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Randy Moss Ain’t Randy Moss Anymore

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Randy Moss is done.

Oh, you didn’t hear? Yeah, he’s done. Callin’ it a year. His dogs are barkin’. Recliner time!

On Wednesday, Randy (and three teammates) were sent home for being tardy to a team meeting. Presumably they were late due to the intense winter storms sweeping the East Coast (one of the perks of being a New Englander in exile); but it seems pretty obvious this has been building up for quite some time.

The 2008-09 Randy hasn’t been remotely close to the majesty that was 2007 Randy. And it’s not just a statistical drop. Randy’s character issues that pushed him down the board on draft day and dogged him all through his tenures in Minnesota and Oakland have finally returned with a vengeance in his third season in New England. That fire that drove the 2007 team isn’t there anymore. He’s taken an early holiday.

In the last three weeks alone, Randy has had ten catches for 167 yards and two scores. Those are third/fourth receiver numbers; not go-to receiver stats. Last week’s two catch/66-yard abortion wasn’t even his worse game of the year. In the crushing Broncos overtime loss (a likely January rematch is imminent) Moss reeled in one catch for 36 yards. Moss is in the top 20 in dropped passes this season with six, only three behind the unstoppable always-droppable T.O.

The one thing I’ve noticed Randy do a lot more of this year as opposed to the past two seasons was the hand in the air routine. This is where Randy’s streaking down the field, feels he’s open enough and waggles his hand around like a nerd with the right answer. This was one of the worst developments of the Nineties Keyshawn Johnson Me-First Receiver Generation. “I’m open! I must be thrown to!” Sometimes there are just better/safer options behind Moss that he can’t see. I still trust Brady, despite his struggles this season, to make the right call when it comes to picking receivers. He can’t go to Moss every time he sprints down the field. But this season, Moss has devolved back into that rookie Viking or that disinterested Raider who wants the ball every time and sulks if it isn’t in his hands.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Randy. But I still love Big Papi, too. Doesn’t mean he’s gonna do anything for us in 2010. Randy’s still one of the five best receivers in the NFL. His head just doesn’t seem to be in it this year. He isn’t as invested as he was in 2007. Whether he’s a frontrunner, as some have accused, remains to be seen. But this is definitely not the same Randy Moss who ripped out the beating hearts of opponents and shoved it in their faces two years ago.

Randy’s called it a year. Luckily the rest of the Pats haven’t just yet.

Forecast: Matt Moore’s been practicing handing off all week. He’s ready.This one’s gonna be closer than most people think. Don’t trust the Pats to pull off any more three-score or more blowouts for the rest of the year. If they do; hey, it’s gravy. We just need the W’s at this point. Whether it’s by one point or a thousand, that’s the only stat that matters from here on out.

Prediction: New England 35, Carolina 20
MVP – WR – Randy Moss: Because of course he’s gonna go off after I lambaste the hell out of him for a column. Hey, at least his beard is cool.

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  • randy

    dude, chill the &%$# out…are u serious? randy is just 3 weeks removed from having back to back games of like 150 yds/gm and 3 tds so wut r u talking about u are in serious panic mode…of course everyone wants to see him mess up and thats y this practice thing is such a big issue so calm the **** down take a breathe and wait til the end of the season to post something like this

  • Naz

    er no, Randy Moss is done the day they stop putting double coverage on him, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  • cris

    randy is leading the league in yards and is second in TDs- by what measure does that amount to “done” like the guy above me said, you can’t call someone done when they are still being double teamed more than any receiver in the league- come on bro this is logic

  • Gavin

    WOW! this is a ridicilous article that shouldnt be payed any attention to! haha the guy is leading the league in receiving yards as before mentioned and is the most feared receiver and in most peoples eyes the BEST receiver ever we are looking at another 1500 yard 12+ touchdown season.. lets be real thats number 1 receiver numbers

  • @Randy: No cussin’!

    @Naz: The only difference is he used to be thrown to even when he was double-covered. And he still caught the ball. That ain’t happenin’ anymore.

    @Cris: Logic also tells you to look at trends. I’m not saying his entire season has been a loss. I’m just saying the last couple weeks and the incident yesterday tell me that there’s some sort of rift developing. He’s beginning to cop that attitude that drove him out of Minnesota and Oakland again. I don’t care what he did at the beginning of the season. These next couple months are the only ones that matter and he hasn’t done jack.

    @Gavin: Thanks for paying attention to it!

  • This seems like the typical Boston sports fan hysteria.

    Moss IS leading the NFL in receiving yards to date (Welker is 2nd – go Pats) so it’s kind of hard to get too worried yet.

    You can’t call the Pat’s season over yet but the secondary needs to get their head straight.

    Chicago, on the other hand…

  • Again, he did all that in the first ten weeks. He hasn’t done jack in a month, and this is the when performance really starts to matter. His head isn’t in the game, he’s Old School Randy again..

  • Gavin

    his head might not be in it but in no means does that mean his talent has diminished any! and top 20 in dropped balls? hes top 5 in balls thrown to him so what do you expect? top 20 isnt bad..

  • Talent ain’t nothin’ if you don’t use all of it..

  • I hope you feel terrible about your sports opinion, Ethan. Absolutely terrible.

  • /litter on highway
    /single tear

  • I rest my case..