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The RIAA should be careful what they wish for in their war on the public, they just might get it. It’s a situation like the singing frog in the Chuck Jones cartoon. The US government is using The Patriot Act to go after anybody.

The authorities have also used toughened penalties under the law to press charges against a lovesick 20-year-old woman from Orange County, Calif., who planted threatening notes aboard a Hawaii-bound cruise ship she was traveling on with her family in May. The woman, who said she made the threats to try to return home to her boyfriend, was sentenced this week to two years in federal prison because of a provision in the Patriot Act on the threat of terrorism against mass transportation systems.

Here’s a question for Cary Sherman. I know personally a number of members of the RIAA who smoke or have smoked in my vicinity marijuana. (Like John **** and others like Roger *****, both foreigners, too). Last time I looked that was way illegal, and not just civil infringement, but put you in pound-you-in-the-ass prison. So what is the RIAA doing to make it insanely pure?

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