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Quest for the Best House, M.D. Episode: Season Two

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To many House, M.D. fans, season two represented the very best the series had to offer. The return of Stacy, the last woman with whom House had a long-term romantic relationship, classic episodes like “All In” and “Daddy’s Boy,” and of course the “No Reason,” the stunning conclusion to the season when House is shot point-blank by a disgruntled former patient.

The season one poll, still underway, has been a great success, with nearly 4,000 fans casting votes so far (polling continues until May 27). The Emmy-winning “Three Stories,” which many hold as not only the best House episode in eight season, but, perhaps one of primetime TV’s finest hours—ever, is way out in front, with the series pilot, “DNR,” and “Detox”—all brilliant episodes—way far behind. 

So, are you ready to cast your votes for the best House, M.D. episode of season two? Good! All episodes are summarized in the Welcome to the End of the Thought Process Season Two Episode Guide, Parts One and Two, so peruse the episodes and then vote.

As with the first season poll, I’ve slightly shortened the list from the season’s 24 episodes to a more manageable number of choices. If I haven’t included your favorite, please add it to the comments section as a write-in selection. What are my favorites of season two? I’d have a hard time choosing between “Autopsy,” “Failure to Communicate”/“Need to Know,” “Skin Deep,” “All In,” and “No Reason.”

Part three of the poll will appear Monday right here on Blogcritics.

If you have an idea for an end-of-the-series poll, be sure to mention it in the comments section. To keep up to date on the latest, you can follow me on Twitter at @b_barnett. Happy voting!

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  • MusicandHouse

    For me it was a toss up between Autopsy and No Reason and Autopsy won out. Surprised to see All In has so many votes. Its a great episode, but I never thought it was THAT popular

  • Erica

    Really tough! I had to go with No Reason because it was so… Mind-blowing! But Failure to Communicate/ Need to Know rocked, and I also loved Who’s Your Daddy & All-In.

  • Augusta

    Dr. Lisa Cuddy I loved no less than House, MD. therefore I choose Humpty Dumpty.

  • rjw

    Phew,that was a hard one! I picked “Autopsy” because I think it was one of the best ever,but also loved “All In”,”No Reason”,
    “Failure to Communicate” and “Euphoria”,among others.

  • lobentti

    yes, it was hard to choose! I love “All in” and “Humpty Dumpty”, but the last scene of Autopsy still brings tears to my eyes !

  • For me, it has to be “No Reason.” It’s the most interesting insight into House’s character I think.

  • rbrown205

    Autopsy is what I selected, but All In is a great House revealer. No Reason was also a revealer of House’s psyche, but it was mighty gory and sleazy in parts. This was a great season all around, come to think of it.

  • Jane E

    Some really hard choices, but I picked No Reason. House’s season finales are hands down the best on tv. I had no idea that story took place in House’s mind. Great job@

  • Harder and harder. I voted for “All In’ because of what I felt it revealed about House.
    This was mighty tough tho and Season 3 will be the hardest for me personally.

    I adored “Autopsy” though. For me, Seasons 1-III are forever etched in my mind and heart with some special episodes in subsequent years like “House’s Head”/”Wilson’s Heart” and others.

    I love this poll. Thank you, Barbara!

  • Sally

    I love season 2, it’s hard to pick a favorite episode, but since I can only pick one I’ll go with “No Reason” (the House/Cameron scenes are SO hot, that’s what I call chemistry).

  • lauren

    For me it was a choice bewteen all in, autopsy and failure to communicate..
    Autopsy was the first house episode i ever saw and fell in love with it from there… therefore it won

  • JM

    I picked No reason because of the House and Cameron interactions they were my favs.

  • AS

    I choose “Need to know”, because I really liked that kind of puzzle. Also “Euphoria” parts was a great episodes.

  • kk

    Where is “TB or Not TB”? Episode 4

  • Robin

    That’ a tough one. I loved season two, I think it was the best. But if I have to pick one it’s Autopsy.

  • Rosi

    I choose Failure to Communicate, but I also liked Autopsy, Humpty Dumpty & No Reason.

  • Sarah

    Safe. For my favorite line of dialogue from the whole series.

    House: You wake up in the morning, your paint’s peeling, your curtains are gone, and the water is boiling. Which problem do you deal with first? None of them! The building’s on fire!

  • Maria

    Autopsy was the one that stuck in my mind. I have season two on DVD. My collection of house is almost complete.

  • Julio

    Euphoria was the best in my opinion. I can watch those two episodes hundreds of times and never lose interest

  • David

    “I couldn’t face the bear,” but I could cast my vote for “Failure to Communicate.”


    The best overall episode of all the seasons has got to be Meaning!

  • dre

    I didn’t start watching House until season 2. After seeing the episode Euphoria, I was hooked for life! I cry every time I watch it!

