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Ranch Party in the Sky

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Much has been written about both Johnny Cash and John Ritter since yesterday. But not much has been said about Tex Ritter.

Born Woodard Maurice Ritter on January 12, 1905, “Tex” was the son of James Everett and Elizabeth (Matthews) Ritter of Murvaul, Texas, in Panola County. He died in Nashville, Tennessee on January 2, 1974. He became one of the best-known singing cowboys in western movies. Tex’s youngest son, John Ritter, became a popular TV star in the ’70s and ’80s.

Johnny Cash appeared on Tex Ritter’s “singin’ cowboy” show Ranch Party. Also, on Ride This Train, “Other highlights include Tex Ritter’s ‘Boss Jack’ (in which Cash takes on the voice of both slave and master in his hometown of Dyess, Arkansas).”

So here’s to that small world, to boss “Jack” Cash, and to the son “Jack” Ritter.

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