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Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

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Our Fellow BlogCritic at File 13 has it covered. He looks at licensing issues on Orrin Hatch’s Official Senate website and finds that it’s apparently in violation of Milonic Software’s License agreement.

Larry has an email in to Milonic and Hatch to see if there are special terms, but if Hatch’s proposals were adopted, Miltonic might be legally able to destroy the computer hosting it (also known as www.senate.gov and clinton.senate.gov, so some people would be happy).

“If we can find some way to do this without destroying their machines, we’d be interested in hearing about that,” Hatch said. “If that’s the only way, then I’m all for destroying their machines. If you have a few hundred thousand of those, I think people would realize” the seriousness of their actions, he said.

“There’s no excuse for anyone violating copyright laws,” Hatch said.

Yeah, it’s probably some poor schmuck contractor who’ll take the heat for this, but the irony just drips, doesn’t it?

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