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Radio Free MP3: Wakey!Wakey!, Kings Go Forth, & Bodega Girls

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"Twenty Two" – Wakey!Wakey!
From the album Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You…
Click here to listen to the MP3.

If I could actually write or play music, I'd try to make it sound a lot like this: complicated pop. "Twenty Two" is full of nice hooks, grand melodies, gentle rhythms and the best whistling this side of Andrew Bird. It is an immensely catchy tune with enough going on that you can't call it too simple, but not so dense that you need a graph to understand it. It is the kind of song guaranteed to be stuck in my head the rest of the day, and the kind that will make me all the better for it.

Wakey!Wakey! is the brain child Mike Grubbs, who has not only already landed songs on hit TV shows, but he's also grabbed a recurring role on One Tree Hill. His music was recently featured in an iPad commercial as well. You can find lots more information and music at Family Records and Myspace page.

"One Day" – Kings Go Forth
From the album The Outsiders Are Back
Click here to listen to the MP3.

On this day, February 25, 2010 I hereby decree that winter is officially over. Never mind the calendar, or the several feet of snow outside your window. Throw on Kings Go Forth's new single, "One Day" and you'll feel it too: Summer is now forever.

Holy Crap! this song flies right out of the speakers and smacks the good times right in your face. I defy any party not to get started when this track gets spun. The rapid fire percussion starts a fire under our collective feet. The vocals shout joy straight into the synapsis. And the keys are like a hypodermic needle full of excitement shooting fun right into the heart.

Ok I'm going a little overboard with the cheesy accolades there, but "One Day" started a dance groove in my head and that can't help but come out through my fingers and into these words.

The album drops in April, but until then you can shake your booty all night long with the single until you fall down from exhaustion. You can also check them out on their web page.

"She's Into Black Guys" – Bodega Girls


The song starts like a funkified version of Blondie's "The Tide is High," but with the reggae stripped out and the jams pumped up. For the chorus the Blondie riff disappears and in comes a space age disco rave. I'm not much for dance clubs, actually, but if this song was playing somewhere I'd likely jump off the street, don my freak, and get it on.

The freak, most certainly gets on when these guys play. There is something so raw, so full of dirty sex about "She's Into Black Guys" I suspect the band has an extensive collection of dirty undies thrown at them every time they turn around. The bass line gets my insides dancing (you can feel my spleen do a little John Travolta move, while my colon just twirls and twirls) while the rest of the groove gets me moving, sweating and panting for more.

Probably not the right mental image to conjure from a middle-aged, over weight white guy, but you get the idea. The song is full of funk, soul, and groovable, movable jam.

You can learn more, hear more, and dig more at RCRDLBL.

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