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Radio Free MP3: Mighty Tigers, Beast, & Justin Townes Earle With Dawn Landes

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"33 1/3" – Mighty Tigers
From the album Western Theater
Click here to listen to the MP3.

On their newest single "33 1/3" Seattle's Mighty Tiger sing out Beach Style harmonies with Ben Folds-esque piano pop melodies. It is a breezy, jangle oriented bit of pop candy wrapped in a slightly sour package. These guys obviously know their music from 1969's bubblegum pop to the more darker modern-day indie rock, but they manage to spin it in their own unique way. It's music for the modern man – the sensitive, environmentally conscious dude that's not afraid to wake the neighbors with a little rock and roll once in awhile.

Having come to the Pacific Northwest from all across the nation the Mighty Tiger have only been a band since November 2008. They gelled, played gigs and wrote their first album Western Theater in five months. It hits the streets on 7" vinyl and digital download on March 9. You can preorder it at Paper Garden Records, and of course you can learn more and stream more of their songs over at Myspace.

"Mr. Hurricane" – Beast
From the album Beast
Click here to listen to the MP3.

When you get down to it, I'm a softie when it comes to music. Dig through my record stacks and you'll find plenty of singer-songwriter sensitifs, hippy-dippy folkies, and lots of old fogey country-rockers. But if you are looking to RAWK, you'll be sadly disappointed. While there was a day, in my youth, that I craved things hard, these days, like an old man losing his vision, my ears crave soft edges.

Every once in awhile though I find something that quite simply rocks my friggin' face off. Check out "Mr. Hurricane." The beats lay down an assault harder than any SWAT team, while the vocals assault you into submission. Yet while the sounds attack with a ferociousness not seen on Earth since God, the rhythm guarantees a party on your dance floor with no looking back. It rocks, and that hard, but man, its also got groove all over the heart.

The Beast is based out of Montreal and formed as something of an experiment. Drummer/composer Jean-Phi Goncalves asked vocalist Betty Bonifassi (probably best known to American audiences as the vocalist on the Triplets of Bellville soundtrack) to sing on some tracks he had laid down. The two hit it off and the Beast was formed. The results are astounding. Their self-title album is out now and the video to "Mr. Hurricane" was recently nominated for a Grammy. You can find them online at their website, or Myspace page.


"Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" – Justin Townes Earle & Dawn Landes
Click here to listen to the MP3.

It has to be hard to stand in the shadows of a famous and talented parent. Even more so if you decide to pick up in their footsteps and take on their trade. Think Julian Lennon or Sophia Coppola. While Steve Earle is not as big of a name as John Lennon or Francis Ford Coppola he has certainly made a big mark in the music scene. It was surely daunting for his son Justin Townes Earle to truck out into the same musical landscape hoping to create his own niche.

But create that niche he surely did. His debut album Midnight at the Movies showed up on a lot of Top 10 lists last year and generated oodles of buzz. Not bad for a debut album in a small genre from a guy with something to prove.

Justin and Dawn Landes have just recorded this new number and released it to Tripwire. It is a bright, lovely, joyous break-up song. You read that right, a happy song about a broken relationship. The words are nostalgic without being mournful, the music light and fun. Something sweet to make your day, without a hint of anything else.

Justin and Dawn are out on tour currently and if this is any indication of their performances then you shouldn't miss 'em. Check them both out on their Myspaces pages: Justin Townes Earle, Dawn Landes.

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