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Racism Against Middle Easterners In America Is Strong

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When I took American History in high school, the course covered major themes, including civil rights for women and minorities, mainly African Americans. We were taught the negative effects of racism and how the civil rights era gave birth to civil rights for minorities.

However, since 9/11, there has been an increase in racism against people from the Middle East. I remember going to airports and seeing a Muslim in the security line. Eyes would turn, and you can tell people were thinking, “Is he a terrorist?” just because of his race.

My guilty pleasure is the CBS reality show, Big Brother. Week 1, one houseguest called someone a “beaner.” Many of the other houseguests pounded on him like wild animals. The man apologized for his comments, but one houseguest flamed him on the live show. The racist man was voted out week 1.

The same houseguest who flamed the man who used the slur "beaner" on the live show called a Lebanese man a terrorist, because he was from the Middle East. All the houseguests who had turned against the "beaner" commenter kept quiet when the woman called someone a terrorist. She’s done it many times, although CBS has requested she stop. Regardless of how I feel about the Lebanese man, it hurts me that none of the houseguests said a word about the woman’s "terrorist" comments, which she has never apologized for. Whether she means it as a joke, I don’t know or care. It’s unacceptable either way.

What I mean to say is that Middle Easterners are taking a hit for what a few members of that group have done. Just because the man is Lebanese doesn’t make him a terrorist. I can’t begin to understand why people seem to think all Middle Easterners are terrorists.

I am a white woman coming from a privileged background. I can’t walk in the shoes of anyone from a minority who bears the burden of discrimination. Still, I’m disgusted by how people treat this minority.

I don’t know why so many Americans are uninformed about Middle Easterners and I don’t get why people think that Middle Easterners are horrible just because there are terrorists from the Middle East. It’s sad, because in American History class, I was told how our society has progressed and we are no longer (for the most part) racist against minorities. It just feels like we are going backward.

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  • Sin SinaT

    Look at these ignorants in the comment section. they cant be anymore racist and blind. I don’t know how people of the western hemisphere being fed with such biased notions that any person with a right mind doesn’t paint anyone with the same brush. if and only if you consider the history of the world, the devastation done by your glorious democratic countries to other nations are far much worse than any thing done by middle eastern nations, enough to say, WWII. because as I remember, Most(if not all) European countries (the so called most civilized ones) invaded, raped, plundered the resources of many African, Asian, south Americans and middle eastern countries. I don’t see why it bother you guys so much to see other Muslims to practice in Islam. The terrorists that are making the world much worst not only by blowing bombs, they are making the lives of so many other Muslims much more harder. I didn’t believe in Islam when I lived in mid east because it didn’t make sense to me not that I was afraid of being labeled by jerks ( something that happens in the west a lot). even there, seculars have much more respect for Muslims than here, the only problem is that there are evil governments over there (not to mention implemented by US and UK) that making life worse for their citizens otherwise we don’t have a love for a bigotry culture of the west and we wouldn’t flee for our lives. now many call us cowards because we didn’t fight the impossible. but Western countries slaughtered the native Americans because they didn’t simply made enough money in their homelands.

  • B

    Thank you Maddy 🙂 for your efforts for justice!

  • Philosopher

    Uh, come on you spoiled rich kid brat, read up on there culture, no respect for woman at all, minor offenses you commit then they will rape your mother and sisters. I understand good discipline but many things they do is just really messed up and it’s accepted by their society.

    • dreamscometrue

      excuse me sir, can u give me proof because in no country is rape a punishment….. this is what she was talking about. Inform yourself because you sound very uneducated.

    • MESEmanie1992

      As someone who is third generation Lebanese American, I’m very much insulted by your comment. May I remind you that the “Middle East” is a collection of countries with various ethnic groups and religious view points–all of which are unique in their own respects. For as many problems as there are in all of the countries that fall within the “Middle Eastern territory,” to blindly assume Americans with roots there are the same as the few disgusting, powerful people spread out over a wide expanse of land are inherently the same is indescribably ignorant on your part. And for the record, speaking only in the case of many Lebanese Americans who immigrated in the early 1900s, my great grandfather and many like him were driven out of Lebanon by foreign invaders. Upon entering the U.S. most of us were met with racist sentiments. One example of this was discouraging Lebanese people to speak our native language, Arabic, in order to better assimilate into American society.

