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Ray Nagin – Idiot

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New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin explains in a radio interview why he didn’t use the hundreds of his city’s school buses to evacuate residents:

“I need 500 buses, man,” he told WWL. “One of the briefings we had they were talking about getting, you know, public school bus drivers to come down here and bus people out of here.”

Nagin described his response:

“I’m like – you’ve got to be kidding me. This is a natural disaster. Get every doggone Greyhound bus line in the country and get their asses moving to New Orleans.”

While Nagin was waiting for his Greyhound fleet, Katrina’s floodwaters swamped his school buses, rendering them unusable.

Let’s try to follow the Mayor’s “logic” here:

– There were hundreds of buses available to him

– He would have preferred 500 Greyhound buses

– There were not 500 Greyhound buses available to him

– Therefore, he didn’t use the buses he had

And therefore, thousands of people were trapped in the city, with no means to escape. And many of them died.

I think this guy’s MENSA card needs to be revoked…

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  • billy

    and why didnt bush step in if this is the case?

    obviously then it is bush’s fault.

  • Rich

    Your missing the point of your logic.

    Who was going to drive these buses?

    The school bus drivers? They got away, much like many of the police officers who’s families lived in the path of the hurricane.

    I’m not defending him mistakes were made, but I hope you realize FEMA also caused people to die.

  • Your missing the point of your logic.

    Not at all, in reading the Cities and States evac plan you will learn it expressly states the buses were to be used and used early enough before storm (and before the police and potential drivers left the area.) landfall to make a difference.

    Probably not all but certainly more would have gotten out than actually did.

    And guess what, no matter the danger a police officers first responsibility is the to city who he’s paid to protect. If they fled the deaths are also on their hands.

    billy go read your constitution maybe a little enlightenment will prevent you from making an utter fool of yourself. But then again, you look so good in that duncecap.

  • RogerMDillion

    Right on point, Rich. Every right winger keeps showing the photo of busses, but I have yet to see a photo of the hundreds of drivers.

  • I’m sick of that picture of drowning school busses being the picture that launched a million words of bullshit from Conservatives. EVERYBODY at all levels screwed up. And until every last victim is accounted for from St Bernard’s County, LA to Mobile, AL; we should just shut up about who’s to blame. The one thing, however, that I believe we must be vocal about is demanding an investigation with someone trustworthy in charge. Candidates like Colin Powell, Bob Dole, Steve Forbes, Jack Kemp or Lee Iacocca.

  • All these comments and articles about local officials failing are really just misplaced anger. Local governments have neither the personnel nor the monetary ability to carry out such a large-scale operation like evacuating a city of over 1 million people whereas the federal agencies in place, for the most part, do. The mayor and governor gave the evacuation order and 80% of the city did evacuate. Even if the local government did run school buses out of the city for the remainder of people, there’d still be tens of thousands left. That’s where the shelters come into play – they opened shelters for those who couldn’t leave but never expected the aftermath Katrina would bring.

    I’m not saying Nagin is totally innocent but the blame for what has happened falls on more than his shoulders alone.

  • Exactly right, Scott. FEMA is charged with providing the means to evacuate in the event of a forseeable disaster.

    The minute it was forcast that a category 5 hurricane would hit the gulf coast around New Orleans, they should have moved. They didn’t.

    The top ten people in FEMA are appointees, NONE have disaster planning or relief experience. All of the folks that delt with Hurricane Andrew are gone.

    There was a great segment on Jim Leaher’s Nightly News (sorry about the spelling of his name, it’s a tough one!) outlining the failure of FEMA to do what it’s designed to do.

    A shame, a waste, a travesty, a loss of too many good people.

  • RJ

    I find it almost sad that no one wants to address the actual issue this post brings up.

    Nagin had HUNDREDS of buses at his disposal. He used NONE of them.

    THOUSANDS of people wanted to get out of NO, but couldn’t. They didn’t have cars. They would have gladly hopped on buses to escape.

    But there were no buses coming for them.

    Because Mayor Nagin was apparently holding out for a fleet of Greyhounds that never came…


  • Bennett

    I understand your outrage, RJ, but FEMA is charged with dealing with potential disasters. If they had been on the ball, if they had their folks in the Mayor’s office once a category 5 hurricane was forcast to impact the New Orleans area, helping coordinate, demanding that the busses be made ready for drivers, drivers provided by FEMA if local drivers were not available, moving to get as many people out of NO as possible, then our government process and responsibility would have been served.

    This didn’t happen. It should have, according to my latest IRS return.

  • >>and why didnt bush step in if this is the case?

    obviously then it is bush’s fault.< < How was Bush supposed to know about this problem - oh yeah, he's psychic, I forgot. >>Who was going to drive these buses?<< According to governor Blanco she had deployed 'thousands' of national guardsmen inside New Orleans prior to the storm. Perhaps some of them could have driven the buses. Dave

  • We elect politicians who are a reflection of our society: self-indulgent, superficial, dishonest, and downright stupid. Forgive me, make that lacking common sense. If we accept these low standards for the people we elect, the ultimate blame rests upon our shoulders.

  • Jewels

    Negligent Nagin rides again! (But not on his buses, only Greyhounds.) Sorry folks!

  • Rich


    Don’t be blinded by partisanship by saying “I find it almost sad that no one wants to address the actual issue this post brings up”.

    It is reckless to imagine the fault is only on the Mayor, which I believe your post suggests.

