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Rants, Raves, and Idle Curiosity

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Who decided Republican states would be “red” and Democrat states would be “blue”? Is this just the result of the colors that network news shows chose to use on national maps in the 2000 election night coverage? And how did they all decide on the same colors? I do seem to recall forty-nine states being colored blue for Ronald Reagan in 1984, so it wasn’t always that way. On the other hand, I suppose states that have a majority of people that would vote Democrat for President have a right to be blue.


Why is it that you have to search for the Sunday comics? Am I the only one who remembers a time when the comics were an actual section of the newspaper that was folded just like every other section? It was usually the innermost section, which would serve as a wrapper of sorts for all of the sales circulars that were included in the Sunday paper. No more. Now it is hidden amongst the circulars like some sort of buried treasure to be used as bait to lure us in among the advertisements.


Why do people who don’t wear boots wear bootleg jeans? Sometimes with flip-flops no less. Aren’t flip-flops kind of the opposite of boots, or about as close as you can get from boots without going barefoot?

While we’re talking flip-flops, why does everyone seem to think it’s okay to wear them absolutely everywhere? I do mean everywhere — like that visit to the White House last year by the national champion girl’s lacrosse team from Northwestern University. There they were on the lawn of the White House, getting their photo-op with the President, with half of them wearing flip-flops. Don’t these people have parents? What happened to that inner voice people used to come equipped with that made them want to try a little harder before going out in public?

While it is true, and is being duly noted in survey after survey, Americans are getting fatter, when did it become fashionable to accentuate it? Specifically, why do some people tend to wear clothes that highlight every jellyroll and love handle? Other than their purely utilitarian purposes, clothes are normally used to help make the wearer look good, or at least better. So what gives?

What about the steady downward progression of unspoken societal dress codes that lead people to go about their everyday public business dressed like they just finished cutting the grass? On the other hand, it does tend to make those who actually dress presentable more likely to stand out from the crowd.


We have no shame in society anymore, at least partly due to the fact that we have too many people shaming those who are inclined to shame others. In other words, the only shameful practice is that of judging other people’s behavior based upon one’s own values, or even collective societal values. The only intolerance that’s tolerated is that which is directed at, well, intolerance.


For all of the complaining that people and politicians do about the cost of prescription drugs, you would think someone would seriously propose reinstituting the ban on advertising such drugs on television (unless of course I am missing something and those ads are free and don’t influence drug prices). It’s the same logic for banning cigarette ads. More people smoke, get sick, use health care, drive up insurance, etc.

For that matter, we could propose the same ban on attorney advertising. More ads equal more lawsuits equals higher costs to society. Is it a coincidence that we are the most litigious society in the world as well as the most medicated?

Is it just me or do those pharmaceutical ads seem to be getting more and more descriptive with each passing day? Is there any bodily function we can all agree we would rather not have advertised during dinner or when children may be watching — or even at all? Can’t any areas of our lives be roped off as being an “uncouth-free zone”?


Why is it that you can’t find shoelaces to exactly match the ones that just broke at the same store where you bought the shoes to begin with? Is this just a conspiracy to get you to go ahead and buy new shoes?

Why are so many drivers brave enough to tailgate another vehicle at high speeds, but not brave enough to pass? Or do they enjoy impatiently fuming while only a continual half-second from flying through the windshield?

Where have all the hot airline stewardesses gone? What’s with the escalating number of dudes pushing the beverage cart? Does this explain the existence of Hooters Air?

I see Alec Baldwin has a new TV show now. Isn’t he supposed to be living in Canada somewhere with Michael Moore?

Do some people seriously believe Karl Rove secretly conspired to bring down the price of gas just in time for the election? If so, can we get them all identified and put into a special national database for sales leads?

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About Drew McKissick

Drew McKissick is a political consultant with over twenty-five years of experience specializing in political strategy, planning and organization as well as the development of grassroots related political action programs. He has worked as a political activist at the local, state and national levels, and has served in elected and appointed positions at all levels of the Republican Party, including serving as a member of the Republican National Committee. He also writes a regular column providing analysis and commentary on current events.
  • Bliffle

    The red vs. blue switch occured because journalists decided the old associations were too pejorative, i.e., “those red liberals” and “those blueveined conservatives”. So they purposely swapped them and made it just more confusing.

  • Baronius

    I’ll second what Bliffle just said. (I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.) You’ll also notice that all roadside signs for candidates are (1) red, white, and blue, or (2) white and blue. The candidate who prints first gets to make the choice. No candidate uses red and white.

    Two exceptions: every once in a while a candidate will have black and yellow signs (it’s a recent thing), and every O’Malley and Conner uses green and white.