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The Simpsons take a small step for cartoonkind and a giant leap for TV-dom when the town of Springfield legalizes gay marriage, perhaps for the dollars.(“Them gay guys got lots of disposable income”)

Hordes of like-bodied folks flock to Springfield, and are opposed only by the local Reverend, who refuses to hear the voice of reason, creating a business opportunity, taken advantage of by Homer.

One of the characters comes out of the closet, potentially gets corralled into something he/she didn’t expect, but it all works out in the end. Homer gets ordained by a website-based operation that provides printable dogcollars, and gets a brainwave for a reality show which he pitches to Fox in a brilliant self-referential (same network) send-off.

If you’re pitching a show where gold-digging skanks get what’s coming to them, press 1;If you pitching a ripoff of another network’s reality show, press 2, please stay on the line – your half-baked ideas are all we’ve got

The gay marriage issue, and other ideas are parodied well, if too briefly. The creators have promised to deal with these themes frankly going forward. In the next, bonus episode, Marge confronts Homer about his trove of erotic magazines, to humorous effect.

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  • RJ

    Well, obviously the assistant to Mr. Burns is queer. And Marge’s sisters seem a little butch (possible incest!).

  • i believe it’s just one of marge’s sisters that’s gay – there’s an old episode waaay back in i think season 4 where they both see Homer in his undies, or maybe it was naked, i forget, and one of them says “there goes the last lingering threat of my heterosexuality”
    it’s the one who hasn’t married (Patty i think). She’s also in that episode where there’s a “gay pride” parade, and on one float there’s a closet (can you see what’s coming?) and both patty and smithers wave from it, although you only see their arms, and say something along the lines of being gay but not telling anybody. Heh.
    And then there’s the “special friendship” between lenny + carl…

  • Well, it can possibly be revealed now that the episode is into re-run land (and torrent land)

    It was Patty

    The Lenny-carl special relationship was referred to

  • Cletus and Brandeen were revealed to be common-law-married brother and sister, too.

    Did anyone else get jarred by the first five minutes of the show? It was plotted, drawn, scored and paced just like any real-life sitcom from the past forty years. Setup-joke-musical cue. I thought at first it was parody or something before I realised they were serious and that the Simpsons had passed another new low. Sigh….

  • Eric Olsen

    missed the first five minutes but thought it was handled well and pretty funny too – I found the twist somehow fitting with their scabrous worldview. I’m surprised more haven’t realized the $$ potential of opening up marriage to millions of more potentials. And they even touched upon the “if we allow same-sex marriage then we might as well allow bestiality, etc” argument as well. thanks Aaman

  • Shark

    IMO, I thought the show sucked, (and I’m a huge fan).

    The Simpsons has finally “jumped the shark.”

    From my satirist/humorist writer viewpoint, I saw about a thousand different ‘issues’ one could satirize in an episode about gay marriage in Springfield. They did about two. feh. It was really LAZY writing.

    The last year or so, the scripts have been going downhill — not near as funny as in years past. Something is missing; maybe they’ve done it all. I think they ran outta gas.

    Maybe they should hire me…

  • Eric Olsen

    Shark, I am chopfallen that you have found a contemporary product of our popular culture wanting.

  • I missed some of the first few minutes of the episode because I was laughing too hard at the guy literally falling off the turnip truck- and after about 5 minutes of Springfield, gladly jumping back on.

    Now Shark, maybe old age has addled your perception, but there were a lot more than two jokes, approaches, themes covered. For your next bit, please explain how Miles Davis is overrated, and the Sistine Chapel isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

  • So, Shark, you’re full of gas?

    I was screaming with laughter all the way through – then at the end, where the gay marriage was extended to (gasp!) marrying “straight” couples (“Ooh, lah! Look at me, I’m STRAY-aight!” swishes Homer); then to wedding the Captain to a ship’s figurehead.

    Apu in hot pants and a “PRIDE” T-shirt was pretty good, too.

  • I thought it was great, and was very happy to see they didn’t out Smithers. I mean, what is the point? That wouldn’t be scandal. I also liked the premise that it’s all good and fine to be for gay rights… but it kinda freaks you out if it is your own family. Of course, I am a Democrat… so we still aren’t afraid.

    This show brought to mind a great exchange between Marge and Homer last time Homer had a gay friend.

    Marge: Homer, I think he prefers the company of med

    Homer: Duh, who doesn’t?

    Marge: No Homer, I mean her prefers the company of men

    Homer: aaaaaiiiigghhhh!

  • Shark

    Big Al: “…the guy literally falling off the turnip truck…”

    DrPat: “…”Ooh, lah! Look at me, I’m STRAY-aight!” swishes Homer); then to wedding the Captain to a ship’s figurehead.”

    Oh. ha. ha.

    I rest my case.

    If you find that shit funny, well, you’re either brilliant… or a fucking idiot.