You thoughht you could make it seem like i was lying? You thought you could prove me wrong, but i was right wasn’t i. i am right you are both so wrong and you two should get used to it and stop messing with me. Michelle, you are telling me to get a life? i have one thank you, I only reason why i even go on this website is to prove bitches like you wrong.

    Stephanie I would go to myspace.com, Michelle and Chelsea I would recommend never meeting me in perosn because i would kick both of your asses.

  • Chelsey

    Yea, holla, well i think ur friend doesnt kno wat she talkin about cuz that stuff u saying isnt true!! And yea right u kno Danny’s email address!! If u kno it, then post it!!!

  • Michelle

    ..and ur probly lying about even knowing his email! getta LIFE.

  • Michelle

    “holla”.. its not like u predicted anything.. bcuz u posted on the 28th and the episode was on the 23rd.. so ur the one that is full of shit. and o ya .. stop bothering and emailing danny.. its not worth it .. he doesnt wanna talk to u.

  • you guys are all filled with bull shit.I got this information from an old friend that lives in Billerica. Why would i lie about something as stupid as a show? Danny does return, doesn’t he, and Mel does get drunk doesn’t she? So fuck you bitches! Stephanie you are way cool! Everyone else sucks. Thanx. Oh and by the way i e-mailed danny like 50 times, he read the e-mails but did not respond to them.

  • Thanks Michelle. I hope they have a lot of shows with Danny now that he has returned to the show. He is definately my favorite on the show. Take care, and enjoy the episode tonight everyone. And if anyone knows if Danny gets fan mail or has an email address for fans, please let me know.

  • Michelle

    hey i just wanted to say that “holla”.. ur really stupid.. just shutup.. and ya i agree with stephanie .. i thought the episode was a lil boring too. wen it was over.. i was like “thats it?” but hopefully tonites episode will b a little more interesting. i no on the previews.. it showed wes and johanna makin out! i was like wow .. how did that happen?! but i guess ill have to watch and see. hopefully they have a lil bit of danny in this one.. i <3 him! whata hottie. well post bak people! laterz!

  • kellie

    that is BULL SHIT!

  • Inside info from his home town: Danny returns in the August 23 episode only to find that Mel has all but forgotten about their fling. Apparently, she had given up on him coming back and went on a drinking binge and the show portrays her as a slut. Meanwhile, the producers of the show finally persuade Danny to return, and he does so reluctantly, only going because of Mel. My understanding is that he returns unexpectedly while she is out with friends and does not see her for a day or so. When she returns, she is only back to go to work, but is drunk and sloppy, and essentially ignores Danny and opts for the bed. Apologizing later, Danny cannot bring himself to love her because she has been with others in his absence. They opt to remain friends, and she becomes depressed but finishes the show in grand fashion….watch in Mid October!

  • Jawn

    Does anyone know if it is possible for me to download episode 9 and 10? Beucase I missed 9 then my cable messed up. I will have it back by episode 11 but I really want to see these two. Any suggestions?

  • Does anyone know if Danny has an email address where fans can email him? He seems like he would be a cool guy to talk to. Thanks.

  • I was glad to see that Danny returned to the show. Any episode with him in it makes me happy, but I did think that this episode was a little boring. I wish Danny wouldn’t blame himself for his mother’s death. He is the only one that thinks he did anything wrong.

  • It’s basic cable, John.

    Plus, these are young kids — what exactly are you looking for?

  • MTV is a cable channel, so why the hell do they censor some much crap. I want to see some coed booty on the real world.