  • Autopsy. Because my first House watch was blessed with this stunningly simple yet unforgettable episode. It wasn’t even related to House’s life as my other fav are (7×22, 2×24, 7×15, 6×01, 5×23…): it was just all about the patient being so special, as special as House is. Few Cases Of The Week have managed that in the years. I mean, we’ve all been watching H for the mysteries and the moral dilemmas, but these special people like Andy, how many of those are there? I’d say the girl from One Day One Room, the priest from Unfaithful, the jazzist from DNR, but who else? Andy will always be the most special patient to me. So real as a person in her unfortunate circumstances, yet carrying a light which left House touched. I’d add that Hugh Laurie’s eyes in this episode spoke in their own way even more as they usually do.

  • marie…wigan

    I find it very difficult to choose , every episode for me has something very special from Hugh Laurie,I went for Euphoria 1/2,but I loved every one of those listed and all the ones that wasn’t . xxx thanks for the poll. xxx

  • Ed

    You left out my all time favorite episode!

    TB or Not TB

  • Annie

    Oh, it’s a very difficult choice… In season 2 are many fantastic episodes. So in turn, “Autopsy” is very interesting and well made. In “Failure to Communicate/Need to Know” we can see a interesting disease and romantic episode with House and Stacy. “House vs. God” is very instructive episode, great. “Euphoria Part 1/Part 2” is very touching with great acting of Foreman. I also like “Acceptance” and “Safe”, because are very funny.
    1. Autopsy
    2. Failure to Communicate/Need to Know
    3. Euphoria
    4. House vs. God
    5. No reason

  • cindy

    I have to agree with others: Why did you left out TB or not TB. It was a great episode and one of my season favourite season 2 episodes or sleeping dog lie. I even can`t vote for others like in the season1 poll. Sorry Barbara, I don´t think it is fair what you are doing here.

  • Sorry you feel that way, Cindy. I had a finite number of choices I could make to keep it manageable, and it was unlikely that TB or Not TB would make it to the end.

    I do offer the possibility of writing in your favorite, and if enough TB or Not TB fans vote for it, it could make the final cut for the all-time best episode.

  • emmy4hugh

    So tough to choose one. I had to go with No Reason for sheer creativity and insight into “House’s Head” (guess what my vote for that season will be). I want to give an honorable mention to Euphoria, because I loved how that storyline was crafted beginning with the falling out between Foreman and Cameron over the paper about informed consent and ending with Foreman giving her his medical proxy (oh, the irony). How wonderful a season that could have such a gem of sub-plot!

  • KS

    Please include all epiodes in your polls. That way it would be a real poll 🙂

  • Zach

    I will be surprised if in the next poll, for season three, “Cane and Able” doesn’t win.

  • Henry

    “Euphoria”. But it was hard as usual.
    “Autopsy”, “All In”, “House vs God” “Failure to Communicate” and, of course,
    “No Reason” are call close favorites.

  • Hollie

    Tough one cant think of any episodes in Season 2 and loads I loved. But chose No Reason for the brilliant way it delved into House psyche.

  • BrokenLeg

    Being a very difficult choice ( to me, season 2 was the best season), I choose “House vs. God” and maybe “Euphoria 1/2”

  • Amie

    I can’t stand Foreman in Euphoria.

    I chose sexkills because I thought the cases where super interested : they had to diagnose a dead woman and a living man!

  • 20V

    I voted for “No Reason”, but it would have been nice to see “Sleeping Dogs lie” in the poll. I’m pretty sure that’s Season 2.

    Season 3 will probably be the toughest for me to choose. It’s really a masterpiece. Kind of dreading it.

  • Maria-Eleni

    Such a difficult choice:
    Daddy’s Boy
    The Mistake
    Failure to Communicate/Need to Know
    House vs. God
    No Reason

    I had to think hard for this. I finally voted for Hunting.
    It highlights most of the contradictory traits which make me love House the character.
    Intensity and lightness, House snarking and House in love, House the trickster and House sincere in expressing his regrets to Stacy, shameless and ashamed for violating Stacy’s records, disinterested in the patient and passionate to the point of violence to save him (violence rarely expressed until Moving On) and so on.
    Not to forget Steve McQueen!

  • Season three is coming up this morning, guys! Spread the word.

  • Maulik Shah

    The two part Euphoria was the best for me.
    Very intense.
    You could see that House was stressed too.

  • Judy Myers

    To me ‘All In’ has it all.

    It underscores House’s passion for puzzling out the truth no matter how crazy-mad the method(s).

    It includes so many scenes of the ab fab House-Wilson-Cuddy triangle with their ‘spot on’ comedic timing and priceless expressions.

    I especially love House’s breath intake as he turns from the white board when he sees Dr. Cameron…such a sexy man.

    Speaking of which, Hugh Laurie ‘Does Tux’ so very well. Betwix the tux and dress cane, cigars and barnacle organs and the piano, the man is just hot.

    Judy Myers,