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Raising Children of Good Character

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It is often said that children are the future, but they may be susceptible to bad influences very easily. The child is easily affected by his peers and the things they do. Developing children with good character is essential for a good future.

Here are six tips I would like to suggest for good character in a child.

1. Give Parenting First Priority – It is very difficult to do this, but good parents always consciously plan for their children and devote a good amount of time to parenting. A child’s character develops if the parents spend good time with them.

2. Review the Time You Spent – Now that you’ve spent time with him/her, review it! Reviewing will give you an idea if you can perform better and improve morally. Try to bring your children into your social life. Teach them social skills.

3. Be a Model – It is well known that children are easily influenced by what they see and hear. Children learn from their models. Be a model to them, set good examples for them. This should actually be the most important job.

4. Keep Track of Your Child – Keep an eye and a close ear on what your children areabsorbing. You can influence them only at a very young age. Keep track of the TV shows they watch, what they do on the computer, how they communicate with their friends, and so on.

5. Punish with Love – Children sometimes ignore limits and that calls for punishment, but don’t be rude and harsh. Children learn very quickly from punishments. Children must understand what punishment is for and know that its source is parental love.

6. Don’t Just Say, Act – Good things are learnt through practice. Parents should help children by promoting moral action through self-discipline, good work habits, kind and considerate behavior to others, and community service.

Ultimately, the bottom line for a child’s good character is good behavior. I hope these tips help!

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