    The FEMA leadership is composed of Bush cronies. Even if they were well intentioned to help they were bound to fail and they did.

    Cronieism should stop, at least when American lives are at stake. After the partisan sniping is over (from BOTH sides) I hope we learn this deathly mistake.

  • wrbones

    FEMA’s responsibility is to co-ordinate disaster relief AFTER a disaster. They have no other responsibility, nor do they have resources for bailing you out beforehand. That’s not in their job description.

    Federal, state and local disaster preparedness guidelines tell us that the local mayor, governor, and statre are primarily responsible for their own disaster preparedness. Is your city and state prepared?

    Additionally, there is the Possee Comitatus Act, and the Insurrection Act, which means that the feds can only go in AFTER the locals have invited them and only after the state has declared a state of emergency. The only other option is for the President to declare a nation-wide state of martial law…

    Unless you want a dictator or a tyrant, the President’s options are limited by law. Additionally there is some silly group called Congress that must be dealt with as well.

    The feds can do nothing until the state declares an emergency and then orders it’s state National Guard to be deployed…and then asks the feds to step in…

    New Orleans and the state of Louisiana did not follow their own disaaster guidelines, and then further held up relief efforts (after the flooding began) by arguing with the feds over who had authority over what and when and how…

    Additionally, 90,000 square miles were flattened, which is an area larger than all but ten states in this nation…logistics is a factor…but some of you don’t care about the facts or the Constitution…or personal responsibility.

    The worst of the disaster was directly caused by a local leadership failure.

  • >>Cronieism should stop, at least when American lives are at stake. After the partisan sniping is over (from BOTH sides) I hope we learn this deathly mistake.<< That's right. Presidents should only appoint people who they have no personal knowledge of and have no way to assess their character or capabilities. I say we appoint RANDOM people to all government jobs. It's the only fair way. Dave

  • Michael

    Reverend Jessie Jackson’s apology of Mayor Nagin’s missed opportunity to utilize local school busses to evacuate the city was based on the notion that there was no prearranged destination for those evacuees. I know hindsight is 20-20, but to pass on this opportunity for this reason seems to be putting the cart before the horse. The problem of what to do with the rescued citizens pales in comparison with the potential for wide-spread death due to inaction.

  • The evacuation plan that Mayor Nagin signed off on specifically designated those school buses for evacuation. It’s a pretty cut and dried case of failure to follow the plan. Along with not stocking the Superdome with water and supplies as was supposed to have been done. The title of this thread is right on target.


  • pcone

    wrbones, it took me about five seconds to find the truth about FEMA, and sorry, you’re WRONG. From FEMA’s website link

    “The Federal Emergency Management Agency – a former independent agency that became part of the new Department of Homeland Security in March 2003 – is tasked with responding to, planning for, recovering from and mitigating against disasters.”

    Also at the bottom of the page…

    “As it has for more than 20 years, FEMA’s mission remains: to lead America to prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from disasters with a vision of ‘A Nation Prepared.’ At no time in its history has this vision been more important to the country than in the aftermath of Sept. 11th.”

    I’m not a lawyer but it seems pretty obvious that “to prepare for”, “responding to”, “planning for” and “mitigating against” all imply that FEMA is responsible for all phases of distaster response, not just after. And the phrase “A Nation Prepared” says it all, doesn’t it? (Then again, so does “in the aftermath of Sept. 11th.”)

  • School buses are not difficult to drive. A 17 year old who had never driven a bus before, hopped on a school bus and drove out safe & sound. They are not 18 wheelers. The people should have been evacuated before the storm. Remember people were wating in line 6-8 hrs. at the Superdome, the day the storm was going to hit.MAYOR NAGIN WAITED UNTIL THE LAST DAY TO ORDER A MADATORY EVACUATION. All those people could have been evacuated USING THE SCHOOL BUSES!!!! Regarding the people who didn’t evacuate in New Orleans-WHAT NEWS WERE THEY WATCHING?!! Watching the weather channel, CNN & FOX, one would thought that New Orleans was going to be the next Atlantis. And they predicted the EYE OF A CAT.5 HURRICANE WAS HEADING STRAIGHT FOR NEW ORLEANS. Also some of the blame must lie with the individual. When they tell you to supply yourself with 10 days food & water-BELIEVE THEM!!! The troublemakers at Hot Air America are really going off the deep end. Randi Rhodes is really going to be disappointed if Bush didn’t murder 40,000 Americans.(AS IF 10,00 WASN’T A OUTRAGEOUS EXAGERATION)Her phony moral outrage is really barf producing. She had to keep telling people how many times she cried. Even her producer Tim Alan quit, because he had enough of her act. She demanded Air America fly her to Crawford on a private jet.(now that’s funny).She’s screaming and spewing that the rising real estate prices in New York City are Bush’s fault. Blaming Bush over & over- it is his fault that she can’t afford a apartment in the city. She could ,if she sold her $800,00 house down in Florida. She left out that important fact, as usual.

  • Joe Democrat

    Here ya go….

    Louisiana disaster plan, pg 13, para 5 , dated 01/00

    ‘The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating’…

    Thanks for nothing Ray!!!!

  • Jewels

    Joe, it seems only if you steal the buses…
    I did hear of one courageous young man that ‘stole’ (per report) a school bus to escape. This guy proceeded to pick up folks along his way out of town to Houston until the bus was standing room only. Greta van Susteran had him on and I can’t locate his name now.

