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Raising Hell: Parenting and Raising Tomorrow’s Weaklings

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Raising children is no joke. Granted, there’re probably ten thousand moments while raising a child that seem like jokes, but on the whole, it’s serious business. Who knows, that might be the next US president you’ve got there, or the girl (or guy) destined to cure cancer, if you only do everything right, or as close to everything as possible.

Children today get well educated, they are protected from disease, and most of them actually live to see adulthood, as opposed to say, the situation a hundred years ago.

What they also almost never see these days is real danger, trials and tribulations, exploration on their own and risk. Sheltering, overprotection, vaccinations against anything and everything make sure that the children see adulthood, bu also make sure that they never learn how to cope with falling out of that apple tree and breaking an arm, they never get to learn how to take responsibility for themselves and their own safety and security, or others’ for that matter.

The most frequent advice used to be “Never talk to strangers” and “Don’t accept candy from men in cars, especially if you don’t know them.” After that was said and imprinted on the young mind, that young mind was sent out to play with friends and explore the woods or the neighborhood, without today’s leashes and helmets and careful instructions on how to disinfect and sanitize everything from the elbows down after touching the best friend’s bike handles.

Sadly, disinfected and helmeted children who’ve never even fallen out of a tree are the reality today: kids who will not feel pain or opposition until adult life snaps them in two, kills their spirit (if any of it survives childhood bunker-life), and makes sure that no one will be able to make the hard decisions needed to, say, run a country.

There are exceptions out there, I’m sure. However, in the end, I’m also sure that overprotection of our children will be our undoing.

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  • If I may, in the “About” section of your weblog it says, “SnallaBolaget will be all about, you, your family, your values and your safety. Safety in your own home, in your car, in public, in private, outside and inside. Security gear, security measures and methods, security tips and tricks of every kind will be our focus, in order to inform and provide a better understanding of the mechanics behind professional and private security in everyday life.”

    How does this jibe with the article you’ve written?

  • Hi Diana. First of all, I like that question (And thanks for looking at the site).
    I honestly don’t think the article above and the mindset of SnallaBolaget are conflicting at all.
    Overprotection is as much of a problem as negligence, and though I may not have expressed that clearly enough in the above little snippet, a balance is essential.

    If I may draw a parallel to one’s home, I would never say (and neither would the other writers at SB) that in order to maintain a safe and secure hoe you have to build it like a bomb shelter, lead line the walls and install bullet proof glass. It’s just not healthy, and fosters fear instead of security.
    That’s also my point with the above – if children aren’t allowed to take responsibility, explore and discover, they will neither learn nor understand the dangers of the world, or the opportunities that exist.

    I hope that answers your question?
    Regards, Sommerfeldt