  • Some Random Dark Elf

    I have no idea about this but I think it’s hilarious. As I read people rage about places like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Arabia, etc. I get extremely angry, of course. But then, after awhile of thinking it all through, it’s just funny to see how low people have stooped. They just look at the big picture. Yes, it does look like the Middle East is going nuts, and I’m not saying it isn’t. Just recently, a church nearby was bombed. People died. Their families were on television crying, and making the news reporters cry too. That’s not right of us to do things like that. But are we the only bad guys out there? It’s become a war between the “terrorists” and the “racists”, just like it was once the “blacks” against the “whites”. Nothing much has changed, really. But an Arab might pass an Australian and the Australian might think “it’s a terrorist omg” while the Arab might be thinking “it’s a racist, omg.” We’re not that different from each other after all.

    I live in Pakistan and I love it there. It’s a poor and corrupt country, sure. But I’ve been overseas to western countries many, many times, and I just don’t enjoy myself. Some (a few, not all) of the people there just seem… blind and oblivious to the struggles of the inferiors beyond their land. Since 2004, north-west Pakistan has been hit time and time again with bombs sent by the U.S. drones. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_attacks_in_Pakistan. Can you imagine how many innocents have died? Those bombs have hit schools. If you think really hard about it, maybe the Middle Eastern countries might have reasons to be angry.

    But I’m not going to go into that, because I disagree. I don’t get into the politics, because the leaders (presidents, government, leaders of rebellions, etc.) do not represent a whole country. I have American friends. They’re great. I have Australian friends. They’re also great.

    The only answer I can give to your question is that citizens are only told what their leaders want them to know. A terrorist kills a couple of people in America and it’s all over the news in a flash. In places like Pakistan, when a village explodes and hundreds of people die, their reaction: “Oh not AGAIN.”

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Um, ‘diana’ –

    Looking at your use of the English language, I was reminded that last year there was a study held in England as to which country had the best use of the English language in business. England was in third place, and America was second place. First place went to the Philippines. Yes, you read that right – first place in the use of the English language went to a third-world Asian nation.

    You’re a wonderful example why we need MORE immigrants, not fewer.

  • diana

    the american constitution need’s to be re written. STOP PAYING FOR IMMAGRANTS. I, or my family have never had goverment assistance and when my husband was unable to keep his business, taxes etc. that’s okay according to the goverment. But for him to try and get help (payroll taxes etc)to keep his men working, there was no help. But let a middle eastern in and apply and there is so much help for them. Because they are liars when they apply for loans. I live it everyday at Macy’s. 3 Kaldeen ladies wanted to use their ebt card to buy chocalate bar’s at the registar. THEIVES

  • diana

    I work at macy’s and the middle easterns have ruined our buisness. Buying and returning everything. We no longer are able to sell dresses because of them. I don’t know why macy’s allow’s these returns but they do. Kaldeen’s middle easterns are THEIVES, THEIVES, THEIVES. I see their EBT card’s, etc when I know of people who have lived here (usa)all their lives and can not get a cent of help

  • Mario

    There is a lot of descrimination against Arabs in the US because of the false negative stereo typeing by the Media. This is apperent especially when you see a movie like True crime which is totally fiction and that basis its plote on a fictional Arabic country with all of its population are terrorrists, this is total illusion its a made up reality to further prepetuate racisim against Arabs in the US. Why does the media does this you ask most likely the Government is useing the media to create a conflict between people rather than haveing the people come together to investigate the illigatamacy of the Government and how they have violated the Constatutional rights of Americans.

  • Joe Cool

    It is not racism. It is bigotry. Racism is prejudice of race, based on science. So far, scientists have not defined racism.

  • Sam

    Yes we’ve had some terrible attacks and problems from people of Middle Eastern descent but what the average person doesn’t seem to realize and what the media fails to tell them is that we have had at least as many from people that were not only born and raised right here, but they are also white. As in every group there are some truly bad people in the Middle Eastern world. However we need to make sure that we are not grouping everyone together and saying that they are all bad because they definitely are not. If we decide to exclude everyone who looks different we will have a new version of what Hitler wanted for the world and what he nearly accomplished for Germany. Does anyone want to relive that nightmare?

  • Sound Mind

    It would be worth to look and study where trrorism started. Ireland may be? How about Christian wars tht was waged in the Middle ages. Have you heard the news from Colorado lately?

  • I missed this article in 2009. A good read. Thanks, Maddy.

  • Mohit Gupta

    “The problem you are speaking about is not only outside the country .. beleive it or not .. the media is tooo strong,, we are concidered victims of racism in our own country.. Imagine a government that supports other coming from various caountries.. while the local people are being treated unfairly.. ”

    OMG ! I surprised !

