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Q: Why Won’t Pineapple and Jell-O Be Friends?

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A: If Jell-O™ ads and 1950s cookbooks are to be believed, you can mix almost anything with gelatin and have it come out tasty. Ham? Absolutely. Carrots? Sure thing. Tomato soup? M’m, m’m, good.

The only ingredient that seems to be taboo is the one that actually sounds delicious: fresh pineapple. Unfortunately, the tropical treat works like kryptonite on Jell-O because it contains an enzyme called bromelain, which prevents gelatin from forming into a solid. But fret not, fruit salad and mold fans: canned pineapple doesn’t contain bromelain. The canning process heats the pineapple to a temperature sufficient to break the enzyme down, making it oh-so Jell-O friendly.

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    thank you you just helped me with my lab =)

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  • dracomaster493

    Basic Problem:

    Jelly is made from protein, gelatin, this is dissolved in hot water and as it cools, it sets. For a childrens party it was decided to make some fruit jellies, these were made by putting sliced pineapple into the jelly before it set, the following observations were made:

    oThe jelly set normally when tinned pineapple was added.

    oWhen fresh, unripe pineapple was used the jelly set but was not as firm.

    oWhen fresh, ripe pineapple was used, the jelly did not set at all

    But why?

    The reason the jelly is not setting is due to protease, which is breaking down the protein in the jelly, protease is an enzyme, and its rate of activity is affected by many things, such as temperature and concentration.

  • Johnny Big Balls

    You Suck

  • Bartman

    ive had crushed pineapple in jello in the fridge for 5 hours now, it looks like kool-aid with pineapple in the bottom…

  • huh…and I’ve been thinking all this time that it was any form of pineapple.

    thanks for the news…I see green jello and pineapple chunks in my future…

  • Further proof that Bill Cosby hates Hawaiians.

  • Now I can safely mix tangy tropical fruit with cow hooves. Yum!

    Er, never mind.