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Raiders Must Take Quinn

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I know there is plenty of time for NFL Draft conjecture, but now that we know the Oakland Raiders have the top pick in the 2007 Draft, let me just say that Oakland absolutely has to take Brady Quinn.

They passed on Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler last year because they supposedly had quarterbacks for the present (Aaron Brooks) and the future (Andrew Walter). The guy they took instead — safety Michael Huff — had an up-and-down season (at best) and while he might wind up being worth the No. 7 pick, I don’t see how Oakland can remain convinced that they are set at the quarterback position. Even an organization as out of touch as the Raiders has to realize they need a new signal caller.

Brooks is clearly done as an NFL quarterback, but it was the play of Walter in 2006 that made for the bigger story. While it is true that the former Sun Devil played for a very bad coach, had an offensive coordinator fresh off a bed-and-breakfast stint, was armed with a No. 1 wide receiver that rarely tried, and dropped back behind the worst offensive line in football, that still doesn’t excuse just how awful he was. Walter completed 53.3% of his passes, threw 13 picks with just three touchdowns, and compiled a horrific 55.8 QB rating. Plus, he mouthed off a couple of times and showed very few leadership qualities. Oh yeah, and he was also injury prone. Pretty solid all the way around.

Fortunately for the Raiders, Quinn looks like the real deal. Unfortunately for the Raiders, Quinn’s biggest weakness is the pass rush. When he has time to throw he can dice up any defense, but when the rush is on (see: the UCLA and Michigan games), he has a rough go of it. This means that if Oakland is to draft Quinn, they will need to spend the rest of their offseason fixing that miserable o-line. They need a new … well, pretty much everything, including left tackle (Robert Gallery isn’t very good, folks).

In fact, the offensive line is so bad that the Raiders may be tempted to go that way on draft day, especially with Wisconsin’s Joe Thomas available. To me this, would be a mistake, as would the selection of Georgia Tech’s Calvin Johnson, because while you need to give a quarterback blocking and a guy to throw to (and with Moss on his way out, Johnson could slide right in), you need the quarterback first and foremost.

And the Raiders definitely don’t have that.

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  • Dustin

    I don’t think that Quinn is the answer to the Raider’s trouble. He is just a rookie. None of the rookie QB this year even made the playoffs. The Qbs good their rookie year was Dan Marino and Fran Tarkington. The draft isn’t a big deal. Made the Raiders can trade for a player or something. Don’t get me wrong the draft is necessary, but what will save the Raiders is free agency.

  • Jeff

    maybe i’m just bias b/c i’m a notre dame fan and a raiders fan, but i want quinn to be in the silver and black next year. i liked what i read about walter and how he played in preseason games, but when it came to the real deal he showed me nothing. granted the o-line was horrendous, but even when he did have time he held the ball for too long… at least throw it away instead of being sacked! i was also excited for last years draft b/c i wanted a qb (mainly vince young) but when i found out he was taken i knew the raiders weren’t taking leinhart or cutler. is quinn the answer? who knows, but i think he’d be better than brooks or walter. i’m also scared to grab an o-lineman as the #1 overall pick, a lot of those guys can be gobbled up in the later rounds and many can become steals (ie kelvin boothe, sure he’s no superstar but he’ll get better) personally i don’t think shell’s the problem, i like him, and if the raiders can just get a line they’d be at least a 9-7 team if not better. also i say trade porter and moss for some good draft picks, or a decent lineman. gallery’s useless and nobody’s gonna want him for that salary and what the raiders would think he’s worth. he’s a huge bust. and that’s why quinn is the best option, b/c i’m a nd fan i’ve seen him play over the years, from his first game he was thrust into against wash. st. as a true freshman, til tonite’s game against lsu. he won’t be a quick fix, but nothing will be for that offense. the only problem i can see w/ quinn is that he is somewhat a product of a system, but that just means the raiders need a good offensive coordinator. so take quinn, b/c this draft really isn’t supplying a large amount of superstars to choose from anyway.

  • Louis Markos

    There is NO Way Al Davis will take Quinn. He is not a Raider QB. He can’t throw deep and hates to get Hit. Desmond Howard called him a Pussy on ESPN and said he can’t take a pass rush. The Raiders have no offensive line and they would draft a guy like that and tie up all that cap money. Al Davis loves to take QB’s off the junk pile and won’t pay superdollars for a QB. Just look at the Raiders History.

  • Louis Markos

    correction :they WON’T draft a Guy like Quinn and tie up all that cap money. Quinn wants to play for Cleveland, so Al Davis will ROB them blind for the pick and trade down to the # 3 spot.

  • hans

    Quinn should be the Raiders first pick, since we desperatly need a QB, even if he can’t throw the ball deep who cares,I remember a certain Qb a few years back who was league MVP who never threw the ball over 30 yards and got the team back to the playoffs almost every year. Arm strength is overrated, with the proper coach (not Art Shell) and offensive schemes Quinn can be a effective QB for any team.

  • Kye

    Lets be honest here theres not much to be excited about in this draft. Obviously calvin johnson of Ga.Tech is the only guy to woo-hoo. But the raiders need a QB but i would try and get russel instead of quinn

  • henry

    They need 2 get jamarcus russell the qb out of lsu he’s big he can move he won’t go down easy and he can throw the ball 50 yards with the flick of his wrist

  • henry

    they also need a rb.just about anybody will do lamont jordan sucks.they need to draft a running back second round the best one that is still available

  • moxy1121

    open your eyes black QBs are losers take quinn…vince young looks good but its just an illusion he is the best he will ever be…Take Quinn dont flush the pick down the toilet….Warren Moon is a hall of famer for his color not qb skills many qbs have alot more stats then him…..Dont waste this pick it will be a huge mistake if they take russell…i will be puking every sunday for the next 4-7 years…

  • moxy1121

    Raiders fans get ready for years of pain if russell is taken….my pain as well……

  • moxy1121

    man people say quinn is a pussy did any of you guys see the hits he has taken and kept going…man he got trashed many times and i dont know how he got the ball off alot of the times..Kiffen likes the west coast quinn is ready for the dink and dunk offense…