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Random thoughts on the Grammys

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Justin Timberlake was awarded the Grammy for the best male pop vocal. He had enough awareness of the absurdity of the previous weekend to at least acknowledge it and issue yet another apology.

Luther Vandross sent in a taped message, which included a little bit of him singing. He still sounds amazing, and I hope that his recovery is speedy.

When Sean Paul came out to sing with Sting, I hope that you were watching the show with the subtitles on. As soon as Sean Paul started with his dancehall patois, the subtitles froze up. I can imagine the subtitle guy in a booth just cursing heavily, trying to figure out what he would possibly type in for the hearing impaired.

Christina won best female pop vocal and also referenced the Janet incident. Which is ironic, considering how she and Britney pretty much paved the way for it to even happen.

….To be honest, I pretty much stopped paying attention to the show sometime after that. The Grammys are always such a bore. I’m a musician, and I don’t even care. I can’t imagine how bad this must be for people who really aren’t into music all that much.

And, of course, as I write this, one of the guys in Coldplay announces his wish for John Kerry to be president. While John might appreciate the plug, it’s too bad the band is British and can’t vote for him….

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  • Chris Wilson

    Yes, the Coldplay plug for Kerry was rather odd. I suppose next time I win an award in England, I’ll promote Winston Churchill, Jr……