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Real sells cheap music; pisses off Apple

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An interesting news story for those who buy music online:
“Rival targets iTunes customers”

Personally, I plan on running to the Real store to purchase as many albums as I can at this cheap rate, because as much as I love iTunes, I love a bargain even more. Time to stock up my iPod.

And really, as much as I love my iPod and my G5 and consider myself an Apple supporter (although I’m only a recent convert, really), I have to say that I wish Apple would lighten up about this. After spending up to $499 (well, now $399 with the new model iPods) on a portable music device, god forbid you want to actually put some music on it! And who cares where it comes from? You’ve already made Apple hundreds of dollars richer. Does it ever stop?

Interesting, as well, that Apple would make a big deal about their rival using “hacker techniques.” Wasn’t it Steve Jobs who prided himself on his hacker background?

But I digress. I guess the point of this post is this: CHEAP MUSIC!!!! WOOO!!!!

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  • And when the iPod firmware is updated and you can no longer play your Real music? Oops!

    Then again, Real is obviously losing money every song and album sold, so stock up indeed! Buy as many as you can afford!

  • Since the iPod plays a variety of sources which don’t use DRM, why the hell are you paying money for vaporware to either Real or Apple? You can easily play non-DRM data on your iPod.

    And as far as I know, the Real store is Windoze only, and has a solid history of screwing over their “cusomters” in terms of privacy, arbitrary changing standards and terms, and just being people I would never trust to do business with.

  • The Real store does work on Macs. I have it on my computer, in fact. And yeah, I generally have an absolute hatred for Real and all of their products, but the music is cheap, and by buying it through them at this reduced price I’ll be screwing them out of hundreds of dollars. Fight the man. Get cheap music. Everyone wins.

    And I know it’s possible to play non-DRM data on my iPod. I have thousands of songs worth of music ripped from my own collection on my computer. I use the iTunes store when I want to actually to purchase an album (as opposed to just downloading it) but I don’t want to go out to the store and I don’t want to have to deal with jewel cases and liner notes. It’s a cheaper alternative to a legitamate cd purchase, and the artist still ends up getting some money out of the deal (not much, but certainly more than if I just downloaded it off Kazaa or some P2P service for free).

  • Sorry, I wasn’t aware that Real works with Macs, however, my original point that I won’t do business with people I don’t trust and who have proved they don’t respect me stands.

    Buying DRM’d vaporware is just supporting a corrupt and unsustainable business model, a musical version of Gresham’s Law. There are many non-DRM legal sources for music, so why support people who are just going to screw you?

    If this was a joke, the punchline would be:
    “Sadie: and such small portions, too!”

  • As I said in my two entries about Rhapsody TWO WEEKS AGO, Real does not support the Macintosh. Mac iPod users cannot download music from Real. Not only is this entry late, this information is inaccurate.

    Jim, your instincts were right.

  • Odd. Real.com’s home page says their Harmony product works on iPod for half the price of Apple. They issued the press release on 7/29 so perhaps you missed it.

    They also have a real player for Mac OS X.

  • The RealPlayer will play clips of music and broadcast news (pretty badly, for the latter). It is not possible to download songs to a Macintosh. I also found videos at the site to be inaccessible using a Mac. Real, I’m not sure why without doing more research, appears to be determined to attract Windoze users from iTMS. I don’t know if it is worth the legal battle. Online music stores are not very profitable. Selling the iPod is Apple’s reason for having iTMS. Without the hardwire tie-in, it would not be worthwhile.

  • boomcrashbaby

    I absolutely forbid anything from Real Networks in this house. Back somewhere around 1999-2000 (before they focused on the mac), Real issued a press release where they admitted to installing spyware with all of their products. They insisted it was for marketing studies only. I don’t know if they still do it, I don’t care. No company has any right to invade one’s privacy like that, past, present or future, for any reason, especially marketing.

    If Real ends up dominating the market and it’s impossible to avoid them, we’ll just stick with our CD’s. I’ve never downloaded an MP3 in my life. I’m so out of touch.

  • (Whispering.) Yo, Steve (Boom). Start by downloading Poisoned or LimeWire. Then, install the program. Open it. Remember that song you used to like, but aren’t sure you want enough to score the CD? Search for that song. (You will know how from the interface.) Find it. Now, download it. Listen to the song for a couple days. Decide on buying the album. If you do, your ‘criminal’ ways will be just temporary. I suspect many people use peer-to-peer mainly to sample the goods.

  • RJ

    And others burn entire CDs using P2P, with no intention of buying…

  • RJ

    And others burn entire CDs using P2P, with no intention of buying…

  • And others buy CDs, find out it sucks, and don’t realize that P2P has entirely legitimate uses, and just give up on buying music anyways. The whole point about “free markets”, RJ, is that the vendor becomes the market’s bitch. And the media-entertainment complex is only starting to learn that harsh lesson.

    One summer? At band camp? AOL-Time-Warner Said My Name, Bitch!

    Oh, and Bittorrent is where it rocks, not Limewire.

  • Jim, shh. Let’s not tell the hoi polloi all the secrets, pal.