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Queen to Tour This Summer?

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“Queen is mounting their first tour since the death of frontman Freddie Mercury from AIDS in 1991 — with former Bad Company and Free singer Paul Rodgers at the helm. The veteran hard rockers will be playing several European dates next spring, and the shows will feature both Queen and Rodgers material…”
HERE is the rest of this dreadful story: http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/_/id/6768067/queen?pageid=rs.Artistcage&pageregion=triple3

I am throwing down the gauntlet. Folks, this shit has got to stop. When I am King, we are going to outlaw this kind of thing. I am sorry that Freddie Mercury is dead- it wasn’t my idea. I am sorry Freddie’s passing means thousands of people who have come to love his music will never hear it performed live the way it was intended to be heard. I am sorry Brain May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon now have virtually no career. It’s a crap deal and I am sorry for them. But some things just cannot be allowed. It reminds me of that scene in Crimson Tide where Gene Hackman tells Denzel Washington if Denzel will not repeat the order Hackman will find someone who will, to which Denzel Washington responds, “Hell no you won’t sir.”

The Beatles cannot reform with Julian Lennon and Dhani Harrison filling in for their dead dads. Zak Starkey sitting in for Ringo might have been allowable, but even that is pushing it because we are talking about the fucking BEATLES! The Allman Brothers Band has never been and will never be The Allman Brothers Band while there is only ONE Allman Brother playing. Ian Astbury is not (and will never be) the lead singer of The Doors, so Robby and Ray should knock that shit off, too!

Now I know there have been instances where success has happened in the wake of a death of a seemingly irreplaceable band member (read: AC/DC). But this is the exception, not the rule. AC/DC will be allowed to continue. We grandfather them in because Brian Johnson is all right. There will be no further exemptions. If the creative engine that drives your bus kicks the bucket, you are out of luck. Surviving members will be allowed to collaborate, but the band’s name will have to change. Paul Rogers is NOT the lead singer of Queen.

You have been warned… so you rock stars had better stop doing drugs. Stop having promiscuous, unprotected sex. Eat your vegetables. Get some exercise.

I am sorry, Freddie. This is bollocks.

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About Josh Hathaway

  • Say it ain’t so!! Reforming Queen with anyone is just a really tasteless idea. Give up, all ready. Don’t ruin our memories of this great band.

  • Speed

    I saw Queen with Paul Rodgers singing I didnt think it would work but in fact Paul Rodgres was amazing he knows how to do it, he was perfect for the job…………………he will never replace Freddy but he doesn’t have to he is probably the best singer on the planet Freddy would have been proud that Rodgers took it somewhere else Keep on Rocking !


  • Cyn

    Without Freddy Mercury, there is no Queen, period.

  • i think it is a good idea.
    sure it is not freddie, but lets give
    paul a shot. hope to see you in Canada.
    Let’s Rock

  • Monique

    Total and complete agreement from me. I never lived to hear Queen live, and I would never attend a show with Paul Rodgers filling in for Freddie.

    Face the facts people, there is no Queen without Freddie. Sorry.