    And what about that big blonde Cajin guy and his wife, they saved a lot of folks with their airboat, by themselves…they seem to have remained anonymous. “Somebody” should give them a nice fat compensation check I’d think.

    The Louisiana disaster plan was pretty much B.Y.O.B. (bring your own bus)

  • pcone, how are you and other people missing the obvious passages in the FEMA manual which say that local authorities are the first responders and carry the brunt of the work duties aside from organization and oversight? It’s mentioned numerous times in FEMA documentation. I direct you to: FEMA Disaster Procedure Manual


  • wrbones

    So…where does it say on FEMA’s website that they have first responder responsibility for S.A.R. and evacuation?

    It’s not in their job description.

    In any case, they can’t do a thing until the state asks for their help.

    Sorry. Try again. This time, read the whole thing, will ya?

    Reading comprehension. Get some.

  • Jewels

    comprehensive reading is a skill…

  • Hawkeye

    Seems to me there is plenty of blame to go around and hopefully everyone will get and take their beating with dignity and learn something from it.

    Ray Nagin really did screw the pooch, and as much as FEMA was clearly on it’s ass in this, it was Nagin’s job to follow HIS plan and evacuate HIS people. If bus drivers were an issue, it should have been addressed in the plan so that it wasn’t an issue during the event. It wasn’t FEMA’s job to do Nagin’s job or Blanco’s job.

    Both New Orleans AND Louisiana received millions of dollars from FEMA/DHS for disaster/terrorism preparedness, and I hope the big investigation that follows will bring those facts to light.

    Not sure why it is so hard for anyone in America to have a civil discussion about this without becoming shrill and devolving into name-calling. We used to be better than that.


  • comprehensive reading is a skill…
    … unknown to most Fundamentalist minded humanoids.

  • I disagree with the belief that just anyone can drive a school bus, because I have experience driving a bus filled to capacity.

    Some buses have standard transmissions, but some people don’t know how to drive a vehicle with a standard transmission.

    Some buses are equipped with air brakes. The average driver isn’t accustomed to air brakes.

    Finally, it takes practice to safely drive a bus through bad weather and bad road conditions.

    The one New Orleans resident who took a bus may have had the necessary experience to safely drive a bus.

    Or he may have just been lucky.

    Hundreds of untrained bus drivers would be a recipe for more disaster.

  • pcone

    The first responders DID their job — they got everyone who couldn’t get out in cars or school buses or whatever into the shelters of last resort (e.g. the Superdome), with the understanding that they were supposed to hold out for 48 to 60 hours (this is well-documented in many news reports). But FEMA didn’t show as scheduled, and then the city devolved into chaos. I guess I have been too busy ready news reports from reporters who were there (and giving information to the FEMA director that he should have already known) instead of reading FEMA manuals.

    Does anyone think that New York City is prepared to evacuate 10 million people, with no one left behind, were a natural disaster to come bearing down on it, even with 3 days warning? How can anyone think it’s possible to get everyone out of any city of good size? It’s just not gonna happen. So FEMA rightly empowers the local government to respond first, with the understanding that they will arrive soon after to help. BUT THEY DIDN’T.

  • RogerMDillion

    Presidents should only appoint people who they have no personal knowledge of and have no way to assess their character or capabilities.”

    How about people with job experience? Bush knew that Brownie didn’t have the qualifications for the job yet gave it to him anyway. Maybe if you could actaully see the faults of the administration occassioanlly, people wouldn’t accuse you of being an apologist.

  • Sarah

    FEMA doesn’t “empower” the local government to respond first. It’s the local government’s duty to respond first.

    Apparently Mayor Nagin has no sense of time – he also said that we got a fleet of aircraft carriers across the world in 24 hours.

  • emj

    Two comments about the busses in New Orleans.

    1. If for no other reason other than to save the busses, they should have been driven out of New Orleans.

    2. the city school system where I live here in north louisiana sent their entire school bus fleet down to new orleans to assist on saturday, August 27th, and were sent back home empty with the words that they didn’t need any help.


  • Nancy

    I’ve driven a schoolbus w/out prior experience, because it had to be moved & everyone else was occupied, with only a basic very bare understanding of and experience with standard transmission. It wasn’t the smoothest drive in the world, but it worked, & the bus was moved. If the bus is not required to go around tight corners, literally anyone with half a brain can at least maneuver it onto a highway and from there it’s straight shooting as long as you don’t go too fast. And at least it would be better to try to drive one out than to let them all sit while people drown.

  • Nancy

    Mind you, I wouldn’t care to repeat the experience, but I still think trying is better than just sitting around on your thumbs waiting for shit to happen. As for the air brakes & transmission, kids steal vehicles w/these features all the time & drive them around successfully. Are we saying there would be no adult among the crowd that hadn’t done that as a kid, or couldn’t do what a 14-year-old has done?

  • 666

    Bus driving might as well have been jet flying. The population of New Orleans that didn’t evacuate are the products of 40 years of government subsidy. They are incapable of anything beyond “human” reproduction. Instead of taking action they waited impatiently with their hand out, just like their lazy incompetent Mayor, Nagin. Expensive helicopter rescue was required because they were too lazy to simply walk to higher ground.

  • Paul

    Poor Ray is not soley to balme. He was duely elected by the inhabitants of New Orleans. Is a Mayor elected to “get things done”? Did he think he could “get his ass” in the driver’s seat to get those life&misery-saving busses rolling? If not, why not?

