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Reagan’s Liberal Legacy

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Joshua Green, in the Washington Monthly, details all the liberal things Reagan did as president, such as raising taxes on corporations while cutting taxes for the working poor, negotiating away nuclear arms, pushing for human rights in the Soviet Union and increasing the size of the federal government.

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  • kuros

    “History teaches that war begins when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap.” “Ronald Reagan”

  • Right. That is why Grace paid no taxes. Any tax cuts for the poor were offset by other policies, such as reducing eligibility for subsidized school lunches. If one buys that Reagan pushed for human rights in the USSR, it is only fair to wonder why Reagan insisted on ‘constructive engagement’ with South Africa. ‘Increasing the size of federal government’ is not liberal per se. Try again, Howard.

  • Mac, you’re not arguing with me, so take your “try again” and shove it. This is what J. Green wrote. Take your issue up with him.

    The reason I brought this article to people’s attention to counter act the tendency on both the left and the right to simplify Reagan’s legacy. Both the left and the right want to either turn him into an icon or a demon. The man, as most people are, was far too complex to characterize with broad strokes.

    But realizing that takes some nuanced think, so hoping some people might get it may be too much to ask.

  • Liberals don’t dislike Reagan so much for his policies as for his rhetoric.

    They decry deficits, but they forget two things:

    1 – Previous Democrats in the White House created deficits as well

    2 – Democrats controlled the House of Representatives (where spending bills are originally crafted) throughout Reagan’s entire two terms in office

    Reagan governed fairly moderately in a lot of areas. But we remember his speeches more than his policies. And his rhetoric was clearly conservative. And that pisses off the Left.

  • RJ, are you saying liberals care more about style over substance? Perish the thought!

  • Heh…

    What I’m REALLY saying is that the nitty-gritty of federal spending bills are boring to most people. They don;t remember the fiscal policies of Presidents.

    They DO remember their speeches. Because their speeches show what they stood for.

    GW Bush will be remembered not for tax cuts, or budget deficits, or stem-cell research. He WILL be remembered for opposing terror in speeches. And invading two terrorist nations.

  • bhw

    GW Bush will be remembered not for tax cuts, or budget deficits, or stem-cell research. He WILL be remembered for opposing terror in speeches.

    Teeee-rust me, GWB’s speeches will stay in the memory banks a long time, but not because of their content.

  • Hoosier

    I think George W. Bush will be remembered for being the worst President this country has ever had & I hope ever will have!
    But he probably will be remembered for his ‘LIES’