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Mine arrived yesterday, in its olive-drab military package, looking way cool. Instructions are printed on the package. Here they are:

Warning – avoid contact with wet skin. Product reacts with small amounts of water and can cause burning. Stop burning by brushing away granules and flooding area with large volume of water. If ingested, immediately drink 2 or more glasses of water.

[Odd, don’t you think, that you’re supposed to keep the stuff away from water on the outside of your body, but load it with water if it gets inside?

Not really, when you consider that if you don’t add water via your mouth, the hydrophilic material will first absorb all the water in your stomach, and then start eating through your stomach wall, like in “Alien.” As Martha would say, “This is [not] a good thing.” But I digress]

1. Apply direct, firm pressure to wound using sterile gauze dressing or best available substitute.

2. If bleeding is stopped [don’t forget the wonderful surgical maxim, “the bleeding always stops”] or nearly stopped after approximately 1 minute of pressure, wrap and tie bandage to maintain pressure on wound and seek MEDICAL CARE.

3. If moderate to severe bleeding continues after 90 seconds, hold pack away from face and tear open at tabs.

4. Use wiping motion to remove gauze and excess blood – immediately start a slow pour of QuikClot directly onto wound. Stop pour as soon as dry granules cover wound area. Use only enough QuikClot to stop bleeding.

5. Reapply firm pressure to QuikClot-covered wound using sterile gauze. Wrap and tie bandage to maintain pressure.

6. Seek MEDICAL CARE immediately. Discard unused granules and show empty pack to medical personnel.


1. Remove all loose granules prior to irrigation and wound treatment.

2. Fully flood entire wound area with irrigation solution.

3. Proceed with normal irrigation and/or suction until all granules are removed.

I’m gonna put this stuff in the trunk of my car, along with my emergency breathing bag and mask set, laryngoscope, endotracheal tubes, and resuscitation drugs. Ya never know. I got mine here.

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