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Randy As A Pony – Sagittarius Married To Pisces: Astrology-Based Advice

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sadge enid Dear Elsa,

What can I do to have great sex with my husband?

He is a Pisces and has never been very affectionate, except for the first two weeks I knew him. I know he loves me and desires me but he doesn’t touch me with love or intimacy. He also has a problem with kissing which is how I get revved up.

What can be done? I know that someday I will have great sex with him but I want it now… and more often!

Needs it, Wants it, Gotta have it.

Dear God I Hope You Get It!

Have you told him this? You don’t sound shy, so you must have! If not, please do so immediately. Tell him you need it, you want it, you’ve got to have it. Ask him if he’s going to give it to you or what.

Because I’m thinking you haven’t been laid right since the first two weeks of your relationship. And you still believe it’s going to happen? Well that’s a double Sadge for you: perennially optimistic! And I would like to agree with you hon, but I think you’re in big trouble with this man.

Being over-sexed myself, I understand your urges completely. I’ve been left for my sex drive and kept for my sex drive. But some things are constant – like the fact that I want to have sex!!! And I’ve had enough of it to know the chemistry is there and it is reciprocal… or it’s not. The sex drives match, or they don’t. And when they don’t, it’s painful in both directions.

So is your man going to spring up one day and become a five alarm fire? I doubt it. Odds are you’ll either live like this – frothing at the mouth, and chomping on your bit – or you’ll decide the situation is intolerable, and go looking for someone with a similar desire to connect.

I’m sorry, but from personal experience I believe over the long term, this is a deal-breaker for people like you and me. When we partner with someone with a lesser sex drive… well they don’t like being hounded for sex anymore than we like hounding them! And generally a gulf like this will widen over time.

I don’t know what to say. I hope he steps up and takes care of you. And if not, that you’re able to find a man who will. Because sex is enormously important to the people that it’s important to. I think it’s life-killing to go hungry in this way.

Good luck.

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  • erica

    i am having the same problem

  • Hola Jayj! I have that book and I am aware of your work in general. Your writing that is. 😉

    Matter of fact, I quote you from time to time and have for years. “A Capricorn is just a Scorpio in a suit…”
    Jayj Jacobs


  • Dear ElsaElsa,

    I Loved your personal ad!

    Please call me.

    We have so much in common!



    PS: Ms Saj, you can call me, too. 😉

    BTW, Llewellyn’s ‘Sexuality in the Horoscope’ is most excellent! — even the sections I didn’t write. 😉
    FYI, The cover text/blurb is from my article on how elevating the sexual expression enhances the whole person.