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Real Networks Buy PC Gaming Company and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Real Networks by Zylom Media

Real Networks has bought that PC gaming company Zylom Media, who have developed and distributed games in Europe. The buy cost Real Networks $21 million. They say they will use the buy to expand their games downloading service in Europe.

Britney Defends Driving Incident

Britney Spears was photographed with her 5-month old son in her lap, a violation of motor safety laws. Spears says that she was attempting to escape the paparazzi. The photographs show Spears driving with her son in her lap and another passenger in the car.

Johnny Rotten on Green Day

John Lydon, who is better known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, has accused Green Day of stealing “punk”. Lydon has said that Green Day has reduced a political movement into a mere musical style. He further stated that Green Day were “bandwagoning” and that if they were real punk they wouldn’t look like they do.

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  • Johnny should get a new life. Punk isn’t dead. Nor does Green Day make it dead.

    Johnny just being Johnny: a royal pain the ass.

  • zingzing

    green day does suck. there are so many great punk groups in the world… and green day is a little gq for punk… make the ambercrombie & fitch or whatever. gap punk. mall punk. does that already exist? well, that’s green day. the sex pistols were too much more sincere though. p.i.l. was.