    You mean to say that you are UAE nationals and your government treats you unfairly JUST BECAUSE some poor laborers from the countries like India, Pakistan and Srilanka come to your countries for building your commercial and residential infrastructure in 1/50 of what an Emirati local gets without work.

    That is amazing. UAE nationals have so much priviledges and they treat other people from poor contries like India and PAKISTAN LIKE DIRT.

    And its not the case of UAE only but whole of the middle east is so racist to people from Indian subcontinent.

    On the other hand these same people literally worship white people.

    Its very strange to see UAE national talking about racism when they themselve induge in that.

  • Sean

    Yeah I hate being called a terrorist just because I’m Iranian.
    I mean, I hate the Taliban/Al Qaeda as much as everyone else does.

  • Glenn Drake

    This writer is very misguided. With the invasion of Mexicans and Middle Easterns (Arabs) in the US in just the last 10 years Americans are becoming a minority in their own country. We don’t have to worry about threats over broad. The real threat is here taking our country, jobs, homes (if you are lucky to have one), neighborhoods, and lives. I don’t hate Middle Easterners and Mexicans but we need to ensure the future for the majority and our children. Majority Americans are living in poverty, underemployed, and with a host of other social problems. We are the 99% and NEVER forget that. Join the 99% of Americans.

  • Kid With The Face

    Im 15, Iranian and live in Cali. Like it isn’t enough with all the drama that goes on in high school I have to deal with racism too. White people say its alright I get called a cracker all the time, I respond with crackers didnt cause 3000 deaths on 9/11. If my sense of right and wrong Is fogged up that’s probably because I’ve been hearing the same shit for 5 years. I stand up for myself and confront anyone who makes any racist comment to any race. If we want equality that’s how we reach it, not ignoring just Asians or blacks or even whites. We treat everyone equal and the effort we put in will pay off.

  • lp

    Alright folks. Here it is. I was born in Pittsburgh and raised Catholic. My mother is French and my father happens to be Lebanese. Apparently I look Arab because ever since 9/11 I have experienced racism. People give me dirty looks everyday. I hear under the breath comments and people I don’t know blatantly demand to know where I’m from. The irony is my wife and I gave up everything to move to NY and pursue acting careers before 9/11. We were very successful until 9/11. Since then I have not been able to land 1 acting job.I am completely sick of being treated this way but I can’t seem to convince my wife that we should move to Canada where hopefully I would be treated better, It’s no way to live and something has to be done.

  • MAWM

    What about racist people of middle eastern descent?
    I had the “pleasure” last two weeks ago of having a vendor, of middle eastern descent, at the famers market I volunteer at get in my face and claim that he isn’t getting the help other vendors are because I am racist. For the record I am a middle aged white man. I pointed out to this vendor had received as much help as every other vendor and that when we ask him if he wants help most of the time he says he wants to do it himself. We, the volunteers, spent the week between the accusation and the sit down with the vendor reviewing his charges aganist us. At the sit down when we confronted him he eventually admitted he fabricated the charges and what he really wanted was a better location for his tent. Course as the middle aged white man accused of racism I was suspended from the market I’ve worked on for the past five months. Since the market is on city property I had to be investigated by the local police and city authorities. I spent two weeks under the microscope and have had my name and professional reputation damanged due to the false charges. And of course I cannot go near the farmers market for the rest of the season, three weeks, and must miss the end of year celebration for the market I have worked so hard on all beacuse of a racist middle eastern vendor.

    Sadly this is not the first time I have seen false accusations like this. And you knwo what? Nothing ever happens to the person who made the false accusations.

    I am not racist but as far as I am concerned you can keep your “diversity” and the rest of that PC BS. If I ever find an all white community in America I am moving!

  • Akeem

    Being racist is wicked and evil. I’m of Middle Eastern descent, and if it’s ok to prejudge MidEasterns/ Muslims, then the Native American and Africans should prejudge Christian people, because they are the biggest terrorist on the planet. More people have been taken over an slaughterd in the name of Christianity. So before anyone “Christian” prejudges a Muslim look at your own religion an what it has done. Stop the hatred because the acts of violence from Christianity far out stretches any acts of terror someone from the Muslim World has comitted. Both are wrong!!!

  • Debbie

    I’ve read most if not all the posts and I really feel for those of Middle Eastern origin who are being treated badly as they say they are. Yes, it’s bad what happened on 9/11, but those responsible for that do not represent the Islamic faith but have twisted it into a garbled up mess of garbage they want to shove down the throats of those that don’t believe as they do.