    Now all taxpayers will get to pay for his/their local and governor-level incompetance. After we “bail out” this folly beneath the sea–I hope it will resurface as a “memorial marsh”, rather than the stage for our next oppotunity for “disaster relief”.

  • homless girl

    This is the kind of thing that makes me really angry: a bunch of outsiders who are frustrated and have taken it upon themselves to “do the world a service” by pointing blame around at everyone in power.

    You know what!? It’s your fault for doing nothing preventative you dumb piece of kelp! …oh, what’s that? you didn’t KNOW it was going to happen? No kidding! Neither did any of us! Not even you! See, that’s the beauty of being a coward who only examines others in his hindsight. We all make mistakes for crying out loud.

    Mayor Ray Nagin has been the best thing to happen to New Orleans in a long time. In the past, most of our officers had been more concerned with plastering their names everywhere (even on garbage cans), or had a nasty habit of stealing money, or were even racist. New Orleans was on the verge of dying of many things when he came into office, not just hurricanes. Crime was growing out of control; corruption in the police systems was left and right; the educational systems were failing horribly. Mr. Nagin, if you ever read this, I thank you for being more than this piece of shit article could ever encompass.

  • Paul

    One more “angry” example of the welfare-driven mentality of expecting someone else to solve or prevent local problems. The sad result of “shut up” instead of “get up” handouts. It’s painless, and addictive. And chronic. It’s time for “The Big Sleazy” to “get up” and show some self respect. Don’t whine about it. Fix it. Nobody cares more than those who (will) live there. Ray was caught with his pants down. It’s not anybody elses job to hold them up for him. He was elected. He sought the office (and responsibility to do good). It’s time to start.

  • Paul

    One more “angry” example of the welfare-driven mentality of expecting someone else to solve or prevent local problems. The sad result of “shut up” instead of “get up” handouts. It’s painless, and addictive. And chronic. It’s time for “The Big Sleazy” to “get up” and show some self respect. Don’t whine about it. Fix it. Nobody cares more than those who (will) live there. Ray was caught with his pants down. It’s not anybody elses job to hold them up for him. He was elected. He sought the office (and responsibility to do good). It’s time to start.

  • Paul

    To “Pull a Nagin” may, someday, be included in a dictionary.

    When will he be rebuilt?

  • Eric

    Mayor Nagin will go down in history as the Village idiot of New Orleans. If he would have gotten on the news and asked for buese they would have been their faster. But instead he decided to call a local radio station a cry like a 13 year old brat.

  • Rob

    I agree. Ray Nagin is a complete idiot. His spluttering, whining ass needs to be kicked (all the way to his brand new home in Dallas). What a waste of skin.

  • Mike O.

    Ray Nagin is the worst kind of idiot….he’s dangerous.

    Allowing people back in to New Orleans before the basic infrastructure (hospitals, levee pumps, drinking water, etc)are operating is insane.

    How can anyone trust a guy like this?

    He’s either A)clueless B)politically motivated. Either way he has to be fired.

    If he’s doing this for some kind of political gain….well then, that’s criminal.

  • Tom

    We could all go on and on but the simple unadulterated truth is that Nagin is a dolt. The only reason there hasn’t been more fallout on the guy is because he’s black. In fact it’s been said all over New Orleans that “Nagin” is cajun for [edited]. Don’t get mad at me, it’s the word on the street.

  • dee

    there is no shortage of blame here. It goes from the mayor all the way to the white house. Well, Bush is the idiots of all idiots so Nagin is not alone in the idiot category. Right above him his bush and the fema director. Not to mention the governor of La tossed into that mix. A salad of idiots.

  • Ron

    Driving a school bus is not difficult for most people if you do not have to navigate in tight places or make sharp turns. The majority of school buses made in the last 10+ years have automatic transmissions from what I have found on the Net.

    Even if most of the New Orleans buses were manual transmissions, could not the local government find at least a few dozen people able to drive them?

    Not moving ONE of the buses is total stupidity IMHO. Even if many of the people did not have the means to leave, they could have been given the chance on the flooded buses. Even church buses or hitching a ride with a neighbor would have been the better choice.

    I believe that too many people felt that this was the government crying wolf that they should evacuate. Those left to deal with the results found out too late that they should have listened.

    Lesson is that you should plan for your own survival and keep food and water at hand for several days at the least. There are other nonPC items such as firearm(s) and ammo for the SHTF scenerios that many plan for as well.

    If you are going to depend on any government whether local or federal you will wish you had not.

  • philly

    Yes, there is plenty of blame to go around. But isn’t it ironic that the same mayor who said it’s up to the federal government to handle the situation turned around and declared that everyone could return too soon? Then, after the federal officials stated their objection to that, he realized he was wrong and changed direction — but then criticized them again for stepping out of bounds? Mayor Nagin wants to do things his own way, and only wants the federal government involved when he’s looking for someone to blame!

    Also, does it really make sense for a city that has all those busses sitting there to wait for busses to arrive from somewhere else? Why waste that precious time, waiting for someone else to find drivers and busses, and drive them from some other city to New Orleans??? What would be the benefit — except that it puts the responsibility on someone else’s shoulders?

  • Calvin

    Ray Nagin blames everyone except himself. He is a disgrace. If he would have had a press conference with the national media maybe the problems would have been solved sooner. Instead he covered his caboose by calling the local radio station blaming the President, and acting like a whining child. He has the backbone of a jellyfish. His pathetic lack of planning is unforgivable.

