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I was just channel flipping, and had one of those ohmighod moments when TVO started showing an episode of Reach For The Top, which is a Canadian high school quiz show which has been on the air, like, forever.

How forever? Well I was on it when I was in grade 9. And I was a major dork. Guess what, nothing has changed in 30 years, they still have a kid from grade 9 and he’s still a dork (actually, all of them are).

Though they’ve tried to make it more like a reality show, it is still two teams of high school kids trying to answer, for ten points, a whole bunch of questions. What most people watching don’t know is the teams get a whole pile of questions and answers up front to memorize as drills, but I totally smoked their asses on the free bonus questions. Stupid kids.

What amazes me are the prizes, Palm Pilots and whatnot. All I got was a BTO LP, and a half hour on regional teevee.

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  • Antfreeze

    MMMMmmmmm, (B)acon, (T)omato, and (O)nion sandwiches with a (L)arge (P)epsi on the side.

  • Reacher

    Reach for the Top is awesome. We got the MP3 players for prizes, as well as train tickets. Thats about $400 in prizes. Not bad for a few hours work. What memorization. We never practice, ever. We just do this stuff for fun.

  • Srie

    We meet at lunch to argue over answers. It gives us something to do, and a place to hang out where nobody can bother us.

  • person

    also not all people who compete in reach are dorks, just claring that up

  • Satch

    My dad was on that show back in 1978. Im trying to find video of it but can’t 🙁