    I wanted to cry when I read the post about the guy that laughed so hard at the girl with the headscarf on, along with others laughing, that’s horrible! There is a God they that laughed will face someday.

    I was born in America, in fact in Texas, and I realize there are many, many people here from other countries that just want to live as a free American and be treated as an equal. Just because a person is Middle Eastern doesn’t make them a terrorist. My skin is white with slightly brown in pigment due to some German and Black Dutch in me, so would a fair-skinned white person see me as a terrorist?

    I’m afraid America is not the close-knit, loving country it once was. Just hang in there Middle Easterners and others, be strong and just hang in there.


    I am a 20 year old egyptian who has lived in the US for over 10 years old. I am a muslim and proud, if anyone doesn’t like it I want nothing to do with them, I suggest all other middle easterners in a similar situation do the same. There will always be racist ignorant people.

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Suess

  • STM

    Although it’s true that the border security people could probably benefit from a large dose of commonsense.

  • STM

    “Racism Against Middle Easterners In America Is Strong”.

    That’s what happens when a group exclusively made up of “middle-easterners” decides to hijack jets full of passengers and fly them into iconic American landmarks in NYC and Washington, killing 3000 people in the process.

    Then there’s all the other atrocities committed around the world since then.

    Going backwards? Not sure about that … trying to work out who the lunatics are who might do this stuff seems like a good idea, really.

    Provided no one’s civil rights are trampled on, that is …

    As for so-called racial profiling? Tell me Maddy, how else are you going to do it?

    Why waste time stopping everyone else? It’s hard enough as it is to get through an airport in the US right now.

    Imagine if they were stopping everyone.

  • Ari

    As a Middle-eastern Jewish person who is not a zionist!!! I found wide spread racism includes everyone from the middle-east. Arabs, Iranians, Israelis all seem to suffer from this. I admit that Iranians and Arabs get the most of it, but I was amazed to see how racist my college professors were. I guess I am not shocked that some people in America racist, but I am shocked that people with Ph.D’s are racist. It made me very very upset. There is little middle-eastern people can do since we are not black. I guess it is just mob mentality and we will have to endure like black people did.

    • Latula

      You know, sometimes, it’s the little remarks and comments and sneers people shoot anyone who’s different that makes me give up on the world.

    • Sin SinaT

      or not endure really. if someone gave you a slur, you can give him a real treat, if you know what I mean. and always carry a weapon in this lawless, chaotic land that has been filled with guns bigotry and lunatics.

  • Robert

    America is a country of many races, the sooner people stop making a big deal out a few snide comments, the sooner everyone will forget about the whole thing. Here, if we don’t find something or someone to laugh at, ridicule, discuss and argue about we feel less “important” about ourselves, these messages themselves are perfect examples.

    I personally could care less about being called a cracker or whatever else people are calling whites now. There are those who do care a lot about what people call them though, in fact there are some who will blow up buildings, maybe the answer lies in not doing that instead of bickering about racism. If you can’t handle a little ridicule then you need to find a way to before you make yourself so upset you do something stupid. Everyone experiences embarrassment and shame sometime in their life, especially those in high school. We learn and change from it, then we grow up and get over it just like we have been doing for ages, its part of what has got us here in this unique position in the world, we are a country suited for adaptation.

    Americans (Born here and refugees) need to remember that the freedom we enjoy is, in fact, not free. We work and give our sweat and blood to make it that way, don’t forget about it, because the life we enjoy can slip away in an instant and then the last thing you will think about is racism.

    You said it yourself, on that show the guy who simply said the word “Beaner”, was completely ostracized by the group and experienced the individual equivalent of racism. What more do you want? The death sentence? This society corrects itself on issues like that, let it be. Also, one child calling another “Scarface” will never be illegal in this country, so don’t look forward to him be stoned anytime in the near future, until he goes to college at least.

  • just you

    It is well known that terrorists tend to fit a certain profile. And that profile is this: male of middle-eastern descent between the ages of 16 and 35. I speak Arabic, and have many Muslim friends who are wonderful people. However, the majority of Muslims are not moderate and are not reform minded. What they are saying in Arabic is very different than what they are saying to Western media in English. In case everyone forgot, when 9/11 happened, the Arab world danced in the streets. Not everyone from the Middle-East is a terrorist, but those who wish harm on America and the West in general are more than a few. Informed people should be suspicious.

