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R&B singer gouges his eye out?

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CMU reports on a bizarre event that took place in London last week. It involves a missing eye and some rather conflicting stories.

A number of different explanations doing the rounds as to why American R&B
singer Houston gouged his own eye out while staying in a London hotel last week.

MTV reported this weekend that the singer’s bodyguard said the self-harming incident was an attempt by the “devout Christian” singer to cleanse himself from the “sins and devils” of the music business. The bodyguard reportedly added that Houston “showed no pain and had no remorse”.

Reno Rankin and Andrew Rowe of On Point Productions, who used to manage the singer, say he is a diagnosed schizophrenic and that they suspect the incident was a result of him not receiving sufficient treatment for the condition…

The reason this caught my eye is that I suffer from a dodgey cornea in my left and find someone taking their eye for no good reason rather odd. I suspect we will learn more about this later.

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About Marty Dodge

  • i feel like doing this every time i hear some Belle & Sebastian.

  • fatmata kamara


  • Eric Olsen

    you can understand what someone who plucked his own eye out is going through? That’s a lot of empathy.

  • Eric, I think the use of all caps might demonstrate that the commenter may have a point.

  • Eric Olsen

    there are an awful lot of people who would better off sticking to the medication

  • quianna

    really and trully ur stinkin crazy. who in their right mind plucks out there own eye.You need JESUS not only on the outside but also in the inside. i like ur music but your crazy and you need more than prayer. love you but get some serious help. MENTALLY

  • amy

    god bless your soal and your heart. hope you get better!!!!!!!

  • Rilbahd Jhokar

    Hey Houston feel like playing some cards
    man? Sure.Alright I deal. One eyed Jacks
    are wild.Ante Up!

  • To the commenter who rests just above me – you got moxy kid, and I like that!

  • dietdoc

    Marty writes:

    “The reason this caught my eye is…”

    Reply: Good one. Pun intended?

  • Yes and its a double pun as well :p

  • donnette

    get well houston sorry to hear. i know you will get better love you always stay sexy your#1 fan

  • fisayo

    i sympathise with u on the loss of ur eye.im one of your fans but i think u really need some spiritual help.i know ur not crazy cos d devil exsists.perhaps u need to get closer to God.this isnt his plan for your life..much love!fis

  • JuSTiN

    wtf. is he psycho. lets hope he gets that fixed. he looked pretty normal to me in his video. this prooves again that just cause your famous doesn’t mean your not a lunatic. never know whats going on in someones head. i hope he gets better soon though.

  • Rilbhad Jokhar

    Be sure to keep an eye out for his new

  • K

    Hey i hope u get well soon and just dont do ne thing like that again ur to good for something like that but ur still SEXY no matter what happens to u!!
    We Love U And Get Well Soon!!

  • Patty

    I hope you get better. Im one of your #1 fans! Your still hot and always will be. I love you! Get better Houston!

  • ke

    hi houston i hope you get better soon
    i hope your eye gets better soon god bless you and your eye and love to you and your family

  • waz up baby i’m sorry about your eye but i still love you i’m your #1 fan in i hope you get better one love :


  • emoni

    your crazy and you give hip hop and r&b a bad name.

  • you bitches need to put him in your prayers not make fun of him. The boy needs help but when you put jokes about what happen to him yall all need the lord. God dont like ugly

  • Kyonna

    to emoni and all those other tricks who have negative things to say grow up this is a serious matter and could happen to us or someone we know this is depression at it’s greatest so have respect and keep Singer Houston in your prayer and hearts because that’s what he needs now notjokes may god be with all of you and to Houston and his family I wish you the best and pray for a full recovery love and peace from a fan who cares god bless.

  • Tanisha says

    ok this is really some fucked up stuff…what would make you do somethin like that…u need to get that worked out. and my mom said that i need help………….right

  • shalanda

    Houston get better soon to the people who made jokes ya’ll is fucking loser. Get better soon. I love you. Ican’t say I feel your pain. But I am sorry for whatI heared your mama try to do. But you should for give her. bye for now

    love, shalanda patrick

  • i saw this in this months Q, complete with grisly photo. Dear God, man, thats some sad, sad turn of events. Religious Mania in mentally ill folks often leads to this kinda harm. I’ve known folks myself who have done similarly unbelievable harm to themselves, and pretty much for the same reasons. The “cleansing” and so on.

