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Most of us were introduced to rare coins when we were young and someone in our family shared the stories of how they found a certain rare coin in their pocket.

When you were old enough, they gave you a coin to cherish and keep. Usually these coins weren’t worth much, unless they contain precious metals like silver. But they were unique from the rest of the pocket change floating around.

Whatever the reason, when rare coin collecting is introduced to you, it becomes an interest that stays for life.

Rare coin collecting is a great way to share history, American values and traditions, and the importance of saving money. The value of rare coins depends on three factors: rarity, state of preservation and historic value. To start a modest collection, always look for quality and never spend more than you can comfortably afford. If you purchase wisely and keep your collection well preserved, you will be able to pass on a collection of rare coins with a priceless intrinsic value to another curious youngster.

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