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Radio Free MP3: The Vision Of A Dying World, Ane Brun, and Cast Spells

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"Do I Have To Stay Here Alone (Big White Clouds)" – The Vision of a Dying World
From the 7" release I Will Not Fear What I Don't Understand
Click here to listen to the MP3.

As the grass around the house creeps up jungle like I am reminded that I need to go buy a lawnmower. It will be the first mower I have ever purchased. All of my adult life I have lived in places where either I didn't have a lawn or that the home owner provided a mower. I'm a little annoyed at having to spend the money, and a bit nervous at purchasing something I really know very little about.

My mother called me moments ago to spread a little family gossip about. It seems my brother may have a girlfriend. She doesn't know this for sure, as asking him is apparently not an option, but the signs are there for it. These signs include the fact that he was "meeting someone" for lunch yesterday and that he recently spent several hours fixing his lawnmower. And as my mother says, my brother never does that on his own, preferring his own lawn to rise to embarrassing heights before he is nagged to death to mow it at which point he either borrows a mower or pays to have his fixed.

What does all of this have to do with a new MP3 you ask? To explain I'll tell you that yesterday my brother sent me a text message asking me if I had an extra iPod he could buy. My brother never calls or texts, or communicates with me in any form really, so I was a little surprised when I received the request. During the aforementioned call with my mother today I asked about it and she told me that when he did mow the yard the other day he borrowed a friend's iPod and found that listening to music while mowing makes the whole procedure so much more fun.

To that, me and my brother are in complete agreement. Everything's better with music. "Do I Have To Stay Here Alone (Big White Clouds)" is a darn fine song to mow the lawn to. It has a gentle rhythm of which to match your mowing pace. Its got a nice sing-along chorus to pass the hours trimming the weeds. It also exudes a certain warmth that matches the likely sun shine you'll feel as you mow.

The Vision of a Dying World is the work of Jackson Nathan Milgaten and a ever changing cast of characters. Thus far they have released 3 LPs and 3 Eps and are based out of San Diego. I Will Not Fear What I Don't Understand is a repress of a limited edition EP on white 7" vinyl from Single Screen Records. You can hear more on their Myspace page.

"Rubber & Soul" – Ane Brun & Teitur
From the album Duets
Click here to listen to the MP3.

The question I have to ask myself now is "do I love the female voice because it is in and of itself beautiful, or is it because I love women?" Were I gay, or perhaps myself a woman would I feel the lonesome longing, harrowing beauty, and inherent sexiness of Ane Brun's voice in the same way? I don't know the answer to that, but I've spent the better part of an hour listening to her sing and feeling a deep stirring in my soul.

"Rubber & Soul" is a simply gorgeous song that aches and longs and crawls on its knees towards something real, something beautiful. Ane's voice is a loving mix of Dolly Parton and Gillian Welch with a slight tinge of Madeleine Peyroux. Here it blends with the masculine voice of Teitur to create something even more lovely and pure. I can't say enough about how much I have truly fallen in love with it.

Ane Brun is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who currently lives in Sweden. She has won a Norwegian Grammy, a European MTV award, and was nominated for the Best Norwegian Song of the Century by Norwegian Public Radio. She's just released four of her albums to the digital realm. She's also about to go on tour with Peter Gabriel. You can hear more of her at her website and Myspace page.

"Pioneer Scalps" – Cast Spells
From the Daytrotter Sessions
Listen to the full Sessions here.

With a voice like Cat Stevens in space Dave Davison creates music that is a mix of avant-pop, beard-folk, and Harry Chapin. "Pioneer Scalps" carries this disarming cha-cha like beat filled with bells, beats, and strings that create warm and infectious grooves that simply demand poofy skirts and fru-fru drinks. It is a happy, delightful song that makes me crack a smile and crane for the sun like some ill-forgotten potted plant.

Davison is the front man behind Maps & Atlases who has now created Cast Spells presumably for the sheer joy of it. You can check out more of their music at their Myspace page and purchase their EP Bright Works and Baton here.

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  • Its really a lovely song, and the rest of her stuff is good too.

  • “a loving mix of Dolly Parton and Gillian Welch with a slight tinge of Madeleine Peyroux.”