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Quickie CD Reviews: Editors, Caesars, Engineers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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EditorsThe Back Room

There is simply no way to discuss Editors without mentioning the band’s uncanny resemblance to legendary post-punkers Joy Division in terms of vocals and music, if not lyrical themes. Don’t let the suggestion that Editors is a Joy Division tribute band turn you away from checking out their debut album, The Back Room. If you are a fan of Joy Division, then you’ll appreciate the Ian Curtis-ish vocals of Tom Smith as well as the dark gothscapes that the band creates while still sending you through 11 hook filled, almost danceable tracks.

The Back Room is one of the most consistent albums I’ve heard all year. Practically every song is driven by a strong guitar presence that is at times U2-like in terms of icy guitar riffs per song. The percussion’s determined beat ensures that the band doesn’t sit around lazily navigating through the songs.

Must Listens: Blood, Munich, All Sparks, You Are Fading

The CaesarsPaper Tigers

Other than ubiquitous single Jerk it Out, which everyone knows from the iPod shuffle commercial, the tracks on Paper Tigers are mostly bland, rehashed 60’s Britpop revivalism done better by other bands.

Must Listen: Jerk It Out


Moody and atmospheric. These guys definitely were listening to lots of Floyd when they were recording. The album is worth multiple listens, and their live show is even better. The album just sounds beautiful.

Must Listens: Home, Come In Out Of The Rain

Clap Your Hands Say Yeahs/t

This Brooklyn fivepiece is led by the unique vocals of Alec Ounsworth, who sounds like a really whiny David Byrne. Don’t let that turn you off though. Between Ounsworth’s vocals and the bands synth-laced tunes with songs like “Don’t Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away”, this is an album worth picking up, if you can find it.

Must Listens: Don’t Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away, In This Home on Ice, The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth

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  • I listened to a few other Caesar songs, and they were alright, some good…

  • Eric Olsen

    Matt, I like these, do you want to make this a regular feature? I think we should name the bands in the title: — Quickie Review: Name, Name, Name, Name —

    does that make sense?

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