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Randy Moss Proves Critics Right

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Part of the trend where the New England Patriots are slowly becoming the biggest enemies in all of sports is the Randy Moss story. If it were a different guy and a different team, everyone would be giving Randy Moss huge praise for the gaudy numbers and attitude makeover that he has experienced this season. As a member of the New England Patriots that story is all but impossible, but it never should have been an option anyway. Randy Moss has been criticized in the past for dogging it, not trying, and generally being a bad guy when things weren’t going perfectly. With his huge numbers this season in New England he couldn’t be proving the critics more right.

I can understand why some might defend Randy Moss for his time in Oakland where he caught a grand total of 102 passes in two seasons or 29 games. They had problems at quarterback. They weren’t a very good team. They had one of the largest offensive line busts in the history of the NFL draft with Robert Gallery. With all these things probably being true, it might be understandable to feel sorry for Randy Moss and the situation he was in with Oakland. But that isn’t the whole story according to most accounts in Oakland. Moss reportedly embraced his nagging injuries to the point that whispers were thrown about that Moss just didn’t want to play for such a bad team. That lack of competitiveness is disgusting in a league where almost every player is a millionaire and they expect working class stiffs to buy tickets and paint their faces for every game.

So the temperamental millionaire with unbelievable ability refuses to play for the people signing his paychecks in Oakland and he ends up basically forcing the Raiders into trading him. He gets rewarded for dogging it for two seasons in Oakland. And who welcomes him with open arms and a clean slate? The New England Patriots.

And Randy Moss responds as a member of the Patriots. Through nine games, Randy Moss had 56 receptions for 924 yards with 12 touchdowns. With that kind of production and that pace, Moss appears to be trying. And a lot of people seem to want to try and paint this as a “feel-good” story where Moss is the comeback player of the year. I am not buying that kind of a line. Randy Moss has successfully indicted himself with his play this season. It exposes him for what he is; a tempestuous baby that refuses to give it his all, except on his own terms when it suits him. The real victims in this are NFL fans everywhere except in New England.

And the story of Randy Moss as evil villain is yet another piece of the puzzle that is slowly turning into the Patriots and their fans vs. the world.

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