  • Maximus

    I agree Ray Nagin is a blundering idiot who is ill equiped to deal with a tornado, let alone a Cat 3 hurricane in the most hurricane vulnerable city in the US. He needs to be removed as he will eventually run out of people to blame for his own incompetence. Ray Nagin is an IDIOT!

  • Mal

    Nagin and Blonco should both resign.
    They are incompetent, ignorant, and have no business being in the offices they hold. He is so busy trying to stay in the limelight that he doesnt even take time to think about what he is saying as long as he can keep the cameras on himself, thats what is important to him. As for her, she is such a do nothing, its pathetic. All she can do is deny that she is responsible for anything. (which is probably true, if you make NO decisions, you cannot be held responsible for making the WRONG desision!

  • smart one

    Do your math. The Federal government cannot intervene until the state’s say so. And when the Governor made the phone call, she requested a few items from the federal government but never once asked for them to come down and help. Add that to Nagin’s “genius” of letting the busses drown. Add that to no evacuation plan ever put in place.

    You say the Feds took too long to down to help? Umm…think about it — the hurricane was in progress — they’re supposed to come down in the middle of a hurricane and save those who Nagin didn’t? Bullocks, I say.

  • Jewels

    Nagan should get a new monniker besides “Negligent”. How ’bout Yo-Yo Nagan, “Ya’ll come on back to N’Orleans, no wait; ya’ll evacuate again from N’Orleans…and “I’m tired a-hearing all these helicopters, I wanta hear some jazz. ” (so he moves to Big D).

    Granted some of the areas some of the folks were going back into were not heavily damaged as most of the city, but you still have the problem of electricity, running clean water, and the levees are just patched up, not really safe at all, and it’s still hurricane season; helloooo Rita.

  • Nancy

    The more I hear about & from Nagin, the more I think he should be prosecuted (and persecuted) for criminal imbecility & imbecile criminality.

  • Thomas

    Nagin wanted Greyhound busses? If my arse is in danger from rising water and alligators I am not about to be picky in how I get out of the swamp!

    Brings to mind the story about the Lil Dutch boy using his finger, plugging the dyke – except Nagin would allow the leak to become larger, all the time with is arms folded screaming for Federal aid. Nagin… what a waste of carbon.

  • Lindsey

    Enough with the arguing guys. It’s obvious that anyone with half a brain who lives in the potential path of a hurricane knows you might need to evacuate. They had the plans; they were just to inept to work together and enact them. Feel free to ask the prof at LSU who designed them. He’s pretty ticked at the local higher ups.

    For a look at proper adults evacuating people, see Texas. I say this as someone who grew up spending part of the year in Baton Rouge and N.O. My elderly relatives who are sitting in nursing homes in harm’s way are in the hands of idiots. That scares me to death.

    The only way President Bush could have properly stepped in to rescue those people was to arrest both Blanco and Nagin and attach them to one another in some cell to yell at each other— while he sent in the troops to do the job. In other words, he would have had to run over their authority completely and you would all still be pissed off anyway, saying that he never gave them a chance to succeed. So give up your arguments; they don’t hold water (no pun intended).

    You say it can’t be done, but look at Houston. They have inner city gangs and drug problems too, plus an even BIGGER population. They have nursing homes. They have racial tensions. Somehow, amazingly, they are still evacuating people. Duh.

    To Nagin: “Competance, man, competance!”

    Who’s to drive the buses? How about capable evacuees? Out of 15,000 people, I bet he could find 500 drivers. What do you think?

  • Lindsey

    Just to clarify— That post was not for the people who posted just ahead of me. It was for all the defend-the-corrupt-govt-of-N.O.-’till-we-die folks up top.

    Oh, and yes, I did catch the “too” typo. I prmosie I cna tpye.

  • blackbeard269

    Dude you got that post right on the money.
    just like anyother disaster that hit the united states went pretty well till one hit new orleans with Mayor Nagin And govenor Blonca. They said on the news last night that the police was lotting houses. filling up truck loads of peoples stuff. plenty of witness seeing the police even a video of them in walmart filling carts with cds,tv,games.. and walking out to a truck and filling it up. the reporter asked the police chief about them and he responded this is not the time and walked away. I think this was all planed by the locals so they could get rid of the poverty and make more room for money
    casinos,new hotels..etc….Then Why did the mayor run to dallas?….anyone could have drove those buses. he is so full of it. If they had done like other mayors and govenors and the people that live there this would have never happiend. Hmmm and the mayor said how do you evacute 1 million people…hmmm texes did 2 million ant that somthing. and then the mayor had the balls to say somthing about the 34 elders left in the homes to die. he said they should be charge with murder for leaving them there to die. I SAY MR. MAYOR IT SOUNDS LIKE WHAT YOU DID!

    Sorry i cant spell with a shit but i had to get that out.

  • Joseph Schlosser

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing to inform you of my strong opposition to using Federal tax dollars to rebuild New Orleans. I understand that the money won’t come from me; it will come from Chinese farmers, Japanese businessmen and any one else you can sell our debt to. And I understand that it’s my grandchildren who will ultimately pay the debt. Finally, I understand that over the years, Congress has allowed the Presidency to grow so powerful that there’s nothing you can do to stop the expenditure, even if you wanted to. But you can at least take a moment to hear me out.

