Quiz Time 4

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Quiz Time 4

Yr Host – Aaman Lamba

A new quiz – next time guest quiz-masters – please send me your questions if you’d like them included in the quiz – at my discretion.

The Questions – Stage I

1. Madonna described _________ as better than sex and added that, what’s more, they last longer. The maker responded, “You have to admire her, she hides her lack of talent so well”. A blog is dedicated to __________. What?

2. This actress has announced she is pulling out from the screen adaptation of “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” because of a minor heart attack. Name her, and her replacement for bonus points

3. pic1Identify this person, who once posed nude to model his own fragrance. He was also honored with a retrospective at the 1998 Soccer World Cup

4. British Super-model Lily Cole has announced she will no longer model for De Beers. Why?

5. pic2Identify this classic film – the primary actors’ names have been elided

6. What is the name of the daughter of Helen of Troy and King Menelaus of Sparta? (clue: Harry Potter)

7. What is this a description of? (clue: recent event)”The left hander shoved the photographer telling him, “I told you to get those cameras out of my face” and then yelled to everyone “I’ll break every … one of them” before being escorted to the clubhouse.”

8. What unusual connection is there between the new film “Cinderella Man” and the 1988 film “Mystic Pizza”?

9. pic3Name this controversial character from recent Mexican stamps, originally created in the 1940s

10. This talented actor provided the voice for King Neptune in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle For Bikini Bottom. He is also a finalist in “Dancing With The Stars”. His most memorable role, however, for most, is in another TV series. Name the role and the series.

Give it a shot

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Aaman, this is super, but did you mean to publish it with tomorrow’s date? and please undo the font

  • Oops – fixed now – how much did you score, EO?

  • Geez. The only questions I got right were the ones about Madonna, Spongebob and Mystic Pizza. I’m so ashamed.

  • RJ

    Lord. 1 for 10. Well, I kinda sorta knew the answer to question ten, but I didn’t know the guy’s name…so call it 1/5 out of 10… 😉

  • RJ


  • Did you have the ‘a-ha moment’ though, when you saw the answers?

  • Question 1 about the blog made no sense. A non-sequitor. I knew part one of that question, so I guess that’s a .5

    You might tell how many this is out of? Is it out of 10 or out of, well, however many questions there were?

    Anyway, got 4. (and if I got them all right all on a regular basis I’d be bored out of my mind so thanks. Still – a little heavy on the pop culture this time and light on the news. I am therefore always slightly disadvantaged. LOL

    no. 6 because I guess my Greek clasic stuff just sticks with me. I learned that (the basics that is) as – counts backwards on fingers — an 11-year-old in England. Don’t think about it much at all – though those Gods stories are great, but it pops right into my head when I need it most.

    Good to know in case I am every cornered by Spiros the kebab-wielding serial killer. Full of stereotype, I know.

  • …cornered by Spiros the kebab-wielding serial killer – ROTFL

    I guess the blog bit for 1 was irrelevant.

    Here’s an offer – pick a topic – specific or broad and I’ll set questions on that theme, or related in some circuituous way:)

  • Bananas and the women who love them.

    Wait, did I just type that out loud?

    And I meant to add something along the lines of “… serial-killer who said, “Zeus’ family tree now – or it’s your bloody-sheep-dipped death.”