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Quotables 10/31/05

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Principal Cancels Prom

For an interesting reason. Yes they do. They rent limos, they rent entire homes or condos, they spend with no remorse. Then there’s the drugs, booze and indeed, dare we say it, sex.

Figure this. If Natalee Holloway’s family had not the funds to finance that silly escapade to Aruba, she’d be alive today.

A high school prom was never meant to be what they’ve made it. It’s a drastic action and likely will be overturned, to cancel the prom. But at what point do we say “ENOUGH”?

Enough was enough, Hoagland said. So the principal of Kellenberg Memorial High School canceled the spring prom in a 2,000-word letter to parents this fall.

“It is not primarily the sex/booze/drugs that surround this event, as problematic as they might be; it is rather the flaunting of affluence, assuming exaggerated expenses, a pursuit of vanity for vanity’s sake — in a word, financial decadence,” Hoagland said, fed up with what he called the “bacchanalian aspects.”


This Guy Should Have Stayed an Optometrist

Instead, he’s a murderer of leaders of other countries. Hey, Saddam’s getting a fair trial. Lebanon’s Prime Minister instead got dead. And they yell and scream at the United States.

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It’s Moonbat Time
So Michael Chertoff did the same thing as the negligent owners of that nursing home? Who up and left their helpless patients to die?

Who elected this woman? Oh, wait, the Moonbat sons of camels in Georgia.


“Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney, Georgia Democrat, referenced the arrest of a Louisiana couple for failing to evacuate patients that later drowned, and asked (Homeland Security Director Michael) Chertoff:

‘If the nursing home owners are arrested for negligent homicide, why shouldn’t you also be arrested for negligent homicide?'”

– Washington Times, 10/20/05


We’ll Take Your Money But…


Image hosted by Photobucket.com“Pakistan on Saturday welcomed an offer of earthquake assistance from Israel but said it would have to be channeled through the United Nations, the Red Cross, or donated to a relief fund.”
– Associated Press


The Quote This Week That Says It All


“The Republicans are doing most of the things that were once called liberal. They spend recklessly, ignore constitutional limitations, increase government power, create new federal programs, you name it – only they now call these liberal sins conservative virtues.”

– Columnist Joseph Sobran


Take Your Pick


“Over the next 30 years, national politics will be about either dramatic reforms to slow the growth of government, or enormous tax increases to pay for it. There is no other choice. Pick your side now.”

– Peter Ferrara of the Institute for Policy Innovation


Damn If We Know What It Means

…by Scooter Libby

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