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Radiohead- Go To Sleep Single/EP

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I was well rewarded a few months ago when I purchased Radiohead’s first single, “There There” because of the two bonus tracks included. Each was top notch and would have fit well in with the real album instead of a few of the shakey, so so tracks they included.

So when I saw this, the 2nd single, and saw it had two bonus songs, too, I had to get it. The first song, of course, we’ve already heard on “Hail To The Thief”. It was one of my favorite tracks off the album, however, not really needed since I have the album.

Song two, the previously unreleased track titled “Gagging Order” is just a solitary voice and acoustic guitar. This song is one of the most boring Radiohead songs I’ve heard in a long time. It drags on forever, never varying anything to make it at least half way interesting.

Thankfully track three, “I Am A Wicked Child” is better. I could see this one on a full length album, although it works well as a bonus song. This song includes some of the things I like to see in songs. A variety of instruments used at different times. While perhaps still not quite as good as either of the songs on the first single, this is still a decent offering.

All in all, I would only recomend this cd to die hard Radiohead fans. Although, for the die hard fans there is also two import singles, one which features the same three tracks and one which has two different bonus songs. I have not heard that one, but the one track is a new studio song and the other is a live song.


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