    • Sin SinaT

      but this is not totally irrational and unjustified since USA blow the shit out of their countries. now, if you really know America, you would know how Americans would behave if their country was attacked or interfered with almost all internal political matters by a foreign nation in which led to corruption and made it basically a hell hole. Are you gonna say that Americans are gonna be indifferent and react peacefully to that nationality? Hell fucking NO.

  • GG

    “Most of us have left our home country to find safety and refuge here. To be treated as equals.” But some of the middle easterners in the United States and Canada just simply don’t treat others as equal. For example, middle easterners frown upon families of mixed cultures, such as marriages between Asians and whites, or blacks and whites. Middle easterners despise modern women who are outgoing, indepedent and strong. Middle easterners hate Asians. Middle eastern guys who want to completely control their daughters and commite honor killing.

    • Wabbajack


      My mother is an Australian (she’s travelled the world on her own, too, and has been to many many countries in the Middle East), my father is a Pakistani, we all live in Pakistan. We go to Australia every year, but we are completely and entirely sick of it.

      In my family, Pakistan is better. Not everyone is the same, and stereotyping countries is just so lame man. Really. I could say all Americans are racist. But am I going to say that? Noooooooooooooooooooo, I am not. Because it’s wrong. It’s a lie, if anyone says it. Tons and tons of Americans are really, really nice people that you could talk to all day, even if you are Pakistani like me.

  • John Wilson

    Americans are racist because their own immigrant status (or their parents) makes them feel insecure and they are happy to belong to the All-American crowd screaming and chasing some black guy so they can lynch him. It’s great to belong! Even if it’s just a lynch mob.

  • Afsheen,

    Thanks for writing that comment. I found it illuminating.

  • Afsheen

    I am a Middle-Eastern sophomore in high school, and I can’t even begin to tell you how racist society has been. There is no one I hate more than the Iranian president, but people look at me and see a radical Muslim who is striving for the downfall of America. I am pretty much the opposite. I hate the majority of the government in the Middle-East, I am atheist, and I enjoy being in California a lot more than the two weeks I spent in Iran. I am starting to grow more and more disappointed in our society for the way they are treating people like me. I am sick of being called a terrorist, I am sick of people telling me to crash a plane into (insert building name here), and I am sick of seeing people like me experience the same thing.

    There is a girl in my school who wears a head-scarf as her own decision, and I can’t believe the way people talk about her. Two days ago, a guy came to her, pointed directly in her face, and laughed as hard as he could while calling her “scarf-face (like Scarface).” I would expect people to be appalled by what he was saying, but instead they laughed. The entire hallway filled up with laughter, and the girl ran to the attendance office with a face full of tears and she called her father to take her home. I couldn’t clear my head about what happened, I couldn’t forget her face or the way she ran like she was being shunned by society and that going home would be her only hope of peace and a shelter from her embarrassment. What hurt me the most was that I didn’t do anything about it. I wanted to tell off that punk, but I just couldn’t. I was afraid of being made fun of.

    America has been this haven for me and shielded me from prejudice for the first 15 years of my life, but that tolerance faded. It faded so far away that I question if it was ever there in the first place. Tolerance, equality, and the trust I had in my fellow peers faded away and I feel as if our society is digressing back to the days where racism was okay or even encouraged. It pains me to say that I don’t trust society to keep me safe from racism anymore, and worst of all, I have even grown a little spiteful of those who I thought were my equals. I have become subordinate to them, and I fail to see the progress that society has made in terms of equality in race. What happened to the America that I grew up in? There is nothing more for me to say other than I am disappointed.