    First, I object because New Orleans is a cesspool of homosexual perversion, prostitution, sodomy, drunkenness, drug use, pornography, cross-dressing, voodoo, pagan ritual and animal sacrifice. Nightclubs in the red light district (a.k.a. French Quarter . . . how appropriate!) gleefully cater to the insatiable appetites of tourists for depravity. So, unless you can guarantee that my tax dollars will not help foster that God-less behavior, I want my portion withheld.

    Second, I object to entrusting any rebuilding dollars to the city and state whose governments are so incompetent that they allowed the destruction to occur in the first place. It’s not news that New Orleans sits below sea-level. Why wasn’t the levee system fixed back when minimum wage was 50 cents an hour? I suppose stupidity must be an inherited trait among Pig Easy politicians.

    Third, I object to giving my tax dollars to corrupt politicos. Let’s not forget that New Orleans began as a haven for pirates and little has changed in 250 years. Hordes of rioters recently looted the city and many were aided by city employees and police. In fact, cops were shoving people out of the way to grab their share of the loot. Fifteen years ago, a major investigation discovered that police officers were robbing the homes of people who were going on vacation and asking the cops to keep an eye on their property. Nothing has changed, has it? Obviously, we can expect more of our money to line the pockets of crooked politicians and city employees. Count me out.

    (And yes, I understand that Federal government bureaucrats will be keeping “an eye on things” but like I said, I don’t want my money going to incompetents and crooks.)

    Fourth, I don’t want my money used for rebuilding roads, bridges, highways, sidewalks, sewers and the water and electrical grids. Those can all be paid for by the dollars New Orleans will sponge off tourists during the next 100 years. So unless I will be getting a percentage of Mardi Gras proceeds, I see no reason why I should pay for the parade route.

    Fifth, I don’t want my tax dollars used to rebuild the ghetto. What are the plans for the ghetto, anyway? Are we going to do what they do in Hollywood? That is, build new structures but then make them look like tenements by putting in boarded-up windows, burned-out crack houses, walls layered in graffiti and streets covered in trash. Or are we instead, going to build new, functional, sanitary housing . . . and come back in six months to find boarded-up windows, burned out crack houses, walls layered in graffiti and streets covered in trash?

    See, there appears to be no good solution. Therefore, let me offer one: No one is allowed to move back until they have a J-O-B. More importantly, pass a law that in return for any Federal assistance, anyone living in New Orleans must work full-time and is not entitled to receive any welfare. No food stamps, no welfare, no free hand-outs of any kind. Anyone who doesn’t like that rule can move. You want to have five bastard babies and sit on your fat ass collecting welfare? Move to Washington, DC. Or New Jersey. That’s my solution. No welfare, no ghetto. Build it and they will come; DON’T build it and they will stay away.

    Sixth, not one penny to rebuild the Superdome. The Saints stink, have always stunk and always will stink. Besides, most are multi-millionaires anyway. They don’t need our help.

    Seventh, and speaking of those who don’t need MY help . . . I don’t want my dollars going to rebuild any house that’s more expensive than mine. As the IRS can tell you, I live in a very inexpensive house.

    Eighth, I don’t want my tax dollars used to bail out the insurance companies. If they’re stupid enough to go into a financial hole because they were stupid enough to insure people stupid enough to live below sea-level, then survival of the fittest dictates that they don’t.

    Ninth, I don’t want my tax dollars used to rebuild hospitals and clinics. For my feelings about HMOs, please see up above where I discuss my thoughts on crooks and incompetents.

    Tenth, I don’t want my tax dollars used to rebuild any schools. The New Orleans school district was 97% black. In these days of Political Correctness I really shouldn’t speculate on why the white people fled. Needless to say, it probably wasn’t just racism. They obviously knew something we don’t. If the people running New Orleans are products of its school system, then that should be sufficient evidence to bulldoze the schools. Turn the children’s education over to McDonalds. More kids recognize Ronald McDonald than they do the Vice-President, so, it’s safe to say that McDonalds probably knows more about educating children than the New Orleans school system. They can’t do any worse.

    Finally, I don’t want a penny of my tax dollars going to rebuild the levee system. If God had intended New Orleans to sit ten feet below sea-level, then no doubt He would have built the levees Himself. I know you like to pretend you’re God, but you’re not.

    If my letter hasn’t convinced you, and you’re set on rebuilding the levees, then let the people of New Orleans grab a shovel and get to work. I suspect that once they have to engage in back-breaking labor (like those who us who pay the damned taxes do) they will flee the city once again. Then we can demolish what’s left and turn it into one large gasoline refinery so I can keep driving my SUV on cheap gas.

    And don’t forget: We’ll still have Las Vegas.


    Joe Schlosser

  • Nagin and Blanco must resign! It is their civic duty and it is the best thing for Louisiana. Do what’s right for the people and not what is best for you!

  • John

    It is a mood point now. The bottom line is, the elected officials of Louisiana and New Orleans did not do their jobs. The buck stops here.

    My only suggestion is to just fill the whole city of New Orleans with crap from the other 49 states.

  • al

    FEMA failed period. It is an institutional failure that can be traced back to prior administrations so both dems and reps are equally to blame. let’s face it, politicians are largely in reaction mode and when something like this happens the first thing they do is try to gather some political points. At the personal level governor blanco was not prepared for the situation and mayor nagin just came out like an idiot blaming the world when the fact is that him as mayor and the governor are the ones that have to act. look at florida where jeb acted superbly but I guess that the old saying is true: “anybody is a good captain in a calm sea but only a storm will show who is a true leader”. so naging and blanco shut up, quit and grow up.

