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Radiohead mad at downloads of their new CD.

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via: CMU

Despite initially claiming to indifference regarding the downloading of
their new album on the net so far ahead of release, Radiohead are now
telling fans they are upset that so many tracks are online because it has
“compromised” their work.

It seems the change of heart comes about because, as reported last week,
most of the tracks circulating online are early versions of tracks on the
album taken from early studio sessions. The band are upset that fans are
hearing raw versions of track which aren’t actually finished or sounding as

they should do.

Writing on their website the band’s Phil Selway told fans: “I too am
disappointed that the album has already been uploaded onto the net. We don’t
like anybody to hear our recordings until we are completely happy with them.
These mixes of the songs were still ‘work in progress’. As such, we wouldn’t
have chosen to present the album to people in this form. I feel that the
recording process has been compromised for us. Its not that these mixes are
bad, it’s just that the actual album is better – honest.”

The finished version of ‘Hail To The Thief’ will hit stores on 9 Jun.

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  • The Theory

    i can understand and sympathize with that point of view. When I read the headline I figured that they thought they were losing money from it… but instead they are taking it as they want thier art to be finnished and a way they’re satisfied with before being available.


  • I think it’s a hype thing. They’re trying to hype up their album without seeming like they’re hyping it up.

  • i agree with both the theory and visualsimplicity and i’ve posted my two cents on the deal over on my site… (i of course link to this article from there)