    • Speechless

      Preach it. As I always say, bigotry is bigotry. Prejudice is prejudice. It doesn’t matter who someone is or what they think they’re entitled to, if they’re doing something wrong, they’re doing something wrong. No matter what reason someone THINKS he or she has, racism and prejudice, bigotry and sexism, all of that is wrong. Harassing and taking violent actions against anyone, no matter the reason, is wrong. Death may be, and is, a part of life, yes, but those who wish it on others or inflict it on others, for any reason, are wrong in doing so.
      It’s wrong no matter who does it, for any and every reason, regardless. And I am SICK of people telling me ‘so-and-so group’ deserves it. I don’t understand how someone can feel so wronged by a LARGE percentage of people in that category. I’m very certain that not even half the Muslim population wishes death on others. It doesn’t make sense and the argument is invalid because let’s face it, they are only looking at the radicals. I can’t believe I’m being told that the radicals represent the whole. I mean, are you serious? Do people seriously believe that BS? I don’t appreciate when someone assumes I hate all men and want America to burn just because I’m a Socialist Feminist, and so I can only imagine what someone would feel if a whole group of people were to despise them, without even knowing them, just because they come from a certain region of nations or are practicing a certain religion. It’s ridiculous, and it’s childish, and it’s all kinds of unjustified and unfair. There’s no way you can make an argument like that without sounding like an ignorant, bigoted moron, and I am getting sick of telling people this all the time only to turn my back and hear them go at it again with a new victim. The real disappointment lies with the fact that people like that will always be around, and that they seem incapable of growing up or looking at the facts. They look at media and government-based consensus and opinion and term it, “fact.” How dare they, I say. How dare they judge anyone by their religion, beliefs, appearance, or interests. How dare they?
      I don’t really know the answer to that. I’m not implying I myself am perfect, but I know that I strive to give everyone equal chances no matter what they look like, what beliefs they have, and what country they come from. I expect the same in return. If someone treats you with disrespect, there’s no reason to be afraid of them or to treat them nicely. Disregard them because they will never be able to hurt you. They can hurt you physically, but no one, and I repeat, NO ONE, not even the President or your mother or you friend or even your God, can make you feel inferior without your consent. I know that as a Hispanic woman, a Feminist, and a Socialist, as stated before, I am constantly judged unfairly. Do I let this stop me from living my life? No. Do I allow prejudice and unfair advantages stop me from sleeping? No. Do I even CARE? You can only guess the answer to that one. Don’t let them hurt you, don’t let their bullets find your mind and infect you like a parasite with self-pity or loathing and hatred for them, and they will eventually run out of ammo. I’m not saying you have to forgive THEM. I’m saying if we ever hope to overcome this ignorance and bigotry and hatred, we have to be willing to forgive their IGNORANCE. You don’t have to take it, you know. I’m not obligating you to. No one has anyone at gunpoint as they insult their race and religion and country. You have the right to say something back and expect justice to take your side. If it doesn’t, it only means the High Heavens have cursed this nation, and this world, with the highest of ignorance and the coldest of hatred. That is not your fault, nor should you think it is.
      I only have one more thing to say to you.
      I hope you can make it because I will try my hardest to actively get this to stop. At one point or another, people will have to buck up and stop acting like children. We can’t have a child holding a bomb over someone’s head. You want to know what’s REALLY a threat to the safety of this nation, of this world, at this precise moment?
      It’s own ignorance.

    • Sin SinaT

      Afsheen, I’m Iranian too, brother. I know what your are going through. I lived in San Diego for two and a half years now and I’ve never heard anyone say anything to me directly other than one time (2nd day I arrived) barber asked me if I was dangerous because I was hailing from that region. but definitely racism exists here, I don’t know about high school because I wasn’t there. I don’t know if you have ever been to Iran or not but I can tell people over there don’t have problem with racism. Arab being friend with pars is not a strange phenomena over there. but in the us everyone is separated. blacks are with themselves….. Mexicans with themselves and whites too. I personally defend myself or anyone exposing to racism, and don’t feel sorry because you didn’t, its just that scum didn’t worth it. but let me give you an advice, always express your thought and opinion in every situation, even if that talk makes everyone crazy in the crowd or ruin your career or future because that very thought is having the most effect on ignorant racists. peace brother.

  • Malika

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much!! I am an Afghan American girl, 23. Born in Afghanistan, came to US when I was two. My family (along with millions of other Muslims) have been good peaceful US citizens all their lives. They never commited a crime, always paid their taxes, and cared about the society. Made donations, abided by the law. Everything a good citizen does. Yet we were/are harrassed and insulted constantly after 9/11 FOR NO REASON.

    Can I just note. The whole “Obama is a Muslim” thing really really hurt my feelings. As if “Muslim” is a derogatory term. As if being a Muslim is so bad. What if he was a Muslim anyway???? Does that make him a horrible evil man?

    What has happened to people? What has happened to our media? It is a shame. We have always stayed peaceful and been good and dispelled all stereotypes, when people meet us, yet we are still ridiculed in the media, harrased in the airports, looked at badly when we are near a mosque or wearing islamic attire. And no one says anything.

    No one admits that it is racism, discrimination, racial profiling. No one wants to admit that but that is what it is. The media is biased and discriminating. More and more people are becoming that way as well.

    I have heard so many hate crimes agains Muslim Americans, yet none of them is covered long enough or even covered at all in the media. No one investigates further. NO ONE CONDEMNS THE ACTION!

    When A man pulled a knife at a Muslim woman and her baby, in my hometown. No one condemned it. This is sick and wrong and backwards. We need to educate ourselves and stop the hate crimes and discrimination.