  • Ken

    The bus issue seems like a rather minor point to all this.

    Most of flooding happened after the storm passed. The buses were still ok the people were ok. But then it started
    flooding, which then cut off any hope of using the buses.

    Assuming they could used the buses they never would have gotten everybody out because many stayed of the own volition. Call it arrogance or disbelief (more likely of the two) that anything that bad could happen.

    They, Nagin and the governor, both asked for help after the storm passed. FEMA was hoping they would not have to do anything. No help arrived nearly 5 days after the storm passed and the city was entirely flooded.

    Mitigating circumstances:
    Minimal National Guard support (most are in Iraq)
    No National Guard equipment (these are in Iraq also. anybody see any water buffalos out there to dispense water?).

    National Guard is supposed to be for the state not national defense. Several states have sued the goverment because the loss of this extremely important local resource.

    FEMA was not ready despite actually having FEMA officials in the superdome.
    Brian Williams from ABC was there also and reported being there with them.

    Appointees with no experience:
    Probably the biggest problem out any.
    These people did not know how to respond or even take charge. In the event of large natural or unatural disasters it is the Federal goverments responsibility to assist local authorities, period. Part of why we PAY TAXES.

    Local and state more than likely will not have the ability to respond in the case of disaster. Why? Because the disaster has happened to THEM. Hence they will need OUTSIDE assistance no matter what.

    Please take care to remember unatural disasters. We will go to the extreme and take the case of a nuclear bomb being detonated in a populated city.

    Whose buses are they going to use then?

  • blackbeard269

    well ken you really dont know how things work. local abd state is there job to get things dont first and follow the plan…oppss they did not have one. nore did the pratice one. texes evacuted 2.5 million people in 36 hours. ray nagin and govenor blonca could not evacute there 900 thousand or so in 48 hours….play and simple fema is there after the problem. and no iraq had nothing to do with it. Ray nagin waited till the lsat 24 hours to call for an evaction and half the damn police force went also along with nagin and blonca. go to the nola site read the evacution plan that they did not follow. you really must be blind. NAGIN AND BLONCA still to this day think they did nothing wrong but time will show it and they will be HISTORY!

  • Marc Schnrub

  • Nagin

    Despite the US Govt having provided me with funds to develop an evacuation plan, the City of New Orleans and Louisiana thought a better use of the earmarked funds was to spend them doing a study on the Ponchatrain Bridge.

    That’s the real story: Federal money diverted away from its intended use. Ask Nagin and Blanco about that at their criminal trial.

  • Ted

    It’s about time Mother Nature flushed that toilet they call New Orleans.

  • Marc Morial

    My father made New Orleans Great and we will make it great once again.

    New Orleans do not worry; Jacques and I will be back soon to clean up and rebuild.

    M (pete). Morial
    Washington, DC

  • Paul

    Go, Pete. Go.

  • blackbeard269

    they should not rebuild new orleans it would be like putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger!. ok yea i guess they could rebuild it only if they move the site out of harms way. and the crime rate will indeed not be like it was. mother nature has a way with cleaning up are problems. way to go great job. mother nature should run for mayor. she gets rid of poverty and crime. she gets my vote.

    and no are tax dollars should not go to help rebuild. if it does then they better help the res of the united state.

  • jtown

    death to Nagin!

  • The Big Smart

    ray nagin is an idiot, clearly incompetent. blanco is an idiot. these two should have been washed to the sea to rot. dumbasses.

  • Ron

    If there where not any school bus drivers than they could get volunteers to drive people out. You tell me out of the thousands of people that could not leave New Orleans, 500 could not drive their family and neighbors to safety. Nagin just didnt care! How is it Bush’s fault? The federal government issued a warning stating everyone should leave almost a week before the storm hit. Does W need come to New Orleans to and drive a bus. No, that is like the president of a fortune 500 company working in the factory. Nagin is a idiot, he showed his ass, and he will go down in history as a complete jackass. We must start putting some kind of education and experience level on our state and local leaders before they can even run. Many times you get unqualified people that run in mostly black regions that have no business in office. Many are crooks! Look at Memphis Tennessee

  • Justin Berry

    If Im stupid enough (or unfortunate enough) to be stuck in N.O. after Katrina. Get Ray Charles to drive me out in the magical mystery bus just get me out.

    Maybe the bus drivers took up all the rooms at the Las Vegas resorts needed for the olice officers. They went there right after they blew up the levees.

  • Ricky

    FACT #6: The devastation in Mississippi is exponentially greater than in Louisiana. A fact that few in the news media realize or care to acknowledge, yet the only notable complaint that came from east of the Pearl River was from a disgraced Senator (Trent Lott) who blames GWB for not defending him during his fall from grace. Sen. Lotts disdain for GWB is well documented in his autobiography “Herding Cats: A Life in Politics”. But in true Senatorial fashion Sen. Lott has revised his remarks and now says, “I have come to believe that the response by FEMA was appropriate, given the nature and scope of the disaster.” Ref. Biloxi Sun-Times, Sept 15, 2005

  • Ricky

    FACT #7: FEMA director Brown testified before congress and stated that he had little difficulty in dealing with Mississippi and Alabama Emergency Managers. This statement was later verified by the governors of Mississippi and Alabama. Meanwhile when brought before a congressional panel investigating what went wrong during the hurricane Gov. Blanco stated that, “I am not here to discuss what went wrong during the hours before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. I am here to talk about two things; jobs and money for the state of Louisia

  • Steven Perry

    Nagin continues to show his incompetence and ignorance. “God planned for New Orleans to be a chocolate city.”What is he thinking when he says things like that? How did he ever get elected? Didn’t anyone listen when he was running? From the day he left the city stranded by not coordinating a caravan out of town until now he has disgraced the citizens off New Orleans. The man should be removed from office. As far as using tax money to rebuild a city below sea level, I’m definitely against it.

