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Radio Free MP3: The Happy Hollows, The Treats, & Feral Children

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"Yahweh Won't Look the Other Way" – The Treats
From the album Sir Unicorn
Click here to listen to the MP3.

Today we've got tap you foot, bob your head rhythms, intermittent bluegrass banjo, goofy vocals, and a lambaste of sparkling horns. All wrapped up in one minute fifty. An explosion of sounds and styles all wrapped into a single ready pop song. The Treats blast one out, short and sweet to start their third album, Sir Unicorn.

The Madison, Wisconsin trio blend folk, punk, pop and the blues into an organic soup. You can learn more about the band on their MySpace page. You can stream and download all of Sir Unicorn on the band's website, or purchase it o CD Baby.

"Faces" – The Happy Hollows
From the album Spells
Click here to listen to the MP3.

Is it weird to say hard rocking girl bands kind of turn me on? What if the aforementioned band is a trio with two of the members being dudes? Color me pervert then. "Faces" spills out like a Mike Tyson fight on fast forward. It's fast actin' Tinactin to the face, with a feminine touch. The guitars are loud, fast, and pack more crunch than a bag full of Pringles. while vocalist Sarah Negahdari barks out the lyrics sounding like a cross between Jenny Lewis and PJ Harvey.

The Happy Hollows are based out of LA, just released a new album, Spells, are currently featured in a Samsung ad, and apparently tend to make a lot of goofy viral videos (watch Negahdari interview herself as an oddball New Jersey woman a'la Mike Myers in Coffee Talk on You Tube.)

You can hear a lot more of their music, watch videos, and find tour dates on their MySpace page and their blog.

"On A Frozen Beach" – Feral Children
From the album Brand New Blood
Click here to listen to the MP3.

If some songs make you feel like a sunny day with the top down, Feral Children make me feel like sitting in a cave watching water drip and shimmer in the pools below. They aren't dark in a black metal, or devil worshiping way, but there is something dim and cold about "On A Frozen Beach". And beautiful. And moving. The music cascades in showering rhythms while the vocals cry out like a frozen child.

Fitting then, to call themselves Feral Children, for that's just the sort of sound they create: wild, untamed, and full of youthful howls. The band hail from the rural northwest but moved to Seattle to take a crack at the music business. They've got a second album out now, entitled Brand New Blood. You can hear more tracks on their MySpace page, and learn more from Sarathan Records.

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