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Re: Tyra Banks’ Big, Boring Bosom

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It’s on the radio. It’s on the TV. It’s in the newpapers. It’s on the internet. It will be in national magazines. For all I know, it’s already reached the Moon and Mars!

Tyra Banks’ breasts are real&#8212there are no implants in them&#8212she has proven this by having a breast sonogram live in front of a TV-show audience (after having all the men leave first)&#8212because she is a “supermodel” she seems to believe that people really care whether her breasts are real or not.

Point 1: Tyra Banks needs to get a life.
Point 2: Who cares?

Point 3: People who care about this need to get a life.
Point 4: Who is Tyra Banks?
Point 5: See Point 2.
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  • Funny, this is the first I’ve heard about it… or, ah, them.

  • She broke down crying on her new TV talk show because of what she says are rumors about implants before she had some doctor feel her up to tell the audience they were real.

    That is all.

  • An obvious publicity stunt. This is annoying. I dislike the celebrity religion that lay-people practice. Where is this of any importance to know if Tyra has real breasts or not. Why are people distracted but such cretinism?

    Who cares and if you do, why?

  • I care.

    Fake is fakery, though of course most is in the cranial region.

  • I have something real to give Tyra.

  • You have to hand it to her because it got a lot of people talking about her show. Coincidentally her other show, America’s Next Top Model also started this week.

    Those breasts garnered Ms. Banks and her ventures a lot of good publicity.

  • Good for her – she’s an astute business woman who knows how to make the best of what she’s got.

  • Baronius

    Think she had a forehead implant?

  • Hardy, I hardly think that is a coincidence.

  • Margaux

    Her breasts? They’re fake. She had them redone years ago under the breast muscle so they look and feel real: http://savingface.invisionzone.com/lofiversion/index.php/t1983.html
    Technology people, get with it, it can do wonders these days. There is virtually no celebrity out there with their original parts!

  • Tinky

    The only thing Tyra Banks likes to do on her show is to make everything about her. She trys to relate to everyone coming on her TV show and makes it all about her, and then when there are rumors about her in the real world she trys to make herself look better on TV by straightening out the situation so people will quit talking smack about her. People talk shi* get used to it, your not the only one Tyra who gets talked about. And she’s a MAJOR cry baby….

  • Tiff

    It seems funny that Tyra thinks anyone is losing sleep over whether or not her breasts are real. She might as well not even have guests and just talk about herself for the hour, thats basically what she does anyway.

  • Bliffle

    You guys are too mean! Whatever happened to chivalry? She made fun of her own oversized droopy breasts. She said she uses a severe pushup bra.

  • chiari

    it doesn’t matter if she makes fun of her own breasts b/c they are fake and she knows it. she is just trying to save face b/c of sll the comments she has made about them. go to goodplasticsurgery.com and click on the mystery of tyra’s breasts. they go to her collarbone when she lays on her back. hmm….. and she never admitted to her nose job!

  • henry

    how dare you guys talk about tyra like that. she is the most wonderful person in the world. if i find who ever says bad things about her i will make ur life miserable. tyra is sooooo beautiful and if u can see that then thats ur own problem. she also has a wonderful personality. and all talk show hosts talk about them selfs u idiots thats the point of having a talk show. if you guys cant see her inter beauty then u have some insecurity problem. and lastly how would you feel if poeple kepted on critiscing u about something that wasn’t true? it would get pretty anoying wouldint it? so leave tyra alone because she’s just doing her job. some times you people dont think and also that could be anyone on the internet even though it looks real. dont believe every thing u hear or see, its just common sense people. I LOVE YOU TYRA

  • henry

    also why do people alway have to talk about everyone? is frigging annoying. don’t people have anything else to talk about or do?

  • T

    I like Tyra’s personality and I respect her honesty with hair weaves-not that this was a mystery to the public-she’s high fashion so that doesn’t matter. I also admire her for often exposing her face without any make-up.
    I don’t believe people worry about whether she’s lying about breast implants; it’s more about the obvious, most of the public isn’t stupid-view any timeline photo gallery for the evidence. If a push-up bra was designed to make you look like you have huge breast, people seeking this look would put the companies out of business. I am convinced she had breast implants and as Chiari mentioned, she also doesn’t mention her nose job. Like the public wouldn’t notice-look at the tip of her nose when she first came on the scene vs now. Her previous nose which fit her face was flat and pudgy, now it has a round tip and is not as wide. She’s beautiful either way but why lie-it’s 2006-we read-we see-we know what’s up

  • kit

    who cares? the media obviously

  • chiari

    i think this is really lame of tyra b/c she does have breast implants. although they are saggy and don’t look really fake like, i don’t know, posh spice they are still fake. this just shows how conceited she is. she had an a cup when she was 20 and did sports illustrated a few months later and had a full c cup or perhapos small d. they are fake and it is obvious to the trained eye. shame on tyra for this crap. if you go to goodplasticsurgery.com they have pics and if you go to makemeheal.com for plasticopedia it says it there too.

  • mimi

    I went to the good plastic surgery site and saw how FAKE her boobs are .You can also watch the movie Higher learning back in the late 90s to see that she was a B cup.Ok she did gain weight but only around her silicon.

  • Tyra Banks is a very successful woman. She started out as a supermodel (an extroadinary supermodel) and became a business mogul with comparisons to Oprah Winfrey. It’s hard to say anything negative about Tyra Banks.

  • Tavonna

    Those are the fakest boobs ever. Does anyone remember her movie with Omar Epps called Higher Learning? Please tell me how little miss barely-a-B-cup went to juicy Ds After puberty. Women gain weight in their breasts if they gain fat-and being that she is very thin/slender in all her shoots…are we to assume she *only* gained weight in her boobs. And a mammogram proves nothing really-on a general scan an implant looks just like normal breast mass. If anyone actually believes they are real, they should consider themselves another of many dooped by famous people and their publicity stunts…and me as well for bothering to write this 😛

  • All I can say is that I really like Tyra Banks. I think she is awesome!

  • Granville

    Would all of you just shut up?

  • anonymous

    She is the best wy are some of you people talking about in a bad way she is awesome soo you people need to look her up on the internet or in books because you obviously no nothing about her some of you do some of you don’t if you don’t do exactly what i just typed ok ok

  • anonymous

    why are you telling us to shut up we have the right to speak and say what’s on our minds so don’t tell us to shut up

  • @-person


    i really don’t give a damn. 🙂