  • DJ

    We had the same disaster scenario in our plan in the case of a natural disaster (avalanche, blizzard) at the 2002 winter olympics in SLC. The primary issue: evacuation of participants and spectators. The resolution: school buses, or, buses of any kind. The first question in the command center: “who will drive them, will we have to call in drivers?”. The informed answer from the Commander: “We will drive them, heck I’ll get in one of them myself if I have to, we will get those people out of there and to safe warm shelter.” Too many chiefs, not enough indians. While the City & State HQ personnel were busy giving interviews and answering unnecessary phone calls, they should have been evacuating the citizens. They fell back on the Super Bowl as their “last” resort. When the national hurricane warning center states a cat 5 hurricane may hit NO two days out, you round up school buses and drive the citizens out. FEMA does not and will never have the capability to EVACUATE citizens. FEMA has never been as large an organization as the average american perceives. They are there for relief, after the fact. After Hurricane Andrew, it still took days for relief to arrive. That’s what happens when Mother Nature informs the human race that she’s still in charge of things like tornados, hurricanes, typhoons, mudslides, volcanos, etc. I wouldn’t envy Mayor Nagin or Gov. Blancos positions in late August. But they know they could have done more. Should people have heeded the warnings and moved out on their own earlier? Should people in regions prone to hurricane activity stop the party mentality that comes with “riding out the storm”? And when it comes to large scale natural disasters is there really anything man can do to prevent them? One thing I do know, throwing money at the aftermath of this nightmare isn’t the answer. The taxpayers are footing the bill for millions of dollars worth of mobile homes that will never be used? Citizens on the outskirts of NO refused to allow mobile homes temporary placement on a golf course? If the citizens in LA who were not affected by Katrina won’t help their fellow citizens rebuild, why should I?

  • Noam Trotsky

    OMG read this Mayor Nagin’s “New Orleans evacuation plan has a lot of holes”

    “Ebbert said he wasn’t particularly worried about the apparent holes in the plan, saying the city’s position is that the state and federal government have to make the plan work.”

    They have made a worthless plan, the inevitable failure for which they will again blame the state and feds.

    Nagin and Ebbert … IDIOTS! The Abbot and Costello of city management, but saying that is an insult…to Abbot and Costello.

  • PTB

    i was living in the affected area when the hurricane struck and stayed around for an extra week after, without power or water, tidying stuff up and packing stuff to take a trip. none of this bickering and arguing helps anyone. it certainly didn’t help me for you guys and officials to point fingers. complain all you want but this will probably happen again, which is why i’m moving out of new orleans. didn’t you see the southpark episode “two days before the day after tomorrow”? it shows how damaging shifting blame can be. it’s always someone else’s fault, right?

  • PTB

    and one more thing, Nagin is the one person who tried to hold everything together, struggling against both sides of the blaming parties. it wasn’t anyone’s fault, and Nagin did his best. he’s actually the best mayor we’ve had in 20 years.

  • mezzok

    how many of you are actually from new orleans? i’m reading this almost two years after the fact, and all seems to have died around this topic…..but not in our city. why don’t all of you come down here and see what we’re dealing with…..two years after.

    guess you lot moved on to the next “happenin” political disaster and left us on our own, eh?

    we’ve got our own toxic verbal diarrhea to deal with here, we don’t need out-of-towners poking their noses in with their two cents.

    unless you were here right after or even the first full year, stuck your nose in a rotten fridge, gutted out a friend’s house, watched another friend’s house be condemned, find out about friends who have lost relatives, then you’re way off about what this is really all about: community, friendship, healing.

  • Cooper

    Those “outsiders poking their noses in” are the ones who actually pay taxes. Those of us who pay taxes are the ones who helped evacuate you. Without us taxpayers you leeches would have no money to suck on.

  • MR SLY


  • sick of N.O.

    Nagin pissed, whinned, and pointed his finger at ereryone. A lot of people blame FEMA, Nagin, so on and so on. On the other hand; Mississippi’s gulf coast was totally destroyed. We did Not hear the bitching, whinning, pissing and moaning from the Mississippian’s. They took care of their own,rolled up their sleeves and went to work. They had a direct hit from the storm but pulled together like troopers. I have never been to Mississippi nor do I know anyone there but I feel that the people of Mississippi did a terrific job at keeping it together. Take note media, politicians, and blind fools. Mississippians kicked ass. Hats off to you Mississippi!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    1. The Job of Fema is not to go in and takeover!

    2. According to Federal Law the First Responders are always the Locals! City Fire, Police and Ambulance! Then come State Resources like the National Guard, State Police and State Departments of Homeland Security! (psst Louisiana has one)

    In fact I heard that they say in the event of a Major quake in Los Angeles that it could be 24 hours + before help can arrive!

    And what do you expect? That FEMA should have resources stored at every city? Waste of money and resources! And an open invitation to corruption!

  • Michael

    Come to think of it I remember hearing that some NO Law Enforcement not only abandoned their posts but they actually joined in the looting.