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Rachel Farris… in the lid.

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As mentioned in THIS ARTICLE, there is a new advertising scheme aimed at movie goers this summer. People who buy a soda at certain theaters get a cd in the lid of their soda. After reading the linked article my thoughts were, “Cool.” and “I wonder if The Manor will have those.” (The Manor is the major movie theater in my area, with prices to match. Ack.)

Well, as luck would have it, I went to the theater last night to see Finding Nemo with a friend. I had totally forgotten about the cd in the lid thing, so it was with delight that when I bought my large drink ($4.00! What a rip-off!) nestled inside the lid was a tiny cd. The lid it’s self was an engineering feat, of sorts. It is two pieces of plastic attached by a hinge on one side. On the other side, opposite the hinge, are two “fins” to help you pull the lid apart. In the very center of the lid is a place to poke your straw through. The cd is nesttled snuggly amid all this.

The cd is half the size of normal cds (so do not use it with slot loading cd players! You have been warned!) and features the face of Rachel Farris. The cd contains two of her songs, “I’m Not The Girl” and “Soak”. In addition, if you pop the cd into your computer, there are “bonus” multimedia features including, photos, a music video, a screen saver, wall paper, ect. Unfortunately most of it requires download from the internet.

The songs are of average length. The two songs together clock in over seven minutes. While they don’t blaze new musical trails, they are pretty darn catchy. They tend to lean towards a heavier pop sound. Farris’ voice complements the sound well.

All in all, for a free cd it’s a nice package. The songs are the type that could very easily make a mix tape sometime, however, due to the length of the cd (or lack of), it probably won’t get much playing time by itself.


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  • This seems like an awfully expensive way to promote an album. What percentage of people who get one of these things are going to actually go buy the full album? One tenth of one percent?

    I also would find the mini-CD format objectionable. That format was a big flop years ago, and ain’t likely to be more popular now. I suspect most people would simply not fool with it; they’re probably being tossed without even trying to listen to them.

    Putting these out for everyone who happens to visit a common movie theater looks like a huge waste. Stupid crap like this has a lot to do with why record companies are putting near $20 list prices on CDs, and STILL struggling to break even.

    Now, it might make more sense if you had an artist tied into promotion for a specific movie. It might have made sense to put out a (full-sized) Bjork CD for patrons of her movie Dancer in the Dark, for example.

    It would seem more sensible to include CDs with home videos. Slipping a properly sized CD into the packaging for a DVD would be more likely to actually get it listened to, and would definitely be more target marketed to specific video releases.

  • RAY

    LID ROCK sucks. It’s just another cheesy marketing idea. i purposely order large drinks, then break the cd’s into 4 or 5 pieces and leave them there at the theater. this way they can’t just pick them up and reuse them.
    The song is catchy though. I sing it to my girlfriend all the time. I hate it, but I think there is some subliminal messages to sing it. For one, they play it the whole time you are waiting for your movie, then if you happen to pop it in, you hear that same stupid chorus over and over and over….
    i’m hypnotized.

  • The Theory

    yeah… wow. I reaaaally don’t think breaking them is nessisary. Just trash them. Geez.