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Radio Free MP3: The Radar Brothers, Avi Buffalo, & Samamidon

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"Horse Warriors" – Radar Brothers
From the album The Illustrated Garden
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It says something about a band when its list of former members quadruples the number of current members. According to Wikipedia the Radar Brothers score 12 guys in the former members category with only three currently active musicians in the band. I don't know what that says about the band, but its got to be something.

You gotta figure they've changed their sound a bit slipping through all those different musicians. I don't know what they once sounded like, but from what I hear of what they do sound like, I like it.

"Horse Warriors" sounds like a cross between the score to a Spaghetti Western and beard folk. Like Ennio Morricone working with the Fleet Foxes.It's the kind of song that would sound perfectly natural in the local country bar, or the college rock station.

The current line up of the Radar Brothers are releasing a new album, The Illustrated Garden on March 23. Until then you can hear more of their music on their website and Myspace page.

"What's In It For" – Avi Buffalo
From the 7" single What's It In For
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Laid back surf pop? 60's psychedelia by way of Stacks Records? Buffalo Springfield meets the Beach Boys? Coming up with new ways to describe music is sometimes hard. I struggle with this every time I write a column. What's the old quote, "writing about music is like dancing about architecture?" It is just like that. Or something. There aren't good words to describe how music sounds and have it make any sense. Still, I try.

How's this: I like it.

Or maybe this: click on the link above and give Avi Buffalo a listen for yourself.

Avi Buffalo just signed to Sub Pop records and are currently working on a full-length album. They are currently doing a few dates in New York with Final Fantasy and will be in Austin in March for the SWSX festival. They employ a laid back surf guitar sound with these crazy haunting harmonies and bluesy organ frills. At least on "What's It In For" they do.

Don't take my word for it, find out for yourself. Also see: their website and Myspace page.

"How Come That Blood" – Samamidon
From the album I See the Sign
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Sonic landscapes. Samamidon's "How Come That Blood" is more than just a pop song, its an aural adventure. With a spider's web of guitars, howling strings, a vampire's crawl of bass sounds and who knows what else creating a whirlwind of sound. The song is like a Jackson Pollack for your ears. Through all the noise, his laconic voice keeps the song grounded to something a casual listener can hold onto. And enjoy.

The new album, I See the Sign comes out March 1. It sees Samamidon creating new landscapes for secular ballads, gospel tunes, folk songs and even an R. Kelly number. You can hear more of his musical canvas at his website and Myspace page.

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  • I just discovered Radar Bros. yesterday and liked every song I heard at myspace and the label’s website.