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Radio is one of the most important inventions of the human race. It’s history is inexorably linked to the recent history of the species and specifically to many of it’s major achievements.  The use of radio waves to send audio information is used everywhere from spaceships to taxicabs. 

Radio was considered by some to be outdated and possibly even a dead medium with the advent of television. However this has not happened because radio has one major advantage over television in that the audience can be doing something else and listen to radio. Hence the radio found in every vehicle, kitchen and even many workplaces. This creates a very intimate bond with the listener because, for want of a better phrase, the radio is in your head. For advertisers this is a powerful place to be. The audience don’t switch over or go and make a cup of coffee during the break because they are already doing something else.

The strength of radio is that as new medium and broadcast platforms arrive radio adapts to those formats much quicker and earlier than many other forms; web or internet radio requires considerably less bandwidth than video images. Music is an international language and so can be truly global in it’s reach, comedy on radio allows the listener to imagine far greater scenarios than can be created by any muliti-million dollar effects budget.

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