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Radio Free MP3: Sweet Angel, Gin Wigmore, & Boca Chica

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"Don't Let the Cleaning Woman Pick Up Your Man" – Sweet Angel
From the album Good Girls Do Bad Things
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In the annals of great advice, "Listen ladies, please understand, the cleaning woman is out there and she's after your man" has to hold a place of special honor. Were it that Sweet Angel was a sage in the Roman days instead of a modern-day throwback to '70s funk, untold number of women could have kept their man, and cleaning women would have stuck to their toilet brushes.

The throwback funk is hilarious, and righteous though. The beats shake both groove things and money makers while the lyrics are belted out like Gladys Knight on an extra special episode of Good Times. This is good time soul not heard since the Jeffersons moved on up.

Sweet Angel got her start almost accidentally. She was working as a DJ in her husband's Memphis club when she decided to give her vocals a try on karaoke night. Wowing the audience with her performance husband and singer decided to put her out there as a musical act. Four albums later and she too is moving on up. You can read and hear more about Sweet Angel on her website, and Myspace page.

"Too Late for Lovers" – Gin Wigmore
From the album Holy Smoke
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Sounding a bit like Macy Gray and being backed by Ryan Adam's last band, the Cardinals, can't be a bad beginning to your career. "Too Late for Lovers" has this great soul groove balance by gospel inspiration and a folksy back-beat. It's the kind of song destined to be played during the sad montage towards the end of episodes of House and Gray's Anatomy. Its full of melancholy and hope at the same time.

Gin Wigmore is a 23-year-old New Zealander who already has a hit song ("Brother" by Smashproof, it was a hit in New Zealand anyways) and a successful EP (Extended Play) under her belt. The new album Holy Smoke hits the U.S. on March 10. You can learn more on her website and Myspace page.

"Lake Erie" – Boca Chica
From the EP Valentine
Click here to listen to the MP3

You know how some music takes multiple listens to get? Or how some albums need a certain mood, or setting to be enjoyed? Some music needs a certain moment, or a mental concentration in order to slide in and be loved. Well, if there is an opposite to that, "Lake Erie" is it. That song felt like home the moment its plunking, strumming beauty moved from the speakers to my ears.

It's got a heartbroken, saddened quality to it that begs for rain, a warm fire and a good cup of coffee. It's a Starbucks song without all the annoying commercialism and schmucks. Hallie Pritts has a voice that is both familiar and wonderfully unique. It begins as beard folk with a feminine twist and ends exhausted with its own clanking, string induced beauty.

The Valentine EP is out now on Indicator records. You can stream it in its entirety on their website, or visit them on their Myspace page.

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