    Most of us have left our home country to find safety and refuge here. To be treated as equals. To avoid persecution in our own country. This is our refuge. This is a refuge for so many immigrants of all backgrounds. How can our own refuge turn against us ? The nation that the whole world knows as equal, liberal, and just? When we have done nothing but be good citizens? When all we want is to raise our kids, give them an education, and live in peace? We are human beings too !

    I am heartbroken….I never expected such educated and liberal people to be like this.

  • A. DIAZ

    This article is completely, 100% percent right on target. It’s a hate crime if someone spews a racist remark at a black man. It’s frowned upon to make jokes about the hispanic culture. It’s okay to think of any one from Middle Eastern decent as a terrorist? No, no, no this is not right. Why is this okay? Is it because we still have troops in the Middle East? Is it because men and women are still dying over in the desert? I think it’s because of the media and the perception that they cast over all people of Middle Eastern decent. All we here about are all of the terrorist attacks worldwide and what do we think of when we hear the word terrorist? A Middle Eastern man with a long beard and a turban. This surely cant be true because I know that Timothy McVeigh was white and he was considered a terrorist for his infamous Oklahoma City bombings. Is it right? No, of course not. We as a nation and as members of human kind must get passed this mental roadblock. We must embrace the Middle Eastern culture as a vital part of our society. We must get passed the point where every Middle Eastern man gets patted down at the airport. It’s a stereotype, no doubt about it, and it’s no different than assuming that every black person is good at basketball or that every asian is intelligent. It’s nothing more than a stereotype, and a harsh one at that.

  • kay

    People in america are very predjudice, they always have been, this i have never understood and i will never understand, they are sad and perhaps a lot of them are spiritually bankrupt.

    • Wabbajack

      Don’t stereotype the country, man.

  • zingzing

    al, white people have killed more americans than middle easterners have. so, you should be suspicious of yourself. look in the mirror. you might very well be wearing your own skin as a mask.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    How little most ‘Christians’ know of history. Those who follow “mainstream Christianity” have killed more innocent people in the name of God than have the adherents of any other religion in human history. How ‘Christian’ historians could know this and yet remain inside “mainstream Christianity”, I cannot understand.

    I am a strong Christian – but the Church of which I am a member is in no way affiliated with “mainstream Christianity”. The greatest difference between us and “mainstream Christianity” is that we are not trinitarian – we do not believe that Jesus is, was, or ever will be God. In this, our belief is somewhat like that of the Muslims in that “Only God is God” – and Jesus is not God. (and no, we’re not Jehovah’s Witnesses – they think that Jesus is a ‘mighty God’, though the Bible (in the Hebrew OT) says otherwise)

    However, our belief differs from the Muslims in that we believe that Jesus is our Savior and our only Mediator unto God.

    That said, we can sympathize with the Muslims. Like them, we see and feel the cultural pressure on us, and especially on our children at school (“What, no Christmas or Halloween or Easter? Your parents are SO mean!”). My sons love to sing, and both were in the school chorus, and in order to pass that particular minor elective, what do they have to sing? Christmas songs.

    For Al Barger – you know so little of prejudice…for you have not walked a mile in the steps of those who faced that prejudice.

    • Wabbajack

      Our beliefs still aren’t very different at all. We believe in your Prophet, and we know him as Isa (A.S.). His very birth was a miracle. He was amazing and we respect him very much. He delivered the same message that our Prophet, Muhammad (S.A.W.), delivered to us. So, really, religion-wise, we’re hardly different at all.

  • Rashid

    Hello everyone..
    please Excuse any mistakes i make.. English is not my first language..
    First of all,, before introducing my self.. i would like to thank the author of this article.. it is vert meaningfull what you have said.. and i personally appreciate it .. My name is Rashid .. i am from the middle east.. to be specific i am from Dubai.. i am 20 years old…
    The problem you are speaking about is not only outside the country .. beleive it or not .. the media is tooo strong,, we are concidered victims of racism in our own country.. Imagine a government that supports other coming from various caountries.. while the local people are being treated unfairly..

    I dont want to keep on talking about this issue .. because it is very emotional ,,
    I just wanted to thankyou for this article .. It is something that gives me hope ,,, that no matter what happens to this world.. there are some people that care , some people that still think of others.. people with hearts.. just like you ..

