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Rage against the Soundchaser

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The trio that are Rage are a traditional power metal outfit that at times are
rather thrashy. It’s head-banger stuff, with power chords, a powerful
rythmn section, powerful choruses, and grouchy (but not grunty) vocals.
The average metal fan would know the blokes are German after the first
track. That does not make it bad, but just lets you know what you are
in for. More successfully sold by bands such as Helloween, Gamma Ray, and
Iron Savior, these lads can still hold their own. While not as

consistent as, say, the latest Helloween CD, this is still competent
metal. The title track ‘Soundchaser’ is catchy as hell and will have
you head-banging first listen; I am sure it will just kick arse live.
Its got a serious Metallica/Megadeth vibe going with aplomb. The CD
is based around a Lovecraftian-Cthulhu concept. This is very loosely
defined, so individual songs work fine on their own. Other hightlights
include, ‘ See you in Heaven or Hell’ and ‘Great Old Ones’ which are both
rather good tracks. Overall this CD would make a great soundtrack for
listening to whilst reading some of the great man’s work.

Rating: 3.8

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