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Rape Charges Dismissed Against Jacob Zuma, Deputy President of ANC

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Jacob Zuma, current Deputy President of the African National Congress, and Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa until June 2005, heaves a sigh of relief today as a case that divided the nation, and brought to bear the new realities of life in South Africa was decided in his favour.

He was charged with rape of an HIV-positive family friend at his house in Forest Town, Johannesburg. This came soon after the conviction of his financial advisor, Schabir Sheik for corruption and fraud, which led to his own dismissal as Deputy President. He acknowledged a consensual sexual relationship with the woman, a prominent AIDS activist and politically connected herself, but denied that rape had occurred.

His cavalier attitude about a consensual relationship with the daughter of a close family friend, followed by his admission that he had not used a condom, and believed that the shower he took after sex protected him from HIV transmission, drew shock, derision and outrage from South African society, AIDS activists, and satirists. His supporters rallied continuously outside the courthouse, getting violent and bringing out anti-rape and women’s groups as well.

The defence strategy of painting the woman as either deluded or a compulsive liar, and the lack of witnesses and divergent circumstantial evidence led to the ‘reasonable doubt’ verdict, and the judge finding that the sex was consensual. The judge did not let Mr Zuma off easily, noting,

“Had Rudyard Kipling known of this case at the time he wrote his poem, If, he might have added the following: ‘And, if you can control your body and your sexual urges, then you are a man, my son’.”

The nature of politics and sex is such, however, that the likelihood of Jac-Z returning to the political limelight is slim at best. He must now contend with his corruption trial, scheduled to begin in July.

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  • Bliffle

    Well one thing this case proves: Zuma is too mentally incompetent to have any position of responsibility.

  • LJ

    Which country in their right mind would want JZ as president of their country? Me, totally against it. Rape, Corruption, stupidity(i showered after sex to avoid aids). Now he wants to blame pres Thabo. Zuma claims to be bankrupt…the way I see it is that cannot continue his lavish lifestyle…one of the reasons SA is going donwhill. people like Zuma fill their pockets, get free protection (oh, sorry…we taxpayers pay for that). I don’t blame SA’s for leaving the country. If I could, I would…take my skills to another country.
    I am not attacking Zuma, but with everything that has happened(he has done), he should rather pull out of the limelight.
    I would prefer the DA to take over the ANC reign. Zuma can learn from Tony Leon.
    Zuma had his chance, and through greed, blew. SA is currently in turmoil. What is going to happen should Zuma become president. I can see 2010 happening elsewhere.
    So please, if we vote, vote for someone who can actually take this country of of it’s current state, into the next century. Then, only then, will i be proud to say….I’m a South African.