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Radio Free MP3: Tiny Masters of Today, Emilie Mover, Rural Alberta Advantage, Reed KD, LA Snacks

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Tiny Masters of Today – "Skeletons"

Comprised of siblings Ivan and Ada (aged 13 and 11 respectively) Tiny Masters of Today are a preteen post-punk duo that are already making waves in the UK. Geez man, when I was 13 I was busy dreaming of girls and watching the freaking Facts of Life on TV. These guys are getting played on BBC and making David Bowie say things like "genius."

"Skeletons" is like a punch in the gut with its hard hitting percussion, distorted saw guitar dance-floor beats. If these kids are this good now, just think of what they will unleash once they've hit puberty. Take that, Hanson!

Website: Tinymaster.net
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tinymasters

Skeletons – Tiny Masters Of Today

Emilie Mover – "Brand New"

Emilie Mover has a voice like a gypsy sprite looking for love in the Shire. Originally from Canada she now makes her home in New York City. Her music has made appearances in commercials and on the television shows The Ghost Whisperer and Gray's Anatomy. She makes music like a folk dream mixed equally with a fascinated joy of life and an eternal sadness at what it brings.

"Brand New" catches the optimism of a thousand sunny days shining brightly on her back. It will easily be stuck in your head as it is now stuck in mine. Not that I mind, for if a song is going to be stuck in my head, this isn't a bad choice. Not in the least.

You can hear more from Emilie Mover on Myspace and Facebook.

Brand New – Emilie Mover

Rural Alberta Advantage – "Don't Haunt This Place"

Formed from the ashes of Nils Edenloff's regrets having moved from his home in Alberta to Toronto, Rural Alberta Advantage is a band that has quickly been gaining success by nothing more than word of mouth and catchy, rocking tunes. The songs started as mournful solo tunes with Edenloff reminiscing about his homeland, and lamenting about his isolation and loneliness within the big city. He played the songs at a local club, became a duo with drummer Paul Banwatt, wrote more songs and allowed a growing group of musicians to join in.

And thus formed the Rural Alberta Advantage.

"Don't Haunt This Place" is haunting, mournful soul with a garage rock beat. The lyrics cry out in pain, while the percussion beats with punk rock rage as the lone strings weep for the loneliness of the world full of sadness. It is an odd juxtaposition, but one that works incredibly well.

Catch the Rural Alberta Advantage at their website, myspace and on tour:

05/22 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place
06/21 Madison, WI High Noon Saloon
06/23 Winnipeg, MB Royal Albert Arms
06/25 Calgary, AB Sled Island Fest
06/26 Calgary, AB Sled Island Fest
07/09 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill
07/25 Guelph, ONT Hillside Festival
07/26 Guelph, ONT Hillside Festival
08/08 Wolfe Island, ONT Wolfe Island Musicfest
08/24 Chicago, IL Downtown Sound / Pritzker Pavillion / Millenium Park

Dont Haunt This Place – The Rural Alberta Advantage

Reed KD – "Winding Roads"

It would be easy to blow off Reed KDs year of living in his 1990 VW Vanagon, traveling about the US, living off the land as a mistaken attempt to suck off the success Bon Ivers isolated winter in Wisconsin. While the comparisons come easy, the music deserves to be heard. While Iver captured beautifully the isolation and desolation of the secluded Wisconsin winter, Reed KD finds vibrancy in the wide-openness and community that is the American road.

"Winding Roads" is a beautiful song that echoes both the 1960s folk scene and Elliott Smiths sound scape. The music is mostly sparse, minimalistic, yet layered with lush ambiance and angelic vocals like some ghostly sea chantey sung by lost lovers.

Hear more at his website, and Myspace page.

Winding Roads – Reed KD

LA Snacks – "Kristen Was A Meteorologist"

Slacker bands that sound like Pavement without the attitude are probably are plentiful as oil in Texas but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give LA Snacks a chance. Their music sarcastically snarls and smirks as it practically begs you to give up showering, hit the road in VW van and smoke a lot of pot. It's groove laden alternative rock with a laid back feel. Their the kind of band you want to bring to the beach, or the back yard and lay in the sun while getting completely blissed out to, while contemplating what, exactly, are you doing with yourself.

Catch more of LA Snacks on their website, and their Myspace.

Kristin Was A Meterologist – La Snacks

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