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Ready to Put the Sizzle Into Your Summer and Your Relationship?

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Here are some tips on how to use that heat everyone is experiencing across the US (except the west coast) and channel it to ramp up your personal relationship with a significant other.

In this video, Dr. Ian Kerner, an author and therapist who works on relationship issues and sex topics, talks about how to put a bit of spice, smoke, and sizzle into your relationship. It’s less about technique and more about connecting via touch and non-verbal communication.

Passionista is the most current book from Dr. Kerner, and he has many others which can be found on his website. He has written many books on dealing with improving relationships or getting one started.

While you can find KY products in any drugstore, retail or online, there are other products you might want to check out as well:

Kama Sutra’s line of products includes many things that fall into this same category.

Stimulating Pleasure Balm comes in many flavors, so go shop this category to find your favorite tastes.

Intensifying Gels for Women come in warming and cooling varieties, all depending on the response and your feelings at that moment.

Good Clean Love’s all natural products are definitely something to try. The personal lubricants are available in three flavors.

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