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Razer Should Switch Back to the Original SwitchBlade

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PC peripheral makers, Razer, have begun to fight their way deeper into the PC hardware market by unveiling their Blade fully fledged high gaming laptop.  They believe that it is thinner and more portable than current gaming laptops but, so was their earlier SwitchBlade concept. Which also had a better name. One that didn’t result in sharp metal on search engines.

The SwitchBlade was a idea the company demonstrated during January’s Consumer Electronics Show, A micro-sized handheld gaming PC capable of running popular RTS titles such as Warcraft 3 and League of Legends.  At the time, it was an incredibly exciting product, but Razer didn’t stick with it. Even now the company is advertising the Blade as a “truly portable gaming laptop” purely because of it’s thickness and weight, but it still cannot fit into your coat pocket, not by a long shot.

The Blade is expected to cost around $2,800 which isn’t really a viable purchase when competitor products retail for a fraction of the price. Sure, the Blade may incorporate the fancy switchblade UI and keyboard functions from the original concept, but it hardly justifies the big hike in price when compared to other, bulkier laptops with similar specs. The SwitchBlade was the “truly portable gaming laptop” I had my eyes set on as a machine I could casually play when on the move, like my 3DS or PSP. With the end result though you still can’t get your $2,800 laptop out on the train for a match of Battlefield, which is what Razer should have set their sights on.

Does Razer honestly expect to gather much interest after quelling their own marketing campaign by showing off the Macbook Air of the gaming market instead of, what could have been, the Gameboy? I think not.

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  • Alex

    I agree as well, the little touchpad LCD panel for the laptop is “okay” but pocket PC gaming was a groundbreaker.

  • Ivan

    Totally agree. The idea behind Switchblade was revolutionary, it could create new segment of gaming. The Blade is nothing to be excited about, just another expensive big gaming laptop.