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Radio 4- Gotham: Gern Blandsten Records

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This cd will get you shaking your booty. I think of Radio 4 as NY’s slightly edgier answer to the Dismemberment Plan (whom they toured with after their first full length release, The New Song and Dance) Think Punk meets Disco (without all the cheese of course). Exhilarating mix of electronica, driving percussion, pulsing bass and robotic keyboards. Radio 4 borrowed their name from a Public Image, Ltd. Song and take the danceability of the Dismemberment Plan/ Primal Scream and kick it up a notch. Lots of great punk distortion with a twist of modern funk. Radio 4 is rooted in British post- punk tradition, and take a lot of their sound from the Clash, Mission of Burma, and Gang of Four. Unfortunately, the band tends to wax political (ala- neo Marxist) which rubs me the wrong way completely; their saving grace is that they are not so down your throat obvious about it like some other better known “anarcho-communist” bands. I can almost forgive them when the bass is turned up and my feet are driven to dance. Some of the lyrics are drivel, but the music is great.

There are great new-funk bass riffs and solid melodic guitar dispersed throughout the cd. Lace this together with some creative use of electronics and it makes a cd that will get your butt out of the office chair and put a shake into your filing. In fact, it makes a great after lunch cd, enough pulse to keep you awake post food coma. Highlights include Eye’s Wide Open, Calling all Enthusiasts, Save Your City and Speaking in Codes. My recommendation: buy it, turn up the bass and burn some calories.

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