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R Kelly might get off in child porn case

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CMU reports:

R Kelly’s lawyers are hoping to get a second child pornography case against
the singer thrown out of court on technical grounds. At the same time as facing child porn charges in Chicago, Kelly has also been charged by police in Florida after they discovered a digital camera at a house he was renting there which contained twelve images of an underage girl undertaking sexual acts. Some of the photos reportedly also feature Kelly himself.

The pictures were discovered during a police raid of the star’s Florida residences in 2002, following Kelly’s original arrest over child porn allegations by Chicago authorities. However Kelly’s lawyers reckon that those searches were conducted illegally – by misleading friends of the singer staying at one of the properties, and by misleading local courts in order to gain search warrants. On those grounds the singer’s legal team told a Florida court last week that they want all evidence found during those searches discredited – which would essentially cause the case to collapse.

Kelly was not in attendance at the hearing – unlike in Chicago the singer is not required to attend court himself when his case is being heard by judges. Florida courts are now considering the lawyers’ requests.

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