    Best regards
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Kia

    Many of you are misinformed and aren’t gathering information based on fact. The vast majority muslims, or middle eastern people don’t commit lesser jihad or are terrorists, most commit greater jihad(fight within onself, instead of lesser where its a fight against others). That’s like saying if a lot of white men have killed people that caucasian men are serial killers. You can’t make a judgement of a whole people, based off of some. Not to mention I’m lebanese, I’m not a terrorist and most of the terrorist attacks we’re made by Al-queda, which we’re people in high power with a substantial amount of money. The majority of the middle east is middle class to poverty. Anyone who says otherwise, you sound ignorant, pay attention to some history.

  • Kia

    Many of you are misinformed and aren’t gathering information based on fact. The vast majority muslims, or middle eastern people don’t commit lesser jihad or are terrorists, most commit greater jihad(fight within onself, instead of lesser where its a fight against others). That’s like saying if a lot of white men have killed people that caucasian men are serial killers. You can’t make a judgement of a whole people, based off of some. Not to mention I’m lebanese, I’m not a terrorist and most of the terrorist attacks we’re made by Al-queda, which we’re people in high power with a substantial amount of money. The majority of the middle east is middle class to poverty. Anyone who says otherwise, you sound ignorant, pay attention to some history.

  • I live in the Detroit area with the largest population of people from Middle Eastern descent in the country. They are not all “terrorists,” in fact some aren’t Muslim at all, they are Catholic. I agree with Ruvy that it’s most likely suspicion, not racism.

    I am a person of many colors and grew up 40 years ago when there was real racism. It’s all in how you look at it. If you keep your eye out for clouds you’re never going to find your silver lining.

  • Jordan, how dare you malign Foghorn Leghorn

  • Jordan Richardson

    they are trivial.

    Yes, to you I would imagine they would be trivial.

    I would to some substantial extent hold the Muslim world in general responsible for these suspicious attitudes for not being generally MUCH more active and vocal in confronting these bad actors.

    I hold the media responsible for choosing to cover the bad actors more than the good ones. Obviously stories about the millions of Muslims who aren’t terrorists, have no affiliations, condemn terrorism and terrorist groups, and actually rather like America and Americans aren’t all that sexy, so they’ll go with the weird fucking guy with a bomb up his ass instead.

    The coverage isn’t there, but that doesn’t mean that the Muslims aren’t sorrowful for victims or angered by terrorism or, for that matter, vocal about it.

  • Jordan, I don’t know that suspicious glances at Arabs are necessarily “well deserved,” but they are trivial. And if you’re going to be mad about such triviality, then you should be mad at the bad actors who give the whole group a bad reputation.

    Plus, I would to some substantial extent hold the Muslim world in general responsible for these suspicious attitudes for not being generally MUCH more active and vocal in confronting these bad actors.

    It sure seems like the big majority of the reaction of Muslims in America and the world to acts of barbarism by their own people is to cry racism like in this article rather than any expression of sorrow for the victims – much less doing anything to help stop the madness in their midst.

    Also, I don’t particularly care if someone looks at me sideways. Plus, I would consider comparisons to Foghorn Leghorn to be a compliment. I said “compliment,” son.

  • Racism Against Middle Easterners In America Is Strong

    Maddy, try suspicion, rather than racism. It’s more accurate. Unfortunately, terrorists tend to get their inspiration from the Middle East. You just can’t wring suspicion out of people when they read of suicide bombings, hostage taking incidents, planes shot down, hotels being blown up, restaurants and hotels being blown up. The vast majority of these incidents are caused by Moslems who are either from or trained in the Middle East.

    In college, you’ll get a lot of garbage courses that will try to tell you how right and justified these animals are. They’re not. Anyone who tears a child bone from bone in a cave, or slices a guy’s head off for a video camera is nothing but an animal. No college course can change the truth – it can only make you ignore the truth and turn you into a useful idiot for those who would just as soon see you dead as see you at all.

  • Jordan Richardson

    There is in fact no substantial racism in the US against Middle Easterners.

    Prove it.

    Also, the suggesting that the “suspicious glance” is well-deserved based on the actions of a few individuals and groups of similar background (not all Middle Easterners are the same race, etc.) is ludicrous.

    Do you deserve to be looked at sideways simply because you resemble a chubby Foghorn Leghorn redneck? No!

  • Racism, racism, racism. Boo frickin’ hoo. There is in fact no substantial racism in the US against Middle Easterners. In fact, the care with which Americans have avoided victimizing Muslims speaks very well of US.

    If people of Middle Eastern descent don’t appreciate the occasional suspicious glance, then they should perhaps do better at confronting the wickedness within their own midst. Jihad against Jews and non-believers is racist. Noticing which communities that ugly jihad is coming from is not.