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Radiohead – Hail to the Theif

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Radiohead has been around the bend for some time now. With numerous LPs, countless singles and a live EP under their belt, June 6th will be a big day in rock and roll. ‘Hail to the Thief’, Radiohead’s newest endeavor, will be hitting shelves nationwide. With the band itself claiming it as the release that will define them once more, there is a lot at stake (especially to take over ‘OK Computer’ and the acclaimed ‘Kid A’). While I could end the review right here and completely agree with the band, I opt to go into further details.

Fourteen songs are finding themselves on this record. They’ve been previewed here before, but listening to them from the album is just something else. All the electronica from ‘Amnesiac’ is there, for sure, while the catchy pop-rock of ‘OK Computer’ and ‘The Bends’ is there in tenfold. This record climaxes with every song, where no band could possibly reach these stakes. Droning piano playing, cryptic guitar, elctronic drums, it’s there. Thom’s voice escalates through this record in ways I never thought possible. This is rock and roll. This is music. This is what music should be. And why would Radiohead settle for worse? This album will give you new feelings you thought you could only experience through life or death.

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  • I am confused… Have you gotten your hands on the final copy? Is it that much different than what got leaked on the net? Or are you basing this review of the leaked version. Just curious.

  • both. i have pre-releases lying around here. I’m an avid fan, i have to:)