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Lots to cover, little time to do so. Read, click and discuss…

If you’ve ever wondered just how much of a nutbag Matt Drudge is, consider the following: I was listening to his radio show Sunday night, and he kept ranting about how the liberals were actually blaming President Bush for Hurricane Charley. I never heard him reference a source for this accusation, so I looked it up myself, and the only thing I could find was this. It doesn’t take a genius to see it’s satirical. Or does it?

Faith. It’s my anti-drug. Or at least it will be if Dubya has his way.

President Bush has nominated Florida Representative Porter Goss to be the new head of the CIA. One problem: Mr. Goss doesn’t believe he’s qualified for the job. “I’m Not Qualified For The CIA” – Porter Goss

Quick tip for New York adulterers: Let’s say you fuck around on your wife, and she finds out. Time to say goodbye to half your shit? Not if you can get her to sleep with you again. Adultery not grounds for divorce.

And finally, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey’s taste in men is evidentally as bad as his wife’s. She thought he was straight; he thought his male lover was gay. Guess what? They’re both wrong.

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  • And of course your ref to the Michael Moore “interview’ of Goss has nothing to do with his current nomination as CIA head. The Goss comment is about his becoming a field agent again and the skills required. NONE of the noted skills are required as CIA head.

    As everything produced by Moore it is a steaming pile of dung.

  • RJ

    Oh my, Mr. Moore lied again?

    Shocked! Shocked I am by these revelations! 😉

  • and are you shocked when dick cheney lies about john kerry (the “sensitive” issue)?

    ain’t polarization fun?

  • i don’t know enough about him to make a decision, and i realize he was talking about being a field agent (in the interview), but it just made me think about how that would be perceived in the corporate world, which, after all, is how the government is run these days.

    say you interview someone for an entry-to-mid-level position, and he flat out tells you he’s not qualified for the job. but then, five months later, you’re looking for a ceo, and he shows up telling you he’s qualified to run the entire company?

    maybe i’ve just worked with one too many mba’s over the years, but i find it hard to take someone seriously who admits they aren’t qualified to work in a lower role for a company, but feels they’re more than qualified to run said company.

    and while i certainly don’t agree with everything michael moore has said, just because it’s him saying it doesn’t automatically make it false.

  • RJ

    I doubt John F-ing Kerry seriously believes he would make it through boot camp right now, at his age. But he sure as shit wants to be Commander-In-Chief.

    Get it?

  • RJ

    “and are you shocked when dick cheney lies about john kerry (the “sensitive” issue)?”

    Since he didn’t lie, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    but i am not surprised at all that you still haven’t fixed the “shift” key on your computer… 😉

  • call it what you want, but he’s taken a liking to “quoting” kerry’s speach about the war on terror, dropping all of the supporting words, basically saying that kerry would run “a more sensitive war on terror”.

    …which is a blatant distortion of the original text.

    when mr. moore does this, you call it a lie.

    (my shift key thang has a long history…part of it related to carpel tunnel)

  • RJ

    “(my shift key thang has a long history…part of it related to carpel tunnel)”

    Okay, fair enough. No more goofs on you for that… :-/

  • seriously…it was a bunch of years ago. i did a massive amount of documentation over the course of a week. it was the only time in my life that my wrists and arms were bothered by it.

    so after that i began typing all non-business emails in lower case (except for music-related names).

    it just became a habit.

  • RJ

    It’s cool, bro.

    Flames on typos are lame anyway… :-/

  • or…

    i have an e.e. cummings fetish

  • RJ

    Me. I have. An Ernest Hemingway. Fetish.

    But not. In. that way.

  • “I doubt John F-ing Kerry seriously believes he would make it through boot camp right now, at his age. But he sure as shit wants to be Commander-In-Chief.

    Get it?”

    when you put it that way, rj, i get it. but it also makes the point that bush and/or cheney aren’t qualified to be commander-in-chief either.

    p.s. i type all lower-case because i’m lazy.

  • The referred-to story got the facts mixed up, Bonnie missed Florida. They scooped me though, spreading their rumors on Thursday when lazy-old me didn’t try until Charley actually hit FL on Friday:

    “We have just learned that Michael Moore has hastily put together a new home video he is calling The HURRICANE?? This docu-drama clearly implies that this HURRICANE is no HURRICANE. It is, in fact, an evil plot by President Bush, using Chinese cloud manipulation technology, to wipe out Cuba and all the trailer-trash Democrats in Central Florida in one fell swoop. This devious strategy has put the state of Florida firmly in the hands of the Republicans and, once again, Bush has stolen an election. Senator Kerry, devastated by this end-around, has run off to his rich wife’s house in the Hamptons with close ‘friend’ New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey. A spokesman says they are just holing up and preparing for a long HURRICANE party.”

    Of course it’s satire. The best part about this election is trying to out-imaginate liberals.

  • boomcrashbaby