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Radiohead World Radio Premiere

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World Album Premiere

I listened to the world album premiere of Radiohead’s “Hail to the Theif” last night on CFOX and I was very disappointed. Here are some notes I made on the interview and the new album:

During the interview portion of the radio show, the members of Radiohead claimed to have drawn from each of the bands previous records while writing and recording the 2003 release. In the end, this lame attempt to make it sound like the band had an extensive discography (I swear they think they are The Cure and/or R.E.M. and/or Pink Floyd) did nothing to sell the new record to me. All we end up gettig on this new album are more songs that sound like Radiohead. And they sound like all the overplayed ones from just a few summers ago. And you start to realise “The Bends” *was* their best record after all. And probably always will be.

Even more amusing is the fact that in the interview Radiohead essentially admit their self indulgence on the previous two albums. While abandoning old methods of songwriting and the style of the previous albums proved the range of Radiohead’s talent, I don’t believe either Kid A or Amnesiac stand the test of time they way that The Bends, OK Computer and yes even the long-forgotten Pablo Honey still manage to. (Hey, just look what Pablo Honey did for Coldplay when they copied the style over a decade later!)

The good news is I can download “Creep” and “Thinking About You” off the album “Pablo Honey” and, according to last night’s interview with Kneale Mann, Radiohead wouldn’t mind. Their whole stance on downloading is that it’s the same when people made copies of albums on blank tapes. In fact, one member stated that file sharing programs on the internet would “root out” the albums that only had a few good songs on them, and that people would still buy an album that was great from start to finish.

Now they just have to write one.

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  • Justin

    How about some actual comments on the ALBUM (which is great, by the way).

    Kid A and Amnesiac alienated a lot of fans the same way all the great bands of years’ past have. They opened up new sonic realms and beautiful landscapes that I’d never heard, and (perish the thought) didn’t repeat themselves. Have you seen them in concert recently? I seem to doubt it.

  • I’ve seen them tour. What does that really have to do with anything? I also never stated I didn’t like the last two albums, I just think this one is really lacking