  • Navanti

    hey watz up. This is one of you r fans here trying to understand wats up and if you need to chat im on msn all the time so holla at cha boi. I am here to chat and uderstand not to judge because no body is perfect i understand the feeling of wanting to hurt yourself i sometimes get those urges but i avoid them by talking to a friend and tell usually tell me its not worth it i’ here as a friend and as a fan but more as a shoulder. peace get well soon.
    -Navanti Dixon

  • Son Of Rilbahd Johkar

    Like the hooker with the glass eye said
    to her favorite client:”I’ll keep an eye
    out for ya “…

  • Meo

    Baby we still love you no matta what boo…. its alll good just like you said baby…..”Aint nuthin Wrong!!”


    hmmm, baby-boi, i hope the sun shines on you and the Lord continues to bless you. He has too many things He has in store for you and singing is the beginings. yo, get better and stay blessed. i want to know more about the situation, like why it was done, how is he now, where is he?? ppl hit me back if you have any info

  • Dawn

    I like the “dodgey eye” pun myself. Or maybe that wasn’t a pun…I still thought it was funny.

  • yes yall the devil is alive, and his name is pcp, houston was a drugie that thought he was jesus, but otherwise houston, stay sexy.

  • LEN

    yo houston,stay safe man.forget what people say about you because they dont know you.I feel your pain and i hate to see another brotha stressed out.i just wanna let you know that youre not alone.you have alot of people that care including me.just keep ya head up dog and keep doing your thing.remember,nobodys perfect and god is with us all.

  • LEN


  • Cara


  • C-nile

    There’s no denying the brutha can sing and he’s got mad vocal skills! I honestly could see houston coming back with bigger and better material. I really dug his last album.

    He should still come out with a second album he could rock an eye patch it’ll set a trend.

    Its just a shame that the brutha was in a bad place in his life, coz he would of been gave usher a run for his money!!

    Houston dont stop the music bro keep it coming!! let that be your release or your sanctuary!

    Peace out and wish you well

  • Denise

    You need help seriously. I understand the need to get closer to the Lord, but causing bodily harm to youself is not the way. Please get some type of psychiatric help. This is serious!!!

  • Het Sweetness,
    Everyone Has Problems And No One Should Shune You!! At Least You Are Gettin Help For Yourself Others Are Nuts And AreOut There Killin People!!But You No What YOu Still Look Good Prolley Better Than Some Of These People That Are Trien To Play Sum One!!! And You Are So Dayum Fwine!

    * Nae*

  • Dayum Dude You Took Out Your Eye But Wow You Still Look Hott So 4 All Ya’ll Trien To Talk Smack Bout Him I Bet If He Asked Any One Of Ya’ll(Include The Boyz) Out You Would Prolley Say Yes Now Am I Rite?…. Wait I Alredy No I Am!!!*






  • Doug

    hey man its all good get well soon…..i’ve been eyeballing your career from the start and i know will pull thru this situation……if u need another eye holla at me. eyeight peace.

  • i think it is so sad that houston took his eye out. at first i didn’t understand why he did it, but i found out that it was because of his psychotic disorder and he didn’t get any treatment 4 it.

    and 4 all the whores and tricks who keep making a joke out of it, ya’ll not funny, ya’ll hella corny

    ya’ll should thank the lord that u didn’t have the disorder or that would have happened 2 u or worse.

    and 4 all the people who continue to make jokes about sexy azz houston, then may u rot in HELL

    i still luv u houston, keep making hits “I like that” was my jam.


  • Earl

    Yo that Nigga Houston should have been down with the Cats that put him in the game. And listen like he was supposed to do hard head makes a soft ass You made your bed so lay in it. You fucked up son. No one wants a one eye want to be gangbagger disrespectful clown ass nigga around. And that How you was Houston ….

  • angela

    Houston my dear,it is so sad that something like that happened to a good person.Am yo biggest fan, get well and back on yo feet bse God gave u a talent so use it.A piece o advice,next time u feel so down like that,just get on yo knees and pray to God and he will forgive and redeem u.God wants the best for us and not to harm our selves,He wants us to live a normal life and the only way to do that is to always pray and love Him, ourselves and others.WISH U THE BEST.GOD BLESS

  • Chanel

    I remembered him when he camed out, i even have his cd. what he did is just sad. He must really wanted to end his life, if he went out doing something crazy like that. So sad wished that he got his life together but I guess that he hasnt since he hasnt camed back out. So sad for you… Damn, I guess that the fans in London got to him in a negative way if he wanted to kill himself!!!